Remember, the GOP was silent on this:

“The federal investigation [into the plot against Governor Whitmer] dates to early [2020] when the FBI learned through social media that individuals were discussing the violent overthrow of several state governments and law enforcement.”
When Trump tear gassed protestors so he could hold a Bible for photos, Republican Senators were asked to go on the record about it.

This didn’t receive a lot of coverage, but the Whitmer plotters also discussed kidnapping the Governor of Virginia.

So, of the three states that Trump called to “liberate,” there were plots against two. That we know about.…
If you don’t read another thing today, read this thread by @SenErikaGeiss, recalling the armed “protest” at the Michigan state house last April.

Pay attention to the details.

Why were legislators even there that day?

Who allowed them in the building?

h/t @satirehat
There was no agenda defined for scheduling the session that day.

“We have no idea why we were really scheduled to be here.”
After taking their early afternoon/late lunch recess, they returned to a statehouse filled with armed “militia” men (terrorists), looking over them from the balcony.
Armed men stormed the state legislature and shouted at lawmakers, “We’re here to make sure you vote the right way.”

That is terrorism.

It is the very definition of terrorism.
As I stated shortly after the insurrection against the U.S. Capitol, we need to view this event in MI, along with other armed “protests,” and similar events like the one in Oregon, as a step toward normalizing this behavior, in the lead up to January 6th.
And, as I said then, we should be looking at the funders, organizers, and promoters of all these events with fresh eyes now.

Until the people behind these acts face accountability and full public scrutiny, US democracy itself is still at risk of being attacked from within.
Because when you look at the various acts over the last 12-14 months that have been designed to stir people toward fear and authoritarian force, many of the same people seem to pop up behind all of them.
We know there were discussions of ways to prevent Biden and Dems from taking power as early as February, 2020.

We only know this because sources leaked details and recordings of secret CNP meetings, from February and August.
Probably just a coincidence that Trump tweeted this weirdness a month after that February CNP meeting.
Regardless, one thing that we *do* know is that the CNP was promoting a ‘fight back against the steal’ narrative in apocalyptic terms in their private gatherings - at least as early as August.
But, for some who were watching closely, it was painfully obvious long before August that pretexts were being created and amplified to lend justification for authoritarian power plays.

In hindsight, it is even more clear.
It’s very important that we don’t let any of this go until we see accountability.

• • •

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30 Apr
Josh Duggar has been charged with downloading and possessing child porn - some of which depicts the sexual abuse of children under the age of 12, in May 2019.
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28 Apr
💥 The FBI just served a search warrant on Rudy’s apartment and seized his devices.

Trump’s DOJ appointees had been blocking the investigators’ requests.

“After Merrick B. Garland was confirmed, [DOJ] lifted its objection to the search.”

h/t @Ginger624…
💥 The Giuliani search warrant specifically includes any communications he had with John Solomon, according to Rudy’s lawyer.

h/t @satirehat…
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27 Apr
.@JamesCarville gave an excellent interview to @seanilling.

He’s right about the faculty lounge messaging.

But Illing trapped him into a ‘wokeness’ question, and used it for a clickbait headline, guaranteeing that the people who need to read this won’t.…
TBF, it was probably an editor who chose the headline, but the point still stands.
On Dems’ messaging weakness, and “Faculty lounge” politics - he is absolutely, 100% right about this.

Much of the language Dems use has an underlying assumption built into it - that voters already get the way our understanding has evolved and led to these terms.

They don’t.
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27 Apr
To those who want to promote the idea that democracy doesn’t work, every issue is a potential culture war wedge to be leveraged, to pit Americans against each other, and to heighten/trigger the fears of those with authoritarian tendencies.

Always looking for the next big one.
It’s difficult to imagine that events like these are actually organic.

As far as I know, reporters never ask attendees what Facebook groups they joined in order to learn about the events they participate in.

That would be useful to know.
And the actions that these folks engage in are so offensive that they are essentially designed to go viral, amplifying the “culture war,” and essentially speaking it into existence.

Lots of accounts here on social media are happy to help.
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23 Apr
Great news. 👏

Colorado has rescinded the Koch Network bill passed by the GOP legislature that called for a Constitutional Convention.

The Network wants to capture 34 state legislatures - so they can rewrite the U.S. Constitution.

h/t @satirehat… Image
What happens if the GOP takes control of 34 state legislatures in the country?

Read this Bill Moyers article to understand their strategy.

The Koch Network has been perpetrating a fraud on US voters for years, funding astroturf movements and propaganda - with this goal in mind.
This is why the ACLU has worked to block these same motions in other states.

Every time the GOP takes control of a state legislature, they pass one of these Koch “model bills,” adding that state to the list calling for a convention.

Yes, it is dishonest and it’s disturbing.
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21 Apr
Great piece by @ThePlumLineGS.

One caveat: The GOP & its bill mills (ALEC) are already planning tactics to sabotage Biden’s policies at the state level, similar to the way they blocked Obamacare Medicaid expansions.

This isn’t getting much coverage.

Short thread here discussing one of these approaches.

At least two GOP state legislatures are attempting to create a parallel state court system for what they consider “constitutional” matters, and using an untested antebellum “nullification” theory to block Biden policies.

On a separate front, GOP state governments are attempting to push a “block grant” model as an alternative funding method that they claim will allow them to better manage Medicaid expansions.

It’s a trap.

Biden appears to be wise to this already, and is pushing back.
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