39.01/ Week 39 thread, April 10-16, 2021, begins here.

Last week's thread, week 38 - April 4-9, 2021, below.
39.02/ Well, #YomHaatzmaut came early this year!

39.03/ While I'm sorry I missed the #DeGrom work of art over Shabbas, I'm not sorry to miss the heartache in real time of the loss

Games like this could burnish his HOF bid, b/c who doesn't appreciate bravery in the face of impossible odds (#LGM offense)?
39.04/ Game respecting game. I do love reading recipes and I do love stuffing know-it-alls at the basket

39.05/ This thread explains why FoxNews can lose advertisers and blithely keep on churning out hate-filled toxic propaganda: because of cable packages. I first learned this from @slpng_giants

39.06/ The opening paragraph of the Irish Times story about the English monarchy should go into a hall of fame somewhere.
39.07/ Evidently the brutes are pushing back on the idea that US roadways are designed in a racist manner. Um, look: how would they NOT be? Given the way our country has done everything, the default assumption needs to be 'made to preserve white supremacy'
39.08/ The thing about Chua is that the moment she wrote a book that ranked human cultures & races, she should've been shunned. Her book was textbook racist & intellectually vapid

Then there's "Tiger Mom" which legitimated abuse.

She told us who she was!
39.09/ I need to post this clip. No time to explain.

From The Simpsons s19e16 "Dumbbell Indemnity" the "Hail to the Chimp" section

39.10/ This was a very good piece by the always brilliant @petridishes and it emphasizes why we must target the enablers as well as the predators.

One reason: #Literalists only notice the fire & not the oxygen that allows it to persist.
39.11/ Rosh Chodesh Iyar is the yahrzeit of my beloved teacher, Rav Ahron #Lichtenstein z'l. He was both a genius & a saint, and possibly the only gadol b'dor who had an PhD in art (Literature from Harvard).

In lieu of a eulogy, for now, a bibliography:
39.12/ This, this this this, this is why I follow this account. To see the progress of headlines in the NYTimes, especially to whitewash an act of cowardly murder by the police. The NYT act too often as enablers & propagandists.

39.13/ I yeeted GG yrs ago b/c he was vituperatively anti-Israel.

For me, Israel is an easy litmus test, b/c while you can oppose Israel's policies w/o being antisemitic, you've joined forces w/evil people, which shows you're fine w/the underlying hatred.
39.13b/ Noah responded to the above tweet, so I will include his response & my reply. My bottom line: opposition isn't a problem, it's how you oppose. GG's behavior now, to me, is consistent with his anti-Israel stance of before.

39.14/ A short thread about the alt-text I wrote for a famous image (The paradox of intolerance)
39.15/ A thread about how people have been conditioned to accept police violence as normal, which means we've created a culture of intangibly enabling brutality.
39.16/ I didn't know the numbers, but the increased risk for disabled people being killed by cops is stunning. See this thread for links to articles.

39.17/ Really great thread with solid work showing the dangers of non-rigorous historical recreation. This is especially problematic when it comes to images (see 39.15 for how video has an oversized effect on how we ingest knowledge)

39.18/ I added a new entry to my thread of Torah U-Madda leaders who perished in 2020. This is of Prof. Mark Steiner z'l who died April 6, 2020 from COVID19.


39.19/ Talking to my kids about the history of African-American vote suppression and I described the Civil War as never ending; basically we entered a 150 year Cold War that culminated in the election of Trump (ym'sh). 1865-2015.
39.20/ Just found out about this account, twitter.com/HeadlinerClip, which will add automatic captions to any twitter video. Technology in the service of people in need makes a good morning.
39.21/ The truth behind the cliché is that 'conservatives' are often solipsistic, lack empathy, and thus only think something is a problem when it affects them directly. This is the core of my focus on #Literalist thinkers.

39.22/ @mmfa is a national treasure. And you need to stay to the end to hear the best one. Brilliant.

BTW: Tucker Fishsticks is a neo-N*zi. In word and deed.

39.23/ About time we gave reparations to those we deeply wronged. I have a selfish view on this: I am not a thief, I don't use stolen objects, and it's a lasting immorality to keep enjoying America while not righting this wrong.

39.24/ Edgy edgelord humor about the freakin' Titanic over 100 years ago. I must be missing some context because I have no idea what US culture before WW1 must have been really like
32.25/ A odd little thread I wrote about how much NY Gov. and abusive creep Cuomo hates Sukkot, the famous Jewish Holiday Chart, and the interpretation of Lag BaOmer as a possible 'tree' holiday
32.26/ First off, ew. Second, I didn't know this chair was still existed. And third: has the chair become the center of some America-based occult action adventure that uses Abraham Lincoln's blood as a magic item? Because otherwise that needs to be done.
32.27/ Prof. Haselby's point has real heft when you've lived through the Rambo era. First movie? About abuse of PTSD veterans. Second movie? Insane toxic-masculinity power fantasy about rescuing MIAs.

32.28/ Note, to fellow #NYR fans, I was yelling "shoot!" and they did, and they scored, so I think I should get an assist.

Aaaand, they took it away because of the weirdo offside rule.
32.29/ In light of the parsha, re-upping my ranking of double parshiyot. #ReshetKeshet
32.30/ As a rabbi/sociologist/historian I endorse the way this is described. It applies from the sacred to the mundane.

When a rule is very specific, there's something that went very wrong or very weird.

32.31/ Anyone reluctant to get the vaccine because of potential side-effects clearly doesn't understand how dangerous COVID is to *them* (see also: the anti-mask depravity)

When I demand they mask/vaccinate, it's because I care more about their lives than they do about mine!
32.33/ My allergies are stupid. Why? Because I caught COVID a year ago. No effect.

But pollen? Dog hair? Book dust? Agony

One is a deadly disease & my nose just let it waltz in. The other group are 'man's best friend,' my best friend (books) & freakin' trees & FLOWERS. My nose:
32.34/ Gotta finish cooking for Shabbas, so #ShabbatShalom y'all. See you on the other side.

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66.02/ The #NFL games have not gone my team's way so far, but we have a Scorigami, and that's ALWAYS good. LAR 38 - 11 NYG
66.03/ I plan to save these pictures of a Talmud class being held in the London Underground during the Blitz to remind myself that I've had it pretty good in my life. Pretty good. (h.t. @DBashIdeas)

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62.02/ A custom on #YomKippur is to wear a kittel, an all white garment that has ambivalent symbolism: men wear one under their wedding canopy and they are also buried in it. I mentioned to a physician friend that it can also be seen as "Jewish scrubs."
62.03/ "But life is ironic" is just boss-level shade. I mean, I have my theological differences with the pontiff, but I can imagine we see eye-to-eye about anti-vaxxers.(h.t. @dick_nixon)

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1/ Nearly every Shabbat & Yom Tov since I left the pulpit I've prepared a drasha & shiur that I know I won't be able to deliver. I've described that for many artists the need to produce the art overwhelms an actual audience. The art compels them.
2/ I define art broadly to encompass every creative faculty that arises from the multiple intelligences, talents & perceptions in human capability. We know singers or painters are artists, but so is a teacher or philosopher. IMO society doesn't define an art, humanity does.
3/ Not everyone who has artistic talent or drive or vocation needs to have a feeling of compulsion. My chiddush (intellectual innovation) is to say everyone with that need to create has the soul of an artist whether they are recognized or not.
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