The House and Senate Democrats are moving forward with a bill to add 4 new justices to the Supreme Court. There is nothing subtle or elegant in the move. Just a raw muscle play to take control of the Court...…
If the report is true, they have decided not to wait for the Commission. A move to just add 4 new justices would dispense with even the pretense of principle. The bill will now strip away any semblance of constitutional values for members who do not denounce raw court packing.
...The late Justice Ginsburg and most recently Justice Breyer condemned the court packing scheme and the public overwhelmingly opposes it. Yet, these members would reduce the court into little more than a partisan commission tasked with a political agenda.
Ultimately, this shows the cost of a failure of leadership in the Democratic party, including President Biden. Rather than denounce court packing, Biden played to the far left and called for a Commission to study something he called a "bone headed" and "terrible, terrible idea."

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13 Apr
According to Mayor Mike Elliot, the police chief who was scolded by the media for using the term "riot" has now resigned. The Acting Chief then called the situation in the department "chaotic" with only an hour's notice of the change in leadership.…
...The resignation of the officer in the shooting is a predictable move from a criminal defense standpoint. It was likely inevitable that she would be fired but this removes her being subject to the internal review process...
... Mayor Elliott says that he has asked that a Blue Lives flag outside of the police department has been removed as "inflammatory."… It has now been removed.
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7 Mar
Additional women have come forward against Cuomo.… However, there should be an investigation before a sentencing on such questions, even if Cuomo warrants little sympathy.…
There is legitimate outrage but these remain accusations, not proven claims. The calls for immediate resignation dismiss any possible countervailing claims or information from Cuomo. While he showed little such concern for others in the past, poetic justice is not really justice
Unlike many, I was no fan of Andrew Cuomo and was highly critical of him in columns (Conversely, I was a big fan of his father). Yet, there has to be a modicum of due process in such controversies even in our hair-triggered political and media environment.
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13 Feb
There is talk of just stipulating to allow Rep. Beutler's statement into the record. If so, it would be odd since Rep. Raskin already discussed the statement in the record. It would be an exit ramp back to where the Senate was before Raskin threw the Senate trial into disarray.
...If this is the result, it would clearly show that Raskin sandbagged the Senate Democrats who did not want to be seen as opposing the managers (despite just saying that they did not want witnesses).…
...It is a stipulation. The resolution shows that Raskin sandbagged the Senate Democrats. This merely enters hearsay into the record. However, the statement of Beutler also contradicts the House managers that this is truly new evidence.
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12 Feb
Questions are likely to start tonight. A few questions for the managers would help clarify some of these issues...
1. You did not give the President a chance to formally respond and did not call witnesses before or after the snap impeachment. You then told us that we should consider due process a "privilege" and not required in a Senate trial, but ....
...shouldn't due process be the expectation of both the Senate and the American people in a constitutional trial? The Senate should consider basic principles of fairness and due process in judging the House case, correct?
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11 Feb
Raskin is detailing reckless comments by Trump for years and is suggesting that he has been inciting violence for years. It is an argument that opens the door for similar pictures and arguments of rioting for years from the left by the Trump team.…
Again, this is not an argument designed to convict on the specific charge of incitement to insurrection. It is more of an argument to enrage than to convict on the specific article of impeachment...
...Raskin is now detailing the Whitmer kidnapping plot and suggesting culpability by Trump. The plot was uncovered and prosecuted under the Trump Administration. This is the type of argument that would be barred in an actual court...
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10 Feb
Raskin just did precisely what I discussed in this column in citing the news story just before the trial. The House did nothing for weeks to lock in such testimony in hearings but is now citing witnesses from media reports.…
...The House could have called a dozen witnesses to lock in their testimony on what Trump said and did during this period. Why? It seems to prefer to try the case largely on circumstantial evidence and media accounts of what these witnesses have…
The managers are again quoting aides from statements in the media, the very witnesses that the House has declined to call for testimony for the last four weeks. Why?…
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