1. Live reacting to trash propaganda outlet NBC and “hoax for hire” psyops shop Bellingfraud’s “epic collaboration” investigating 1/6.

I’m watching it so you don’t have to:
I’m surprised they are doing tampon commercials in the run-up, I can’t imagine anyone watching this is pre-menopausal
"For more than 4 hours they ruled the capital” sometimes you forget this entire nonsense is based on less than a full afternoon
zero security...how convenient
They said it was the biggest threat to democracy since the civil war. $25,000 in property damage and no one killed except Ashley Babbit, a Trump supporter
I guess an *actual bombing of the Capitol* doesn't make Bellingfraud's list of "threats to democracy"
6. Where is that toxicology report, by the way? It's been over 3 months. NBC, Bellingcat, you guys on that case? Come on work that OPEN SOURCE magic baby!!

Where are my OSINT cocktail waitresses? W00T!!!
7. By the way this entire production is low-rent trash. Goofy narrator. Compensating lack of facts with weird Zombie movie horror soundtrack
9. These commercials are for pet hair removal and people with terrible credit. Tells you something about MSNBC's audience.
10. The music literally never stops this weird low drone horror movie sustain. It's like a first-year pianist leaving his foot on the sustain pedal too long
11. We're like 10 minutes in and I've learned nothing except how much better random Internet trolls are at content than bloated network try-hards
12. If this is the same level of effort that went into breaking the "Poison Ball Sweat narrative," I can see why the White House and State Department haven't formally recognized Bellingfraud's scoop there either
13. There's more scoops and newsworthy content during the commercials than during the actual segments
14. No wonder they have to censor the Internet
"police are doing nothing to stop us" ---makes you think

FYI Capitol Police are not subject to FOIA requests ---
A trans former soldier...can't make this shit up

Just another day in the Globalist American Empire
20. Military stack... Oathkeepers... hmmm... suddenly the visuals got a lot brighter. Is it glowing in here?
21. You're going to need to read Revolver.News to understand what's actually going on here
22. What NBC and Bellingcat AREN'T telling you is that there are a whoooole lot of "unindicted co-conspirators" in those Oathkeeper charging documents.

Is it glowing in here?
23. The producers have a weird habit of turning up the bad techno song during the "audio leaks" they're debuting.

I think the technical term for this is "compensation"
24. trying to pass laptop to Russian intelligence--- perhaps it contains the chemical blueprint for ball sweat activated poison
25. More cat commercials---perhaps for when you age out of OSINT cocktail waitress viability

Oh hahahha is the big scoop of this investigation the presence of a random 20-something girl being inside the building?

Here she is, folks: "The greatest threat to America's democracy" since the Civil War."

They're not even saying she attacked anyone. She was just physically... there? We're like 30 minutes in folks. Is this the dull, redundant feeling people get when they run the NYC Marathon?

Ted Cruz literally endured more harassment in a random restaurant than any member of Congress did on 1/6

Ashli Babbitt, eh? You really want to go there, Bellingcat?

"Ashli Babbit's death was the beginning of the end of the insurrection."

Bellingcat literally saying they ended the "insurrection" by murdering Ashli Babbitt

Unarmed protester. No warning shots. Lethal use of force. From people who want to both get rid of guns AND police.
Is that Sinbad?

If any other country did to its own citizens what ours did to Ashli Babbitt, it would be "Brutal Regime Cracks Down On Pro-Democracy Protesters"

Okay it looks like the entire rest of this low-rent snoozefest is going to be random people speculating on protesters' intent. Since there was such little serious violence, their new line is "Yeah but there WOULD have been if we didn't shoot Ashli Babbitt!"

That's a wrap folks. You now have it from Bellingcat: the entire "threat to democracy" from 1/6 was not from events that actually happened, but from hypothetical events that *never* actually happened.


Incredible and totally worth it. Thank your own-goal scoring JV squad propagandists for this absolute gem.

• • •

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13 Apr
This desperate Regime journo (that physiognomy!) is writing hit piece on me in WaPo b/c I DARED criticize Brandy Zadrozny--a "defenseless" journo who uses her billion dollar media platform NBC to destroys lives of regular Trump supporters on behalf of ruling class oligarchs Image
This guy thinks saying a nytimes reporter’s full name is harassment Image
Recall that after I appeared on Tucker Carlson's show to expose Brandy Zadrozny's disgusting and immoral "journalism" -- NBC news issued an official defense of her and condemned the segment!

Super sweet of NBC res Noah OPPENHEIM to defend bff Brandy...

Read 7 tweets
11 Apr

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, and "Ball Sweat Poisoning" is an extraordinary claim.

Their evidence is:

1 We prank called a random guy
2 Were telling you this random guy is an assassin
3 That assassin told us they tried to Novichuk Navalny's Nut sack

Bellingcat does all investigation "open source."
Clearly CIA and our 17 intel agencies, with all their God-tier surveillance, couldnt crack this case

Who needs civil rights violations and billions in spending when an "independent blog" can do the CIAs job even better?

Bellingcat is a "Hoax for Hire" factory where spies launder lies. Look into Christopher Steele's connection to the network around Bellingcat. They called YOU a Russian intelligence asset for posting Trump memes on Twitter. You're gonna trust them on geopolitics now?
Read 7 tweets
11 Apr
Remember: the Navalny "Ball Sweat Poisoning" is THE basis for the fresh wave of international sanctions, the augmented economic coercion to finally stop the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, and for a 24/7 network news cycle building up Navalny for regime change
Like Russia or not, this is the World's Most Obvious attempt to interfere with another country's domestic politics). I'm old enough to remember the US ending Internet free speech and hiring a special prosecutor to take down Pres 45 when Russia merely bought Facebook ads here
How many people who have heard about the "Navalny poisoning" know OUR OFFICIAL CLAIM is that they *poisoned his underwear,* so when Navalny gets ball sweat the poison gets uptaken into his nut sack?
Read 6 tweets
6 Apr
Why is everything @NATO does shitty, scripted and fake?
If you're going to do a selfie video and try to it make it look like an authentic message you've actually internalized and not over-scripted with a writing team can you at least put the teleprompter in the same room you are reading from
look how far away he put the script he has to bend forward and move his eyes like straight 45 degrees
Read 4 tweets
19 Mar
There will be as much MSM coverage to Biden getting btfo'd by staircase as CIA getting to deny FOIA on covert operation because "Trump tweet not specific enough to constitute formal acknowledgement"
EVERYONE knows we were funding the rebels. tons of leaks on it, Trump literally tweeted about it, the CIA admitted it, but they're arguing it's not formally acknowledged so they don't need to actually tell the american people more details about it
literally a court battle acknowledging it, but defense is the executive branch hasnt formally acknowledged it
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13 Dec 20
I agree with Lomez for the most part.

But Devil's advocate point: important to note that there is no such thing as a right wing elite with real power commensurable to the "elite left" lomez talks of here
The lack of any real right wing elite with power, and the absolute necessity of forming this, complicates the point.

Elite left have power and therefore some entitlement to co-exist with folk beliefs on their side.
Worth thinking of what effect, if any, a dominance of q-optics might have on attracting emerging elite on the right.

Need to be extra entitled to absorb it and not counter-signal, but the entitlement harder because no real power to justify it.
Read 4 tweets

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