stop trying to make ethnic cleansing woke I'm fucking begging you
A two-state solution negotiated by the parties would be fine and acceptable, so would a single secular democratic state or a binational confederation or some other solution. "Transfer" is not.
Ok no Israel is definitely the bad guy, just "ethnically cleansing Israeli Jews and also a significant number of Poles and/or Ukrainians and doing mass population transfer" is a bafflingly awful solution to Jim Crow on the Jordan.
This is an anti-apartheid account.
If the only way Jews can have self-determination building a giant open-air prison for millions of Palestinians, no we do get self-determination. Also you sound like George Wallace.
The Jewish state denies the Jewishness of many members of the Diaspora, but also the politically hegemonic ruling coalition actively seeks the liquidation of Diasporic Jewish communities so that we can be cannon fodder for their settler-colonial project.
There's no safety for the Jewish people in a fascist garrison state at constant war. Only in stable, pluralist social orders that nationalists everywhere can't stand.

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10 Apr
I'm not gonna go track down that swords-to-the-throat meme, but one unpopular film opinion that I have is that Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is basically fine.
1) All of the movies are garbage on some level. Like, they're wonderful and fun but they're also schlock.
2) Other than terrible CGI replacing the practical effects of the earlier films, it's...fine! There's some fun action set-pieces, the Indie/Marion middle-aged romance is actually very sweet, and the scenery-chomping actors doing horrible Russian accents is delicious trash.
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8 Apr
The answer to new amenities driving gentrification just cannot be "well then keep working-class neighborhoods shitty and deprived of nice things."
Working-class people deserve nice things too. The fact that public provision of baseline shit like parks, transit, and safe streets is so poor that middle-class people scramble to live in places with those amenities is a horrific indictment of government.
Among other things, for a belief seemingly adopted by people aligning themselves with the left, it's a shockingly conservative view of the world. There's enough for all of us if we demand it.
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8 Apr
Understand that the working class is a relationship to the means of production and not a aesthetic challenge 2k21
How many of you appear, to me.
To be more charitable, it is meaningful that our labor laws and culture were driven by the unionization of large industrial operations and a division within the labor movement between industrial and craft unionism. But we've had decades to reimagine the working class now.
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7 Apr
I'll say that this was one reason I found the somewhat rote invocation of materialism in the Jewish Currents responsa kind of maddening.
A vulgar materialist analysis would pretty strongly put the American Jewish community in alignment with liberal capitalism. We've done quite well under it! So the Jewish left needs something to bring our community along.
The increasing precarity of the middle class is definitely one thing, but also a stable, pluralist, democratic society is the only kind which has ever protected Jewish safety in the long term. Ensuring its maintenance is vital for us.
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7 Apr
It's wild to watch people who just spent like a year complaining that they can't go to work because they need to watch their kids and schools aren't open decide that taking care of kids is now not vital economic infrastructure.
I swear to fucking Christ, what is it about "things that ensure there are new workers and that existing workers can go to work are infrastructure" makes people stupid
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6 Apr
"it tastes like licking a wrought-iron fence" yeah that's why it's great.
My wife hates liver and I tend to cook for the house, so I rarely get to eat it, but in the Before Times, when she'd go on a work trip, hoo boy.
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