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14 Apr, 17 tweets, 3 min read
NEW per NYT:
Holy smokes:
IG report says USCP were told BEFORE the 1/6 insurrection that “Congress itself is the target.” but were told "by their leaders" not to use aggressive tactics with the mob
2-"The Capitol Police had clearer advance warnings about the Jan. 6 attack than were previously known, including the potential for violence in which “Congress itself is the target.”
3-"But officers were instructed by their leaders not to use their most aggressive tactics to hold off the mob, according to a scathing new report by the agency’s internal investigator.
4-"In a 104-page document, the inspector general, Michael A. Bolton, criticized the way the Capitol Police prepared for and responded to the mob violence on Jan. 6. The report was reviewed by The New York Times and will be the subject of a Capitol Hill hearing on Thursday.
5-"Bolton found that the agency’s leaders failed to adequately prepare despite explicit warnings that pro-Trump extremists posed a threat to law enforcement and civilians and that the police used defective protective equipment.
6-"He also found that the leaders ordered their Civil Disturbance Unit to refrain from using its most powerful crowd-control tools — like stun grenades — to put down the onslaught.
7-"Three days before the siege, a Capitol Police intelligence assessment warned of violence from supporters of Trump who believed his false claims that the election had been stolen. Some had even posted a map of the Capitol complex’s tunnel system on pro-Trump message boards
8-"'Unlike previous postelection protests, the targets of the pro-Trump supporters are not necessarily the counterprotesters as they were previously, but rather Congress itself is the target on the 6th,' the threat assessment said, according to the inspector general’s report.
9-"'Stop the Steal’s propensity to attract white supremacists, militia members, and others who actively promote violence may lead to a significantly dangerous situation for law enforcement and the general public alike.'
10-"But on Jan. 5, the agency wrote in a plan for the protest that there were “no specific known threats related to the joint session of Congress.” & former chief of the Capitol Police has testified that the force had determined that the likelihood of violence was “improbable.”
11-"Mr. Bolton concluded such intelligence breakdowns stemmed from dysfunction within the agency and called for “guidance that clearly documents channels for efficiently and effectively disseminating intelligence information to all of its personnel.”
12-"That failure conspired with other lapses inside the Capitol Police force to create a dangerous situation on Jan. 6, according to his account. T
13-"he agency’s Civil Disturbance Unit, which specializes in handling large groups of protesters, was not allowed to use some of its most powerful tools and techniques against the crowd, on the orders of supervisors.
14"'Heavier, less-lethal weapons,' including stun grenades, “were not used that day because of orders from leadership,” Mr. Bolton wrote. Officials on duty on Jan. 6 told him that such equipment could have helped the police to “push back the rioters.”
15-"Mr. Bolton’s findings are scheduled to be discussed on Thursday afternoon, when he is set to testify before the House Administration Committee. He has issued two investigative reports —
16-"both classified as “law enforcement sensitive” and not publicly released — about the agency’s shortcomings on Jan. 6. He is also planning a third report" ~excerpts NYT
17-And here are the Key Findings of IG Bolton's report to be presented to Congress during Thursday's House Admin comm meeting:…

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12 Apr
More than 100 Corp execs from major airlines, retailers & manufacturers & at least 1 NFL owner held a zoom call Saturday @ ways to show they don't support legislators who support state anti-voting bills:…
2-"Executives from major airlines, retailers and manufacturers — plus at least one NFL owner — talked about potential ways to show they opposed the legislation, including by halting donations to politicians who support the bills
3-"and even delaying investments in states that pass the restrictive measures, according to four people who were on the call, including one of the organizers, Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, a Yale management professor.
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11 Apr
Trump went on another grievance tear at the GOP Donor Retreat
Saying Zuckerberg was inv in stealing the election
-$500M was spent on a 'lock box' for 'marked' votes
And calling McConnell a stone cold loser & dumb son of a bitch
Guess it's not going well...…
2-"As donors and G.O.P. leaders looked on Saturday night, Mr. Trump quickly cast aside his prepared remarks and returned to his false claims that the election was stolen from him.
3-"He referenced “Zuckerberg” and $500 million spent on a “lockbox” from which, he said, every vote was marked, according to remarks described by an attendee. “Biden. Saintly Joe Biden,” he said.
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10 Apr
It's going to be really interesting to find out why Trump Org paid Trump's CFO's son Barry Weisselberg $200K/yr & $40K bonuses & kid's tuition/camp fees ($148K) & 2 free apartments
-to manage a public skating rink
Just saying...…
2-"Donald Trump's company paid a skating rink manager more than $200,000 in annual salary, $40,000 yearly bonuses and provided free company-owned apartments for his family, according to testimony of the employee, Barry Weisselberg, and his financial documents.
3-".. At the time of the deposition, Allen Weisselberg paid for a variety of his son’s other expenses, the documents show, including $7,900 in monthly rent for a non-Trump-owned apartment where the couple later lived, $546 a month for a leased Range Rover Velar SUV
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9 Apr
Per WaPo today:
Congress investigation shows that in addition to CDC ofcls 'celebrating' their efforts to change CDC Covid reports, Trump appointees at DHS tried to 'blunt' scientific findings they thought were unfavorable to Trump…
2-"Trump appointees in the Department of Health and Human Services last year privately touted their efforts to block or alter scientists’ reports on the coronavirus to more closely align with then-President Donald Trump’s more optimistic messages about the outbreak
3-"according to newly released documents from congressional investigators. The documents provide further insight into how senior Trump officials approached last year’s explosion of coronavirus cases in the United States.
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8 Apr
This morning Manhattan DA investigators seized financial records from the apartment of Jennifer Weisselberg
Incl her ex-husband's bank accounts & credit cards & his statements of net worth & tax filings rel to Trump Org & Wollman Rink…
2-"'My knowledge of the documents and my voice connect the flow of money from various banks and from personal finances that bleed directly into the Trump Organization,' she said in an interview Thursday.
3-"Investigators, she added, now have her ex-husband’s 2019 and 2020 statements of net worth, his tax returns and copies of Wollman Rink checks from private events that she claims were deposited incorrectly.
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6 Apr
Oh my GOD:
Ben Carson is launching an org called 'Little Patriots'
"'It will be something like the Boy Scouts..But heavily exposed to the real history of America'”
And you know it'll be a FOR-profit org, right?!
Just what America's kids need...…
2-Carson wants to HEAL THE COUNTRY
From what, his actions w/ Trump?
"For the most part, Carson’s newly created American Cornerstone Institute will allow the good doctor to travel the country, in an effort to heal the nation with roundtable discussions about conservative values.
3-"But one thing he’s particularly excited about is using the think tank to launch a program he’s calling Little Patriots. “You probably notice when ISIS goes into a place, they destroy the history; they destroy the monuments..History is what gives you identity.”
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