Note to the premier, stop blaming Quebecers for your mismanagement of the pandemic. It isn’t being outdoors while the sun is still out that’s driving transmission. It’s gyms, schools, workplaces. All decisions you took.
The degree to which this government is willing to reverse course on its half-assed strategy, lie about the safety of school children and blame shit on hOuSe pArTy diScOtEqUeS is only fuelling conspiracy theories and cynicism. Straight bullshit.
Seriously, I can’t watch another politics panel show about wHiCh pArTy iS wInNing. Our collective grip on sanity is waining, our elders are suffocating on their own fluids, if you’re a “journalist” and your hands aren’t firmly wrapped around the CAQ’s collar, quit your job.
One of the few moments of respite people have is being outdoors at night. It might surprise our millionaire premier to know that not everyone lives on a manor with a groundskeeper. Let people who live in tiny apartments go outside and breathe. Give a fuck.

• • •

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21 Jul 20
1. A final thought on this Blanchet thing. I was sexually abused as a child (not by a family member) and it took me more than 25 years to talk about it.
You blame yourself, you’re too humiliated to talk about it, you’re ashamed and it confuses your understanding of sexuality.
2. The trauma fucks with your memory, it messes with your sleep. Everyone I’ve ever slept next to tells me I twitch relentlessly in bed, wake up super easily, am always guarded, didn’t like being touched for years.
3. My point is, it’s not the sort of thing I take lightly. I never said the woman’s account is true. I presented it, weighted it against Blanchet’s denial and the fact that it’s anonymous and untested in court. But I also don’t think it’s unusual for ppl to wait decades...
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12 Jul 20
1. What do you call it when 90% of a people can no longer speak their language, when we take their children and place them in an abusive system, when their landmass shrinks to a postage stamp and we try to take more of it by force?
2. Someone like Mathieu Bock Côté will argue that this is a natural byproduct of Quebec’s nation building. But if that’s the case, then why demand sovereignty from Canada? Didn’t Canada just win in the Darwinian game of nation building?
3. You cannot have it both ways. You cannot steal land and claim nation building by divine right but then turn around and cry sovereignty when you lose the game you started. You cannot have the fruits of colonialism with none of the accountability.
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29 Feb 20
1. Some things about Kahnawake that certain columnists should know:
* It’s a community of 8,000 that supports two weekly newspapers, (@easterndoor @ioriwase) a radio station and community television in the Mohawk language
* Their paddle club has sent athletes to the Olympics
* Their iron workers were on the ground when the Twin Towers came down. Many helped clear rubble and developed cancer later on
* Their Lacrosse teams are among the finest in Canada
* Their kids attend school and university in Montreal (some even en français)
* You will rarely go somewhere with as many rival catering businesses. Everybody cooks and it’s hearty, we’ll-seasoned, local fair
* Every other year, the Eastern Door hosts a Halloween decorating contest. James Day will give your children nightmares. You will hate/live it
Read 8 tweets
14 Nov 19
1. After giving Josee Legault a platform to accuse anglo Quebec journalists of harming democracy, the @FPJQ gave me -- a dues-paying anglophone member -- the right to address Legault's claims. But not without restrictions.
2. For starters, the FPJQ disclaimer at the beginning of the piece puts three paragraphs worth of distance between the federation and "M. Curtis." Also, they assure members that publishing my reply in no way puts Legault's anti-anglo journalist rant into question.
3. How much distance did the FPJQ put between itself and Legault's piece? One sentence. And mind you, this was a piece that smeared "anglo Quebecer" journalists as if we were in league with the rest of Canada. We are not.
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26 Oct 19
Pay attention to the critiques of New York Times' visit to Nunavut. Piece provides little historic or political context for poverty/death, uses the phrase "fume-sniffing teenagers," inadvertently helps stereotypes about Inuit. Lots to unpack.
I’ve re-read @nyimes piece and it doesn’t sit right. You can’t discuss the North without talking about Canada’s attempts at erasing Inuit culture/language, it’s exploitative to open the piece on a scene of domestic violence without talking about inter generational trauma.
We’re not that far removed from a time when Inuit traditions were outlawed, where generations of sled dogs were slaughtered by RCMP so Ottawa could keep Inuit under their thumb, living in state-sanctioned squalor.
Read 10 tweets

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