In John 21:18-19, Jesus reveals to Peter how his life will end. Yes, there is a prediction of martyrdom, but there is more that is often missed. (Sermon notes๐Ÿงต)

In Peter's earlier journey as a disciple, he wanted prominence and to prove himself to Jesus and the others. 1/
It makes sense that he would see himself as the one who would never abandon Jesus, even attempting to protect Jesus by the sword.

But the trifold denial of Jesus on the ight of Jesus' arrest broke Peter and crushed his sense of identity as a leader. 2/
When Jesus graciously and tenderly restores Peter, he asks him 3 times if Peter loves Jesus so he can repair the 3 denials.
Note that Jesus asks twice if Peter agapan loves him but Peter twice responds that he philein loves him. (Yes, these are somewhat interchangeable terms) 3/
But the third time Jesus asks Peter if he philein loves him and Peter again responds that he does philein love Jesus.

This is not Jesus lowering the bar or changing the standard. This is Jesus gently meeting Peter where he is. Peter can't bring himself to say agapan. 4/
But Jesus indeed knows all things and is fine with Peter's philein love. He even says so the third time he asks. I love the grace & tenderness Jesus shows in this subtle change of words.

Now back to the prediction or martyrdom...
Now in a most beautiful show of restoration... 5/
Peter will eventually end up doing what he had always aspired to do - give his life for his beloved Lord. But also note that Peter started out brash (when he was younger, he tucked his garments, meaning he girded himself for action and went where he pleased). 6/
Now he will be led to his death, and in this lowly end, Peter ends up more like Jesus than he could ever have imagined. Like Jesus, he gives his life willingly and dies as Jesus did.

Finally, note that Jesus' restoration of Peter was centered on being a shepherd. 7/
It was not focused on prominence or power, but on a new life of service for the sake of God's people - the flock. Jesus again called Peter to "follow me" but now he will follow in Jesus' footsteps as a good shepherd, who plays down even his life for his sheep. 8/
How beautiful that in a kintsugi like manner, Jesus repairs and restores his broken rock and Peter becomes a humble shepherd who lays down his life for Jesus.
Peter becomes all he ever wanted to be, but in ways he never imagined. This is our Jesus who makes all things new. /End

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29 Jul 20
Not going to go too deep into this hydroxychloroqione kerfufffle but...
I've worked as a pharmacist at a cancer research center. The strict regulations we have to observe for every clinical trial will make your head spin. Binders of protocols & strict compliance procedures. 1/4
If we have any mishaps including even having a storage freezer lose power, we have to document these incidents and report them to the people supervising that study.
We document every vial, pill, dose and account for every gram & milliliter used. 2/4
To think there's a cure for Covid (or cancer or AIDS) that is being denied or ignored because of the gov, big pharma, political agendas, or some shadowy world power is absurd.

It means you don't understand research, peer review, regulation, & scientific literature. 3/4
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28 Feb 20
COVID-19 has a viral profile like the flu. It's respiratory & spread by contact, not airborne.
It responds to the same basic precautions & measures that mitigate against the flu. Let's be wise - use sanitizers, wash hands thoroughly, & avoid unnecessary contact.
And a few more notes while we're here:
I'm an oncology pharmacist and work in sterile prep. COVID-19 is not airborne meaning the virus isn't viable in the air for extended periods of time. It is however spread by aerosol media. 1/
So if the virus is in any liquid that is airborne, the virus can be spread, i.e., vapors from a cough or sneeze or even heavy breathing.
It is killed by most soaps & sanitizers so washing hands, keeping kitchen/bathroom surfaces clean does help. 2/
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6 Aug 19
Been reading through 1-2 Kgs/1-2 Chron as well as the prophetic passages associated with Israel's & Judah's historical narratives. It has been enlightening to review this history & their respective descents toward judgment. There are relevant parallels for today. 1/
In the Northern Kingdom (Israel) the history of these tribes led to a tragic trajectory in which the wicked kings led Israel into blatant idolatry. They erected shrines to Asherah, Baal, Molech, et al and worshipped them openly. Their apostasy was open and blatant. 2/
They also allied themselves with various world powers like Syria and Assyria in seeking political power and domestic prosperity. They did not have any consideration for what the LORD'S will was in these matters. Their trust was in earthly power. 3/
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22 Jul 19
Some thoughts on migration/immigration:
Human migration has been a reality for as long as people groups have been around. Groups organically seek out favorable conditions. This is reasonable behavior.
This has been around much longer than the concept of national borders. 1/
In recent history, this natural human behavior has been complicated by national entities, borders, diplomatic relationships, and immigration laws. 2/
When God's people received the Torah the existence of borders and the concept of "foreigners" was already an established reality.
The principles of righteousness with regard to the treatment of foreigners/aliens are not so primitive that they cannot be applied oday. 3/
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22 Jun 19
Here is the heart of hypocrisy when it comes to our southern border crisis: 1) We say we want to reach & love the nations, but we fear them & treat them like subhumans when they come to our shores. We value our wrong conceptions of security more than their humanity. 1/
2) We say we are a nation of laws and that we want to honor what is legal. Yet, we twist, obfuscate, & abuse those very laws when those laws actually help refugees, asylum seekers, immigrants, and those in need. We only want to keep the laws that benefit us. 2/
3) We act generously & mobilize to give when we can control our giving and it doesn't cost us anything. Yet when there is great humanitarian need coming to our borders, we act from a skewed understanding of scarcity and security. 3/
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