A father in Ontario has sent me a 30-minute audio recording that his grade 7 child recorded of a gender lesson given to the class.

I’ll give you the play-by-play below.

The worst part is probably the grooming of these children to proactively cancel their parents’ views.
Teacher starts off with his name and preferred pronouns: he and him.

This is not their normal teacher; he’s been brought in. But he knows a few of these 12 year olds from the school’s QSA. The Queer Straight Alliance.
He’s going to talk about the many complexities involved with gender identity.

“So when you’re born, the doctor looks at you and he’ll tell your parents ‘Congratulations, you have a daughter or son’ so you’re male or female but there’s also a 3rd option which is called intersex.”
“Meaning you’re born with the reproductive organs of both male and female.” ~Ontario teacher


This, of course, is patently false.
“Now as we’ve learned over the last 20 years is there is a lot of identities that exist between the male and female identity.

“Some of those include non-binary, gender fluid, gender queer, non-conforming, or transgender.”
A super fun video begins.

Some archaic adult, Uncle Jay, is talking and he gets corrected because he doesn’t know if Alex is a boy or a girl.

Woman: “Actually, Alex doesn’t define themselves as boy or girl.”

Uncle Jay: “What else is there?”
Progressive man: “Back in your day, most people understood the world in terms of just boys and girls, but now we know gender is more complex than that.”

Silly Uncle Jay: “Wait, aren’t we just talking about whether you’re born with a hmm hmm (low voice) or a hee hee (high voice).
Woman: “When you’re born, your sex is assigned in a medical way, but the sex listed on your birth certificate may not necessarily match your gender identity.”

Man: “Gender identity is a person’s inner experience of who they are in terms of gender.”
Man: “That deep personal sense of being male, female, a blend of both, or neither.”

Woman: “And while many people have a gender identity that’s the same as their assigned birth sex, that’s not always the case because gender exists on a spectrum.”
Woman: “Like transgender, non-binary, and gender queer or gender fluid.”

Poor, confused Uncle Jay: “Does gender identity have to do with being straight or gay?”

Man: “Actually, no.” Paraphrasing: bla, bla, bla.
Uncle Jay: “You know, I really like Alex, and I can tell they’re a good friend to you, but I’m still pretty confused about all of this.”

(Me too, Uncle Jay.)

Super upbeat woman: “That’s okay! You don’t have to fully understand someone to respect them.”
Woman: “To start, try not to make any assumptions about a person’s gender. And use the name and pronouns that they ask you to. Above all, be a friend or ally for people of all gender identities.”
Okay, so the kids have already been indoctrinated with false information, and they’re being groomed to understand that adults are dinosaurs who are morons.

Uncle Jay even sounds like a bumbling fool, whereas progressive man and woman are super energized and friendly.
Class teacher starts up and reinforces the view that the grandfather known as Uncle Jay, and “people like our parents and grandparents may not be as informed about these topics as people like us who are having conversations in grade 7.”

Actual quote.
Oh, time for the teacher to bash poor old Uncle Jay some more.

There was a scene in the video about a salad with so many ingredients and it even had balsamic vinegar! Can you believe it?!

But Uncle Jay only knows about rock hard iceberg lettuce with tomatoes.

He’s so binary!
Teacher: “Many adults may not have the opportunity to have the conversations like we do. We live in Toronto, we live by the beaches, it’s a pretty liberal area of Canada. We have an inclusive pride flag that hangs outside our door. We have openly gay teachers like myself.”
Teacher: “And we have a Queer Straight Alliance in our school, not all schools have that. And often times in places that are like smaller towns, we find that conversation doesn’t happen as quickly as it might in a place like Toronto.”
So first of all, I’m just quoting the teacher and I love gay people so please don’t misconstrue that.

What this teacher is doing is actively teaching that liberals are the smart, loving ones, and those small town folk may be kind of stupid.
This is some great indoctrination of not only gender nonsense, but this teacher is trying his very best to raise a generation of Trudeau voters.

Conservatives = bad and dumb. Liberals = smart and loving, is the message.
Teacher: “Have you ever heard of the term ‘social construct’ before?

“Basically it’s a concept or idea that as society we buy into.
Teacher: “So when we’re talking about gender, the idea is like what is a masculine thing or what is a feminine thing or what are stereotypes that we often affiliate with girls or boys. Let’s unpack that for a second.”
They discuss stereotypes of boys. Short hair, colour blue, not as clean, silly, they don’t cry, they’re tough.

Now onto girls: makeup, more pristine, long hair, emotional, more expected of them, fragile, child-rearing.
Teacher shares personal story: “I knew I was gay by the time I was in grade 6. I loved Polly Pocket, I loved to dance with my girlfriends at recess, I was emotional, I cried easily. I was very affected by other people emotions. Other people called me soft.”
Teacher: “It was very hard to fit into this box of what it means to be a boy. For a long time I struggled with trying to balance personal characteristics and fit into the box that was so small and narrow. I got bullied a lot, until I started thinking about how I can change.”
Teacher: “So I became tougher. I became more masculine. I became that bully on the playground that was calling other people those names. And it wasn’t until I came out of the closet in grade 12 that I realized there was so much turmoil that took place in my elementary education.”
Okay, these are good points the teacher is making now, but does he not realize that in today’s schools he would have been encouraged to transition? He may not have grown up to be the gay man that he is!

He’d be trans. This is exactly what our schools are doing to gay kids.
Teacher: “Today, you guys are a much more informed group of students, which is great because that means the generation of tomorrow will hopefully be a little bit more woke!

“Do you guys know what I mean when I say the word woke?”
Teacher: “It means like you are awake to the complexities of gender and sexuality. That you are no longer sleeping, or ignoring the differences between individuals. That not everyone is going be heterosexual, not everyone is going to identify as cisgender.”
Teacher: “So myself, I am cisgender. I was born male at birth, I identify as male. So my gender at birth aligns with my gender expression.”

Um hold on. He just told us a long story about how he aligned with girls in school. His gender expression was trans per his own teaching.
Teacher: “Whereas for trans people it doesn’t align. Your ‘assigned’ sex at birth is not a reflection of your gender expression within society currently.

“Heteronormativity, what does that mean?”

Paraphrasing: bla dee bla, bla bla, bla.
Teacher: “And so, our goal as allies or people who are woke, or who are informed, is to dismiss these preconceptions that people should be A or B, that should be heteronormative or should be heterosexual or cisgender.”
How many times has it so far been implanted in these 12-year-old brains that they are now the woke, and informed, and the adults in their life may be ignorant buffoons.

I see this attitude on the street when I’m having conversations all the time. This is cult indoctrination.
Teacher: “When we talk about gender, it often operates within a binary.

“Historically gender has always been policed by society within this binary. And as we know today, this is limiting. This is problematic.”
Teacher: “Up until recently, gender was often ‘performed’ or understood within this binary, boy or girl.

“It wasn’t until about 3 years ago that we started having things like unisex bathrooms, right, or like non-binary bathrooms.”
Teacher: “Which is crazy to think about because it’s not like we just started having trans students or non-binary students in the last 3 years. They’ve always existed. It’s not like these babies were just born 10 years ago.”
Teacher: “It’s just that society now is starting to become a little bit more woke, and realizing how limiting this is for people.

“So what we advocate for are alternative systems that see gender as a spectrum.”
Teacher: “That even within the identities of male and female, there is so much variety and option to exist.

“And it’s not that you’re either male, female or trans, it’s literally whatever you want to be. Whatever you want to call yourself”
Teacher: “Whether it’s gender queer, gender fluid, gender unicorn, non-binary, you want to use gender neutral pronouns, you do you! And that’s cool.

“But for those of us who do identify as heterosexual and cisgender, our job is to remain awake. To stay woke.”
Teacher: “To keep becoming more and more informed. And don’t rely on your only gay friend or your only trans friend to teach you everything, cause it’s not their job.

“It’s your job to seek this information out on your own.”
Teacher: “Meaning like if you have someone in your life who’s trans, non-binary, gay, lesbian, bisexual... they are not your how-to guide on how to be an ally or to answer all of your unanswered questions about gender and sexuality.”
Teacher: “It’s your job to seek this information out on your own. So for example like joining the QSA (Queer Straight Alliance). That’s a great way for me to become more woke, right?”
Teacher: “Okay, so who here has ever watched RuPaul’s Drag Race. A few of us, okay cool.

“So RuPaul has a very famous saying, that we are all born naked, and that the rest is drag.
Teacher: “Essentially what RuPaul is saying, and it aligns with what a lot of gender theorists are saying about gender identity, is that gender can be seen like a stage where we all have our own acting role.”
Teacher: “And when we present ourselves on that stage, we make conscious decisions of how we want to create our own stage costume.

“So meaning, like right now I am on a stage, you are all on a stage in front of your other friends.”
Teacher: “And the clothes you’re wearing, the way you cut your hair, whether or not you painted your fingernails, the style of shoes you wear, how you stand, the tone of your voice, how deep it is, the pitch of it, how you hold yourself.”
Teacher: “It’s all mannerisms and elements that play into your costume of your gender identity.

“So in a sense, we’re all doing drag, in a way. But, you’re often doing drag that identifies with the gender that you’re assigned at birth.

“We’re all kind of playing a part here.”
(Pausing for dramatic effect so you can all process what you just read.)




We’re all in drag together? Sounds like a UN motto or something.
Teacher talks about how he likes to wear earth tones because he likes to be seen as a man. He likes brown. Yeah, no kidding, he’s full of brown stuff. 💩
Oh here comes another propaganda video full of kids. It’s about what gender identity means to them.

Cue inspiring, emotional music.

Girl says she’s cool with girl toys and boy toys. “I just play with them. They’re toys!” Yes, thank you. They’re just toys.
Lots of short quotes from kids.

Girl: “It doesn’t matter what they think, it just matters what like I think, and how I imagine myself.”

Girl #2: “Yeah, I think I’m a feminist.”

That’s cool. Don’t grow up to be a libfem, kid. Be radical.
More inspirational music.

North Korea may have produced this to undermine the West.
Oh, now kids in the video are talking about how parents don’t get it.

Yikes, they are going on and on about how bad parents can be.

Is this the 5th attempt at grooming children to reject their parents?
Teacher is wrapping up the lesson.

“Just continue being great allies” he says.

Well, all in all I would say that was a very successful indoctrination session.

The takeaway: Parents are dinosaurs 🦖, and we are all in drag together.
Sorry everyone, but the father who sent me the audio has asked me not to post it, so as not to expose his child who recorded it.
Oh, here’s the video with Uncle Jay!

Thanks to @dethsta for finding it.

Thank you to @justdad7 for all his hard work keeping us informed on Bill C-6, and for this.

• • •

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But it’s totally fine under this bill for a woke teacher to indoctrinate a girl who’s a tomboy into believe she’s an actual boy.
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