"Dear God,
Please help me to hate White people."

1st words of a prayer in a NYTimes Bestseller.

Here's where theoretical academic CRT & DiAngelo's pop ideas ultimately lead, in practice.

Is this the path to a harmonious multiethnic USA?

Whole "prayer" in this thread.


"Or at least to want to hate them. At least, I want to stop caring about them, individually and collectively. I want to stop caring about their misguided, racist souls, to stop believing that they can be better, that they can stop being racist.

"I'm not talking about the White antiracist allies who have taken up this struggle against racism w/ their whole lives—the ones who stand vigil for weeks outside jails where Black women are killed; who show up in Charlottesville & Ferguson & Baltimore & Pasadena...

"...to take a public stand against racism and police brutality; who are so committed to fighting White supremacy that their own lives bear the wounds of its scars. No, those aren't the people I want to hate. I'm not even talking about the ardent racists, either, ...

"...the strident segregationists who mow down nonviolent antiracist protesters, who open fire on Black churchgoers, or who plot acts of racial terrorism hoping to start a race war. Those people are already in hell. There's no need to waste hatred on them.

"Perhaps...you could make sure that they don't take the rest of us w/ them, that their attempts at harming others are thwarted, & that they don't gain access to positions of power.

My prayer is that you would help me to hate the other White people—you know, the nice ones.

"The Fox News-loving, Trump-supporting voters who 'don't see color' but who make thinly veiled racist comments abt 'those people.' The people who are happy to have me over for dinner but alert neighborhood watch anytime an unrecognized person of color passes their house.

"The people who welcome Black people in their churches & small groups but brand us as heretics if we suggest that Christianity is concerned with the poor and the oppressed. The people who politely tell us that we can leave when we call out the racial microaggressions...

"...we experience in their ministries.

But since I don't have many relationships with people like that, perhaps they are not a good use of hatred either.

Lord, grant me, then, the permission & desire to hate the White people who claim the progressive label but...

"...who are really wolves in sheep's clothing. Those who've learned enough history, read enough books, spent enough time in other countries to make themselves seem knowledgeable even though that knowledge remains far removed from their hearts.

"Those whose unexamined White supremacy bubbles up at times I'm not expecting it, when I have my guard down and my heart open. Lord, if you can't make me hate them, at least spare me from their perennial gaslighting, whitemansplaining, and White woman tears.

"Lord, if it be your will, harden my heart. Stop me from striving to see the best in people. Stop me from being hopeful that White people can do and be better. Let me imagine them instead as white-hooded robes standing in front of burning crosses.

"Let me see them as hopelessly unrepentant, reprobate bigots who have blasphemed the Holy Spirit & who need to be handed over to the evil one. Let me be like Jonah, unwilling for my enemies to change, or like Lot, able to walk away from them & their sinfulness without...

"...trying to call them to repentance. Let me stop seeing them as members of the same body.

Free me from this burden of calling them to confession & repentance. Grant me a Get Out of Judgment Free card if I make White people the exception to your commandment to love...

"...our neighbors as we love ourselves.

But I will trust in you, my Lord. You have kept my love & my hope steadfast even when they have trampled on it. You have rescued me from the monster of racism when it sought to devour me. You have lifted up my head...

"... when it was low and healed my heart when it was wounded.

You have not given me up to slavery or to Jim Crow or to the systems of structural oppression, but you have called me to be an agent in your ministry of justice and reconciliation.

"And you have not allowed me to languish alone, but you have lighted the path towards beloved community w/ the loving witness of the ancestors, elders, & sojourners who have come before me & who stand with me today.

"Thus, in the spirits of Fannie & Ida & Pauli & Ella & Septima & Coretta, I pray & I press on, in love.

Dr. Chanequa Walker-Barnes.

In S. Bessey (ed.) "Rhythm of Prayer: A Collection of Meditations for Renewal."

#1 in Amazon's Christian Meditation Worship, etc.
P.S.: Even if the author's ultimate point is that she *can't* bring herself to hate in the way she'd like to, we still have to reckon w/ the ugly, hateful, small-souled language & sentiments here. Every ideology inspires an aesthetics. This is the aesthetics inspired by woke CRT.
Here are the images of the pages on which this "prayer" appears (originally posted by @RyanTMcAllister).

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10 Apr
"The redefinition of harm infantilizes people of color. I would never let someone else have so much power over my wellbeing that a 'mean tweet' or a mere question...would shake me to my core.

A new essay by @Rhetors_of_York



"Robin DiAngelo has made a pretty penny insisting that white people should infantilize black people—and that black people should embrace victimhood (their own fragility)—to coax a racial reckoning."

"I believe that this ideology's biggest, most dangerous tool is its ever-evolving definition of the most salient word in [DiAngelo's] new book's title: 'harm'."

'Harm' has become an almost ubiquitous term in social justice circles."
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8 Apr
"The same laws that we used to combat segregated water fountains, are the same laws that we can use to fight against segregation that typically happens under a critical race theory regime."

@IanVRowe's testimony before the Rhode Island State Legislature.

A short thread.


"Less than 1/2 of RI’s white students in the 8th grade scored proficient in reading. Closing the black to white achievement gap, w/o improving outcomes for all students, would mean black student outcomes would grow from sub-mediocrity to full-mediocrity in terms of reading."

"American institutions are enforcing a cynical & intolerant orthodoxy. This orthodoxy requires us to view each other based on immutable characteristics like skin color, gender and sexual orientation. It pits us against one another, and diminishes what it means to be human."
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3 Apr
Spotlight on the UK:

@buffsoldier_96 in @unherd:

"Political blackness was born in [an] era where 'coloureds were treated as part of a de facto underclass. Institutional racism meant they occupied menial jobs, were denied decent housing and education and were excluded...


"...from many social spaces due to the 'colour bar'.

In this context, it made sense for descendants of Britain’s colonies to band together.

But political blackness is now a fossil. [I]t flattens out the diffs btw blacks & S. Asians into an abstract non-white identity.

"At the same time, the emergence of identity politics has had the effect of breaking up what was once a unified 'black struggle' into ethnic & religious fragments.

The Tories are the political group best equipped to appeal to an increasingly diverse electorate.
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3 Apr
Urgently important new essay by @steevqj:

The Race To Focus On Race:
What happens when the narrative outpaces the truth?

"You’ve probably heard that on March 16th, Robert Long attacked two massage parlours in Atlanta killing eight people & seriously injuring another...


"You’ve also likely heard that six of the eight victims were Asian women. In the days following the attack, news outlets published a string of reports blaming Long’s actions on racism.

Trevor Noah made the case more clearly than most:

" '…The Atlanta shooter blamed a specific race of people for his problems and then murdered them because of it. If that’s not racism, then the word has no meaning.'

There’s no arguing with Noah’s logic here. The problem is, what he’s saying isn’t true.
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31 Mar

British gov't has released the report of its Commission on Race & Ethnic Disparities (CRED).

"Put simply we no longer see a Britain where the system is deliberately rigged against ethnic minorities. The impediments & disparities do exist, they are varied, and ironically... Image

"...very few of them are directly to do w/ racism. Too often ‘racism’ is the catch-all explanation, and can be simply implicitly accepted rather than explicitly examined.

The evidence shows that geography, family influence, socio-economic background, culture & religion...

"...have more significant impact on life chances than the existence of racism. That said, we take the reality of racism seriously and we do not deny that it is a real force in the UK."

Read it here:
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31 Mar
Lovely piece on the misused, abused, and sainted for all the wrong reasons Frantz Fanon, by @tomowolade:

"St. Frantz is a mirage. As his biographer David Macey puts it: 'there were other Frantz Fanons', apart from his status as a prophet of Third World revolution."



"On the very first page of 'Black Skin, White Masks' Fanon states: 'I’m not the bearer of absolute truths'. Which doesn’t sound very saintly. He was trying to emphasise his humanity instead of being seen solely for his race."

"Fanon, in his book, is trying to affirm the universal brotherhood of man. In one passage, he states: 'we must recall our aim is to enable better relations between Blacks and Whites'. It is no surprise, then, he is sensitive about anti-Semitism."
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