41.01/ Week Forty-one, April 24-30, 2021, thread begins here.

Week 40, April 17-23 2021, linked below:
41.02/ From last night, re: #JoshFight2021. I claim victory by dint of the battle being on Shabbas. Then again, on Shabbas I could be Hanokh.

41.03/ A thread about an important episode I experienced that demonstrates what higher education is about, to me.

41.04/ As @mattbc describes, this attitude is child abuse and quite pervasive among adults about themselves. I don't get it, but it's likely connected to anti-science/pro-naturalist solipsism. Or just aggressive egotism.

41.05/ This illustrates an important cultural overlap of academia and journalism; an acknowledged culture of accuracy at all costs.

41.06/ BD"E, Gen. Michael Collins has passed away. Former Pres. Nixon has some thoughtful reminisces on Collins and the Apollo 11 mission:
41.07/ I first encountered this genre in 9th grade - I had to write an essay about someone who influenced me - & instinctively wrote comedic fiction of a psycho teacher.

My mood was & continues to be: my life is my business to share on my terms.

41.08/ I mentioned before how DietCoke tastes like gas-station generic cola, but I have a theory as to why it remains popular: it has way more caffeine than Coke Zero or even Classic.

Zero/Classic: 34mg/12oz

Gas Station Crud: 46mg/12oz!

41.09a/ Antimaskers are so resistant to minor sacrifices that they're asked to endure so to benefit society & for the safety of others b/c they often just hate diversity & hate compassion. This is the background for why the same people reject disability accommodations.
41.09b/ Because accommodating others would mean modifying the rigidly structured majority society they've created that functions as their own 'accommodations'!

This, in turn, makes disability accommodations so *necessary* for others, yet often unattainable.
41.10/ Woo boy, this thread. I guess it's good to know when something evil exists that it's from actual malice aforethought and not pure negligence.

41.11/ "Twitter is designed to help the bad people more than the good" in play, again. I'm hoping that the bad-faith methods of Big Tech get exposed so we can clean them up and have healthy media to use. They're too essential to let the brutes reign.
41.12/ Sweet. [Insert, as well, the epic "sowing vs. reaping" tweet]

41.13/ This goes in the Reply Guy hall of fame, no?

41.14/ It's a variation of Dunning-Kruger. In this case, their love is based on a (bigoted) mythology of the USA, and that (bigotry) myth is central to their identity.

Facts are deeply threatening to people who crave self-identity through crafted fiction.
41.15/ Nice set of photos. Looking at the dates, April 26, 1945 was 13 Iyyar 5705, and Lag B'Omer was May 1st.

41.16/ As I said in 41.09, these anti-mask psychos demand rigid accommodations from everyone in order to maintain their fragile, and misanthropic, worldview

41.17/ These gender reveal parties are getting out of hand [this is a joke]
41.18/ At 7:30pm tonight: "Stories of Jewish Musicians and their Contemporaries in Early Modern Europe" - concert by "Incantare" (violins, sackbut, & organ) and lectures by Drs. Liza Malamut and (my wife) Rebecca Cypess. See here for links to live video:
41.19/ 100% "If the abuser is welcome then the victim is not."

41.20/ Nice way to discover this account. Good word too, but need to streamline it for the Go-Go-Twenties

41.21/ Throwback Friday for #LagBaomer, possibly the best picture ever taken of me, 1982 Haifa at a school celebration.
41.22/ I taught an important lesson to my son last night: I was convinced the #Steelers wouldn't take Harris (too old, too many carries) despite nearly every professional saying it was a done deal.

The lesson? I can be seriously wrong when I think I know more than I do.
41.23/ This looks like a very valuable guide to avoiding ableist language.

Thanks to the extraordinary @roryreckons, who I've only recently started following but have found worth reading.
41.24a/ #ReshetKeshet; Emor is often used to suggest the Torah is against disabled Cohanim. IMO it's adarabba: these cohanim are given free food from the Mikdash without being made to work for it (see today's daf, Yoma 19a).
41.24b/ My theory is that If disabled Cohanim were available for the avoda, then those people would davka have been shunted away from society, hidden in the Mikdash. Instead, they're the ones who are made to represent Cohanim to the people, teaching & judging (see Lev. 10:11)
41.25/ #ShabbatShalom & #LagBaomer sameach everyone. Praying for #Meron as well, rachamana latzlan.

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19 Sep
62.01/ Week sixty-two, Sept. 18-25, 2021, thread begins there.

Week 61 below
62.02/ A custom on #YomKippur is to wear a kittel, an all white garment that has ambivalent symbolism: men wear one under their wedding canopy and they are also buried in it. I mentioned to a physician friend that it can also be seen as "Jewish scrubs."
62.03/ "But life is ironic" is just boss-level shade. I mean, I have my theological differences with the pontiff, but I can imagine we see eye-to-eye about anti-vaxxers.(h.t. @dick_nixon)

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17 Sep
1/ Nearly every Shabbat & Yom Tov since I left the pulpit I've prepared a drasha & shiur that I know I won't be able to deliver. I've described that for many artists the need to produce the art overwhelms an actual audience. The art compels them.
2/ I define art broadly to encompass every creative faculty that arises from the multiple intelligences, talents & perceptions in human capability. We know singers or painters are artists, but so is a teacher or philosopher. IMO society doesn't define an art, humanity does.
3/ Not everyone who has artistic talent or drive or vocation needs to have a feeling of compulsion. My chiddush (intellectual innovation) is to say everyone with that need to create has the soul of an artist whether they are recognized or not.
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17 Sep
1/ Since the beginning of the #TrumpCrisis, I've had ever increasingly difficult #YomKippur davening because of the burden I feel to act as a 'sanegor' (defender) for my community and for the Jewish world at large.

(This is in addition to the vast ways I need to improve myself)
2/ I'm not a gadol, a posek, or anything close to a tzadik. But after seeing so many rebbeim & gedolim openly support Trump (ym'sh), erase women from Jewish life, and encourage anti-vax shtuyot, I considered the tenuous possibility that I would need to act as a communal sanegor.
3/ With the established leadership descending into avoda-zara (DJT), shefichat-damim (COVID denial) & arayot (dehumanizing women), I needed to step up - out of safek-nefashot - and use all of my halakhic, rhetorical & philosophical ability to devise kappara for the Am Kadosh.
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15 Sep
1/ One more #NFL thing before the Day of Atonement. Last night's #MNF was very satisfying as a #Steelers fan. The ending of the game was nuts and I want to reproduce the nutty live-texts I sent to my sleeping son, not expecting it to become a saga of silliness.
2/ [11:31 PM] 55 yard FG to send it into overtime!

{Little did I know that this would be the least surprising thing of overtime. I should also add that many people expected BAL to go to the Superbowl and the Raiders to get a top 5 pick in the 2022 draft} Screencap from the ESPN app, score 27-27.
3/ [11:40 PM]: RAIDERS WIN
[11:41 PM]: wait hold up
[11:42 PM]: CORRECTION. will be at the half yard-line

{It was so exciting to think LV would get the ball and then just drive down the field and score. Of course, it couldn't be that simple. TD taken back.} ESPN screencap. 7:22 in OT, score still 27-27, LV in red zon
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14 Sep
1/ MacDonald died? Oh man.

First of all, I wish there was a website to find out if I'm allowed to publicly like a dead guy. Like a list of crimes so I know how to calibrate the right mix of sad, or happy, that he's dead.

[Please do that in Norm's voice]
2/ Certain people who're called "an [artist]'s artist" usually are extremists in that craft, and often unrecognized by all but a niche audience. In comedy, one of my areas of expertise, that doesn't always yield someone I personally enjoy.
3/ E.g. I detest Andy Kaufman's comedy because, for me, the barely disguised intend was cruelty. Other comedians work for "their time" like Lenny Bruce who I wish I found funnier than I do.

MacDonald was in that category.

(and this comment is great)
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14 Sep
1/ My son, new freshman at his high school, got the cover article in the weekly Torah journal, which was an awesome piece of nachas over #RoshHashanah

A few comments I feel I should make (and download available at this BE"H static link):
2/ I did not help him directly in any way. Despite my eager offer to discuss and/or proofread, he successfully shielded himself from my relentless, avid desire to help him with a D'var Torah.

I say this because (1) it's a really good piece & (2) all the language is his.
3/ However, as a gift to me, he did say that he learned "tautological" from our many conversations (yes!) and from my meta-perspective, I see he followed the advice I give to all my homiletics students based on my decades of speeches, articles, classes & other media.
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