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96.01/ Week ninety-six, May 14-20, 2022, thread begins here.

#PesachSheni Sameach!

Week 95 below.
96.02/ Because we are.

And it's about the same people. The GOP is the Confederacy right down to the rotten core of cowardly rebels.
96.03/ It's really this simple. And b/c it's actually this simple, it's clear anti-voters don't understand citizenship & shared responsibility like I do.

They're like anti-vaxers that way. In this way too: both threaten all our lives when they opt out.
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The #NYR had slightly better third after a disaster of a second period where they earned less than 11% of the xG share according to @NatStatTrick. Definitely missing that pop they had in the third, so curious how this overtime goes.
Couple notes:
- all situation shot attempts are 77-44 in PIT's favor
- 5v5 attempts are 2-11 in the #NYR's favor with the Goodrow-Rooney-Reaves line on
- 5v5 shot attempts are 24-9 in PIT's favor with Guentzel on the ice.
Igor Shesterkin has saved 2.5 goals above expected on the 5.5 xG the Penguins have created in all situations, via @NatStatTrick.

And I was told the Rangers over-relying on Shesterkin was a narrative, not a fact. Odd!
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94.01/ Week ninety-four, April 30-May 6, 2022, thread begins here.

Week 93 below.
94.02/ Health update: still no symptoms from my bout with COVID except for general irritability but it's impossible to know if it's different from my normal state. Isolation is lonely (big, if true) but my overall emotion is fear of making someone else sick. Dread is the worst.
94.03/ I see the #Mets won (this is a fun season so far, especially since I'm not the one getting hit by fastballs in the head) and the #NYR won and are ready for the playoffs. Best of all is post-#NFLDraft Sat. night when I get to see all the gifts my team gave me as a fan. #LGM
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As a Brazilian hockey and soccer fan who likes soccer jerseys and loves to see jersey concepts for hockey I couldn't help but to wonder how they would look like and since I didn't find something like that I created one for each team! Image
Disclaimers: soccer jerseys usually have a sponsor and since we don't have that in NHL I simply used the helmet sponsors (for those cool guys that don't have one like Avs and Flyers I used the one from arena naming rights)

Teams are in abbreviation order!

Ok let's go!
1 - Anaheim Ducks
#FlyTogether @AnaheimDucks @DucksBRA

It's pretty simple but I think it looks fine, didn't want to mess something Image
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91.01/ Week ninety-one, April 9-15, 2022, thread begins here. (Third attempt)

Week 90 below.
91.02/ This is awful, tragic news to read right after Shabbas. How horrible. My deep condolences to the Haskins family.
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#NYR Ryan Reaves was asked if it was difficult to maintain his personality when he's not dressing:

"8 years ago? Yeah. Now, not anymore. I've been through it throughout my career. When you're an older guy and you're not in the lineup, you got to make sure that you're bringing...
the same energy. You don't want to be around the guys and kind of bring any negative energy in the locker room. I'm getting older and with all the guys we've got here, there's probably gonna be some games I'm not gonna play. Am I happy about it? No. You never want to sit...(2/3)
But you can't be a distraction in the locker room...I still go to the rink and release the boys before the games and do my pregame routine with them." (3/3)
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89.01/ Week eighty-nine, March 26-April 1, 2022, thread begins here.

Week eighty-eight below.
89.02/ #NachasAlert: my son has a piece (pgs. 2-3) in his high school's Torah journal. The final draft was 3 pages long so this published version was cut down significantly. (Now I get to teach him the academic trick of publishing 'chapters' as articles).…
89.03/ This is such a good video, it can be played on an endless loop and it brings a big smile to my face whenever I see it. It's fine while silent but the sound makes it a masterpiece
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088.01/ Week eighty-eight, March 19-25, 2022, thread begins here.

Week 87 below.

I'm making the week number three digits because it's getting close to 100 and I want to avoid the double eight weirdness
088.02/ Happy Able To Use The Word Vernal For Once day! #VernalEquinox…
088.03/ Sadly, I needed to miss my favorite book sale of all time, the Bryn-Mawr "A Gym Filled With Used Books That You Can Purchase By The Box For A Set Price I Am Not Kidding" Wellsley Book Sale because it was on Purim and Shabbos. Shazbot. Next year?…
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80.01/ Week eighty, January 22-28, 2022, thread here.

Week 79 below.
80.02/ #MotzeiShabbatMovieNight continues. This week: "Apollo 13" - a family custom when someone is recovering from having wisdom teeth taken out. And it's pretty great.
80.03/ The #NYR won 7-3, scoring 5 unanswered, and that score is larger than the current 49ers-Packers game. Sports can be weird.
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72.01/ Week seventy-two, Nov. 27-Dec. 3, 2021, thread begins here.

Week 71 below.
72.02/ Schoolhouse Rock is on Disney+! I couldn't resist going through all the grammar episodes the instant I found out.…
72.03/ Re: the embarrassing #Steelers loss and the state/fate of the team going forward; this thread is pretty much on the money. This is one year in the midst of a rebuild. (I'd like to see the DC go too, though. He's coasted on talent too long)
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71.01/ Week seventy-one, Nov. 20-26, 2021, thread begins here.

Week 70 below.
71.02/ Dr. Rivka Press Schwartz @Doc_RPS is speaking in my community tonight! Very much looking forward
71.02b/ Dr. @Doc_RPS Press Schwartz's talk was excellent and we had a pretty good crowd for a Saturday (night). We all learned quite a lot and I'm proud to have had my children there to listen and absorb. The Q&A was pretty raucous though, but nothing she couldn't handle.
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OTD in 1959, after taking a shot from Andy Bathgate in the nose, Jacques Plante leaves the game & returns wearing a mask.

This is a (mega) thread to Plante & to the mask wearers who followed. Some great goalies/masks do not appear & some appear more than once.

Gerry Cheevers and his iconic mask. The first to have markings on it. #NHLBruins

I considered doing a thread just on Michel Dion's mask.

#Pens #LetsGoPens
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65.01/ Week sixty-five, Oct. 9-15, 2021, thread begins here.

Week 64 below.
65.02/ My name was captured by a bot yesterday... so how was your Shabbos?

Note: I have not given an interview about the Mets nor should that be of interest to anybody.
65.03/ Today is the first FootballMas since 2019! The happiest day of the year!

[FootballMas is when there are NFL games on at 9:30 EST, 1:00, 4:00 and 8:00. All day football is fun.]
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#NYR winger Kaapo Kakko (R1, 2019) was interviewed this week.

With some help from several Finnish friends, I will share a translation below:…
Q: How are you doing?

KK: Doing well. I've watched some TPS games. I can't wait to see fans in the stands again, it makes such a difference. I look forward to a full house at Madison Square Garden again
Q: What's the biggest difference between Paju (Lauri Pajuniemi) and your situation? We're hearing that he's driving your car in NYC now. How different is his situation from yours?
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56.01/ Week fifty-six, Aug. 7-13, 2021, thread begins here.

#ChodeshTov everyone! Happy #Elul, the "deep breath before the plunge" (as Gandalf says).

Week 55 thread is below.
56.02/ Excellent shibboleth action here from Rabbi Ruttenberg, in a benevolent, non-murdery, way, of course.

56.03/ Honored with #haftara yesterday but it had been so long since I last did one that my eyesight has gotten bad enough that I was juggling a mask, fogged glasses, & the too small print of even a full-size Artscroll. And why did Yeshayahu have to make up so many weird words?!
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Official #NYR Off-Season Thread 🥳

I'll update as things happen.

A brand new administration, unbridled expectations, and plenty of cap space to burn.

Should be a fun (terrifying) summer! ImageImageImage
Point of order: right now I project Blackwell & Rooney to be exposed purely bc of exposure requirements (it’s essentially exposing 2 of Blackwell/Rooney/Strome).

However this can *easily* change if DiGiuseppe, Gauthier, or Howden sign an extension of any sort prior to expansion.
Right on schedule.

Rangers are now in a position to protect Colin Blackwell (with Kevin Rooney and Brett Howden as the 2x required forward exposures).

At face value I would read into this more as an expansion draft angleshoot than a proclamation of Howden’s role going forward.
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42.01/ Week Forty-two, May 1-7 2021, thread begins here.

Week 41, April 24-30 2021, below.
42.02/ I'm an NFL fan, so I don't lament these numbers, but it's a fascinating datum nonetheless. And 'watching the draft' doesn't encompass the interest people have (e.g. I couldn't watch over Shabbat, but I woulda if I coulda)
42.03/ #ReshetKeshet. I just uploaded a dvar Torah I wrote 16 years ago about this week's parsha (with connections to Avot, Ruth, and the Simpsons)…
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39.01/ Week 39 thread, April 10-16, 2021, begins here.

Last week's thread, week 38 - April 4-9, 2021, below.
39.02/ Well, #YomHaatzmaut came early this year!…
39.03/ While I'm sorry I missed the #DeGrom work of art over Shabbas, I'm not sorry to miss the heartache in real time of the loss

Games like this could burnish his HOF bid, b/c who doesn't appreciate bravery in the face of impossible odds (#LGM offense)?
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35.01/ Week thirty-five, March 13-19 2021, begins here. Last week's thread is below.
35.02/ An accurate thread of Ashkenazi culture on #Passover. [Hint: we rabbis haven't forbade potatoes yet. But don't provoke us]
35.03/ Thread about #PiDay, Albert Einstein and the movie IQ. Because, of course
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Weekly 5v5 Team Charts Thread (March 1st):
Expected Goals For vs Against (5v5) - March 1

The #GoHabsGo are still the class of the league when it comes to scoring chance share at 5v5. The #Canucks are crazy and high-event. The #GoStars and #LGRW are playing low-event defensive hockey. Image
Goals For and Against (5v5) - March 1

The #LetsGoBuffalo simply cannot score. The #GoSensGo simply can't get a save. The #GoBolts are having a great time though! Image
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I am all for cutting youngsters some slack... and I'm all for reigning in relativity for #NYR having a center crisis on their hands [with the Chytil injury...]

but Brett Howden has 0 goals, as a center, in #NYR's last 21 games despite nearly 5 hours(!) of total icetime.
That's 13:23 avg time on ice

That's 1 (one) primary point (primary assist) in those ~5 hours

Development ASIDE. Draft pedigree WITHSTANDING.

It is truly baffling how Howden has not served even 1 (one) game with Hartford Wolfpack when Buch, Chytil, Kreider, Lindgren, etc did.
When we've seen #NYR 'exile' forwards it's been mostly minimal 4th liners, all told...

Howden has comfortably received 3rd line time

They JUST burned his waivers-exemption status (ability to go to taxi/AHL without waivers) last week

What are we doing? Where do we go from here?
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#NYR will have every opportunity to improve this summer. They have the cap room to do whatever they want. They could parlay their sound expansion draft status to maybe even get a LD @ a friendly rate. They may have 'rebuild's over!' license for a blockbuster trade. Anything goes.
Until then: they're a cap-crunched, injury-battered team. Between Mika (missing training camp... lingering covid effects??) & Chytil (injury) they're starving up the middle. They have a ghost of a 3rd D pair, even when full healthy. They're the youngest team in the NHL by a mile.
I've said it before but I think the next 18 months have all the potential in the world to be as day-and-night a transition as the 2010-11 & 2011-12 NYR seasons were.

Even semi-competently working around the emerging bright spots is a helluva runway for takeoff.

Until then... 🍻
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My son and I are eating barbecue and arguing about greatest goalies in each NHL team's history. Some teams (Buffalo, Edmonton, NJ) are open and shut cases. Others are tough. Care to settle it, Twitter?
Let's start with #NYR
Moving on to Chicago.
How about Florida? I am with @strombone1, my kid is vehement about Beezer.
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Como estamos a las puertas de la nueva temporada de la NHL y el verano se ha hecho muuuuuy largo, que mejor que arrancar motores comentando un poco a cada una de las 31 franquícias de la liga.

Va, va! Que ya empieza esto!


Con un año normal de lesiones y contando con un goalie del calibre de Gibson, los Ducks deberían volver a ser mucho mejor equipo. Dar minutos y roles importantes a jóvenes como Comtois, Terry y Steel, sería una excelente noticia para su futuro.

Atención a: Ondrej Kase

Tiene un historial de lesiones preocupante pero siempre es un jugador que destaca. Anaheim necesitará de su talento goleador para salir del pozo.
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