1. On 28 September 2020, Zimbabwe’s @JSCZim conducted interviews to fill vacancies at the Constitutional Court. These vacancies had arisen on 22 May 2020 & should have been filled by then. 6 months after interviews, @edmnangagwa has not made the appointments. He can’t be bothered
2. He’s waiting for Constitutional Amendment No. 2 which will give him power to appoint the judges of his own choice, without any public interviews. Kenya and South Africa have most recently conducted judicial interviews. They will appoint judges before our man does!
3. The @JSCZim is mute while the institution it’s supposed to defend is being dragged by a President who has no regard for the Constitution that he is sworn to uphold. If it stands in the way he just pretends it doesn’t exist. Then again, he came to power through its violation.
4. When I raised this issue last May, some said Magaisa is wrong; there is no problem at the CC, the Chief Justice can appoint acting judges. It will be a year next month with the entire Constitutional Court still filled by those acting judges! Who still defends that farce?

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12 Apr
I will just leave this here
I don’t hate ZANU PF but I cannot support it
Gogo is clearly a member of the Vietnam or Soweto Stand. There is no doubt. @nelsonchamisa please look for Gogo and honour her!
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5 Apr
1. If there’s a phrase that must not be entertained by the MDC Alliance right now, it is the phrase “boycott by-elections”. Not when the opponents are doing everything to take you out of political spaces. Boycott is exactly what they want you to do; it guarantees an easy ride.
2. You might boycott when you have leverage, as when Morgan withdrew from the violent & farcical presidential run-off election in 2008. The costs of participating were higher than the costs of boycotting. Morgan had won the 1st round. Mugabe running alone afterwards was a sham
3. The opponent must know that there is a price to pay if you boycott. There is no price to pay for ZANU–PF or MDC-T if the MDC Alliance boycotts by-elections. In fact, the opposite is true: they have everything to gain, with the strongest party abandoning its strongholds.
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4 Apr
1. “We need in every community a group of angelic troublemakers. Our only weapon is our bodies and we have to tuck them in places so wheels don’t turn” Bayard Rustin

Everyone knows MLK Jr but in the background of the Civil Rights Movement were brilliant strategists like Rustin
2. If you’re looking for something powerful, educational and inspiring to watch, look for #AmendTheFightForAmerica on Netflix. You’ll learn how struggles build upon other struggles, how ideas that become popular today, germinated long ago, how history repeats itself
3. You will also learn how history has a habit of remembering some heroes & forgetting others; how even in popular struggles some groups & individuals are pushed to the margins. You will also learn how leaders have had to make personal sacrifices for the greater good.
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4 Apr
1. It’s the illegality that bothers me. The @ZECzim Chief Elections Officer can justify the suspension of by-elections all he likes, but he should not use false legal grounds. I have explained why this is dubious before but ZEC insists on the lie. This thread explains the falsity
2. The @ZECzim CEO Utoile Salaigwana cites section 86 of the Constitution to justify the suspension of the right to vote in section 67. This is a straw man argument they have created; that is, they have created their own argument in order to attack it & justify their position.
3. The issue is not whether the right to vote is violated. If it were, @ZECzim could use section 86 and they would have cover. But that is NOT the issue here. They are dodging the real issue, which exposes the illegality & CANNOT be covered by deploying section 86.
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31 Mar
1. I hear a magistrate has convicted Makomborero Haruzivishe for allegedly “inciting public violence” sometime in 2020. Details are scant. But it was only a matter of time before the Mnangagwa regime started to convict & lock up political opponents. It will only get worse.
2. More disappointing is the scant media attention to this significant milestone. If my memory is faithful, this is the first conviction of an opposition official for “inciting public violence”. But I could only find the story in 1 major publication & only in 4 short paragraphs!
3. Apart from a passing mention of the state’s case, there are no details of the basis of the conviction. But this case is just the start of a trend of more such convictions. Mugabe largely used arrests of activists as a scare tactic. ED goes the whole hog. He convicts & jails.
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22 Mar
1. It all started in the village. Back in the day the lads ate from the same plate. Picking the meat, the climax, was a hierarchical affair, the eldest first and the rest by age. The eldest could delay to the utter frustration of everyone. But there was nothing you could do.
2. Sometimes the eldest delayed while he surveyed the plate to identify the biggest piece. Sometimes just because he wanted to delay. Power is a dangerous thing when it’s handed to the undeserving. The only qualification for seniority was age. That’s all.
3. One day, a lad who was visiting from the city broke the custom. Just a few morsels of Sadza into the meal he picked the meat ahead of the elder chaps. He swiftly took a bite. It was the biggest. There was pandemonium as the lad was accused of impertinence & other ugly things.
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