I’m being targeted by right-wing trolls because I have declared I won’t take any interviews with GBNews.
4 points:
1. I am approached for interview across news networks frequently in my role as EveryDoctor Chief Executive.
2. I am deeply concerned about the rising levels of...
intolerance displayed by some groups in our society. I will not be complicit in escalating racism, misogyny and prejudice against individuals with protected characteristics.
3. I believe GBNews will further escalate these problems.
4. Some people are trying to bait me by...
suggesting that I have ‘trolled GBNews’. You cannot troll an entity. I have insulted no individual, and will continue to avoid doing so.

Trolling is intimidating, but no troll will receive a response from me. We need to speak up plainly and to continue to do so. I am a..
campaigner who runs a platform based on advocacy for NHS staff and patients. I say uncomfortable things because they are necessary. I am not interested in winning a popularity contest; I’m here to speak up. I’ll continue to do so without descending into mockery and mud-slinging👍

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A story about 23 cans of butter beans.

When I decided to pause my psychiatry training to set up EveryDoctor, I didn’t initially have a team. I didn’t have an income. And the only way we could afford to do it was to first move our family of 4 into a 1 bed flat in London, then...
Save up and renovate a small cottage in rural Ireland. We could afford childcare for our 1+2.5 year old there. We knew no one. And I flew back and forth to London as I tried to build relationships with journalists. I was sent threats by senior establishment figures in...
Medicine. I was warned I’d be struck off. I was trolled to an unbelievable extent. And I had no income. Rumours started that I was starting a ‘cult’. I was told I was looking to ‘profiteer like Richard Branson’. It was really, really hairy trying to convince anyone I wasn’t...
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30 Mar
Throughout the pandemic, EveryDoctor has been secretly fed information from those making decisions, in order to bring truth to the media and politicians.

I still remember the time last summer when we learned that government were modelling case data not to create a zero...
COVID strategy and prevent deaths, but simply to manage case numbers in order to prevent overwhelming NHS bed capacity.

Basically, they decided there was an ‘acceptable’ number of deaths. I spoke to @justinmadders on a Sunday afternoon about it. Both of us were shocked...
I cannot stress the discrepancy in action between UK politicians. Some have been incredible, caring, thoughtful and active. Others have done nothing. We created a database of the politicians who engaged with us from April- now. We’ve run 20 MP briefings. One day, that data...
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11 Mar
I feel exposed tweeting this, but I think I’ll do it anyway. I cried tears of anger and exhaustion and heartache last night for Sarah. But I also cried for all women. I was attacked on the street by a man when I was at medical school . My facial injuries meant I...#saraheverand
Had to seek A+E treatment. I was then stalked by the police officer who’d taken my evidence (my passport, bag and keys, which had been stuffed in a nearby bin). I was called daily by this police officer who said he was handling my case. Eventually when he accepted I’d turned....
down his romantic advances, he sent my things to a police station in the outskirts of London, and it took me several weeks to track them down. I had no ID, no phone, no money. I was a new student in London. I had PTSD symptoms from my attack, physical injuries, and shame...
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24 Feb
These 4 legal cases which @EveryDoctorUK and @GoodLawProject are bringing against the government are VERY expensive. The legal costs, though capped, are huge. And the resource required from our two tiny teams is huge too; we need your backing to employ our teams...
It might seem strange to join an organisation of doctors, or join an organisation of lawyers. But this government is not behaving accountably in the usual ways, and we’re the ones who’re relentlessly working to uncover their law-breaking. No one else is doing this.

I cannot...
Tell you the hours spent, the length of our days, and the huge effort on the part of everyone involved. It is big, daunting work. Please, if you want justice, join as a member to both of our organisations. We need to normalise this. We ALL need to get behind our two teams...
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20 Feb
Since last Summer, the government have managed lockdowns based on the ability of the NHS to ‘cope’ with a burden of sickness and death. They haven’t tried to eliminate sickness and death. Last summer they instructed many hospitals to create ‘surge capacity’. This is essentially..
Some extra ICU beds. No extra ICU staff (we’re short of those), but extra beds. They like to say that the NHS has ‘coped’ because they incorporate these surge beds in their numbers.

Firstly, the NHS has not coped. We had far more ICU patients than these surge beds could hold...
Secondly we didn’t have enough ICU staff. The staff have done heroic things, but at times there have been 4 patients to every 1 ICU nurse (it should be 1:1).

Thirdly, we shouldn’t be managing a pandemic by judging whether there are enough beds to house the sick and dying...
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20 Feb
Millions of us, millions, feel outraged by our government’s behaviour. Feel unrepresented. Feel unheard in the media

Parliament is not holding this government to account effectively. Traditional organisations (certainly within medicine) are not doing enough. Our establishment...
...our trade unions, our representative bodies, are failing us. And they’ve been failing us for years. Let me use healthcare as an example.

In the past 5 years, nurse student bursaries have been removed. Healthcare workers on visas pay thousands even to work in the NHS...
...which relies upon them and is 100,000 staff short. There are 6.5 billion in unmet NHS repairs. The pensions are a disaster (some doctors PAYING to work extra shifts due to the crazy taxation). And almost 900 of our colleagues have died on the COVID-19 frontline...
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