I really need to put this on a billboard or something.
I'll say a few more words about this. Because I think there is a lot of work to do on the rift between individual contributors and middle managers. Those two groups should be working together to deal with issues that arise in the company.
As a manager, it can be tough when it feels like all people do is bring you problems and expect you to fix them. It feels draining, and you start to wonder if those people take any responsibility for the problems themselves.
That's an understandable feeling. But we shouldn't let it lead to that negative cliche: "don't bring me problems, bring me solutions". As the OP suggests, the natural outcome of that is people will stop talking to you about problems. And soon you won't know what they are.
Instead, the hard work is to make yourself very open to hearing problems. But you also have to get good at being honest with people and saying "This won't be solved soon. What can we do in the meantime?"
I talked about this in a previous thread about making the management job more sustainable. You have to help people understand how long it takes to create the change they want to see from you.

• • •

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8 Apr
I guess this is happening. I need to get a beverage...
It'll be pretty off the cuff. Aniyia and I don't really have time for these things to be planned. But we're willing to be fairly open about the lessons we've learned in our relationship.
Tune in if you're interested. We're gonna try twitter spaces. You can't really link to it. So watch my account and look for it at the top of the app where the "fleets" are.
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7 Apr
This guy has no idea why this is such an ignorant comment. Which is part of the critique. What we want is for creators to have flexibility that is not constrained by white supremacy. The response from Whiteness is "well then jettison all context and pretend nothing matters".
Superman is an alien who just *happens* to look like an all American white male humanoid. Did you know that for the longest time all other Kryptonians just happened to be white as well? Coincidence I'm sure.
As time went on. Our time here in the real world. There was social and political progress. And eventually comic creators were like "yikes, I don't think all Kryptonians should be white". So they stopped doing that. There was never any creative barrier to it.
Read 11 tweets
7 Apr
I think companies should be more transparent about compensation. But let's be clear. Putting ranges in job descriptions doesn't really do any of these things Nathan suggests. Not without other tradeoffs anyway.
Does it save time? Sort of. If you mean you'll have a whole set of people self-select out of your process. Many don't want people self-selecting out early. There's flexibility to how things might work out. Posting salary ranges can suggest more rigidity than there truly is there.
Does it set expectations up front? Sort of. I mean there should be salary ranges that are consistent internally. But often the job description can't capture things like different levels that you might be evaluated at. Is the range for one level or multiple?
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7 Apr
Paraphrased: "Page auditioned to play Superman’s grandfather. They rejected him on grounds that fans expected the character to look like a young Henry Cavill."

This is really tortured way to say "white people must have white ancestors or white viewers get confused."
Ask Black Americans if we get confused when a Black character has white ancestors.

On second thought, don't.
That's just it though. Of all the ways that sci-fi and fantasy get to play with the rules of reality, we can see that white supremacy can not be tampered with. That's what we mean when we talk about how it pervades everything.
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6 Apr
You really need to get into Karla's thread. There is so much here. She has been chewing on power, and how it moves. I think it's such a necessary part of the discourse we are having about things need to change.
We've been talking about how social media platforms have created a new form of power. Unlike many of our older institutions, the power conferred by internet platforms is less able to be controlled by gatekeepers. People who haven't had power now have it.
Karla has also helped me see something else. (I highly recommend the thread and a follow).

Different kinds of power used to be coupled together. E.g. money, access, platform, decision-making. Now it's being decoupled. That has massive implications.
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5 Apr
I really want us to stop letting random (white) men set the bar for what constitutes a reasonable discussion around issues. They so frequently do not come into it with good faith, especially on twitter. Fuck getting them to understand something they don't want to understand.
I need more people to be confident in rejecting this kind of thing. These bad faith attempts to set themselves up as the arbiters of what needs to be "explained" or "proven". We are not obligated to meet their arbitrary demands for what would make them get on board. It's a trap.
This is especially true when it comes to white men reacting to issues around race. They don't want to understand. The way they engage is a tactic. Often, their real goal is to trivialize and devalue these issues instead of giving them the intellectual weight they deserve.
Read 6 tweets

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