These driving-while-black incidents against Daunte Wright and Lt. Caron Nazario make sense, if they are coordinated foreign active measures ops.
Reminder: We already know that Russia is trying to sow racial discord and violence in the US.…
To do this, they are directly supporting white supremacist militants and their operations.

Neo-Nazi Rinaldo Nazzaro running US militant group The Base from Russia…
And using these white supremacist groups to infiltrate police forces throughout the US.…
Including the police union in Minneapolis.…
While simultaneously targeting African American citizens with specific psyops.…
Which includes organizing protests in advance and keeping them chambered until a trigger moment occurs.
If I were coordinating an op intended to spark civil unrest and violent protests, I would absolutely kick it off with an episode of blatant harassment of a black military officer that would be sensational enough to guarantee widespread media coverage.…
And then once everyone was good and riled up, then use another compromised officer to stage a murder (centered around something ridiculous like maybe an air freshener) within days.…
Or maybe it’s all a total random coincidence that just appears to be a coordinated active measures operation using previously identified networks. 🤷‍♂️
Let’s face it, they really really wanted to stir up more unrest around the George Floyd murder. That’s why they quashed Chauvin’s plea deal.…
But now that things look bleak for Chauvin, and the expectation is leaning toward a guilty verdict, then they couldn’t rely upon an acquittal to spur more violence. So it was apparently time to stir up more shit.…

• • •

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23 Feb
“Russia launched a proxy war in Ukraine's eastern Donbas region. That war, which is ongoing, along with the Crimean land grab were the opening salvos in Russia's hybrid conflict against Western democracies”…
"It's not an internal strife. It's not an ethnic conflict. It's not an indigenous conflict. It is one where on the eastern side you have 100 percent Russian command and control of what's happening there,"
Further, the war is no longer simply a regional conflict. In addition to Russia's hybrid aggression against the West, the war in Ukraine is now at the nexus of an increasingly interwoven web of geopolitical interests—including China's.
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19 Feb
@words_matter18 @lanacurl @HunterJCullen 💯
Wedge issue inserted into our political dialogue engineered to divide, distract, & damage. All part of Russia’s long game hybrid warfare campaign. Combined with gun control & the mythological “war on Christmas”. Much like the language/culture issues that they use in Ukraine.
@words_matter18 @lanacurl @HunterJCullen And how they use the engineered immigration crisis to divide, disenfranchise, alienate, and agitate the citizenry of Europe.
@words_matter18 @lanacurl @HunterJCullen Have you also noticed that a certain US political movement consistently employs these talking points (abortion, guns, religion, immigration) to divide and anger US society? And that this same party consistently pushes policy that exacerbates economic inequality?
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19 Feb
Spoiler: When a certain set of policy makers (who happen to be among the same set who travelled to Russia and came home opposed to sanctions) claimed that we couldn’t “afford” to address climate change, they knew better.
Not a coincidence that these same policy makers pushed reckless deregulation to make the grid vulnerable to the climate change that they refused to mitigate.…
They have literally been selling public policy to hostile foreign adversaries and global organized crime.
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16 Feb
Remember that the solution to poor governance is not an absence of government. The solution to poor governance is better governance.
Hostile foreign adversaries and global organized crime have been buying & leveraging bad public policy for decades and then using our frustration to suggest that we should dismantle the entire state apparatus in response. 🤦‍♂️
Don’t kill the goose that lays golden eggs. We’ve got something good that is broken. We need to fix it. And we need to start by getting dark money out of politics. WE NEED TO TREAT CAMPAIGN FINANCE AND LOBBYING REFORM AS MATTERS OF NATIONAL SECURITY! NO EXCUSES.
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11 Feb
@ericgarland I’ll take it a step further.
1. Chauvin’s police union president was a white supremacist who worked with the Trump team.…
@ericgarland 2. Chauvin had personal and financial problems. (Tell me again, what is the MICE acronym?)…
@ericgarland 3. The FBI has previously determined that police departments have a white supremacy problem.…
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