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30 Jul
Ridin’ on the City of New Orleans, Illinois Central, Monday morning rail

Dealing cards with the old man in the club car

I’ll be gone five hundred miles when the day is done

Don’t forget to call your state’s medical board today, if you know any doctors who are spreading vaccine disinformation.

They can now have their licenses suspended for it. 🕺
I know there’s a lot going on in FL, but maybe folks in the media can spend a little time talking about the Data Targeting operation that has been helping the candidates get elected down there.
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25 Jul
I usually stay away from these (viral social issues) but, as a guy, if you are making a woman uncomfortable like this, you aren’t a “victim” of feminism - you are the problem.

If you can’t tell the difference, then you need some female friends in your life to explain it to you.
Does it happen to us too? Sure it does.

Is it the same? Not at all.

Guys who have a younger sister might have a *small* insight into how different it is.

It’s literally a universe of difference. This is where the power dynamic reveals itself. Just look at her face.
Imagine making a person feel that way. And then deciding to keep going.
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18 Jul

Huge news today about NSO - the Israeli surveillance spyware that was used to help Saudi Arabia track Jamal Khashoggi before he was murdered.

Washington Post, working with other groups, have released even more evidence confirming abuses - background in this thread:
For those familiar with NSO, much of this information will not be surprising, but is an extraordinary find, and a welcome confirmation.

For those unfamiliar with NSO, today’s news may be shocking.

A list of 50K targeted phones has been discovered.

It’s important to understand that this software is a product of Israeli intelligence members partnering with the private sector to produce spy tools for profit, and wide usage.

They have been entirely dishonest about how it is used. A recent PR release shows their spin.
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13 Jul

Iranian Intelligence Services Allegedly Plotted to Kidnap a Brooklyn Journalist, author and Human Rights Activist from New York City for Rendition to Iran.

Iranian Intelligence Officials Indicted on Kidnapping Conspiracy Charges… ImageImage
The network that Farahani directs has also targeted victims in other countries, including victims in Canada, the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates, and has worked to procure similar surveillance of those victims. ImageImage
Why is there “a service offering military-style speedboats for self-operated maritime evacuation out of New York City?”

Why does that exist, exactly? Image
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13 Jul
I know people get tired of talking - and hearing - about the fact that the GOP has been doing some of these things for decades, but this is why I keep bringing it up.

Conservatives have been hearing these things since they were children.

There is no “switch” that flipped.
There is no such thing as “Trumpism.”

Nothing that Trump has done is more than just an incremental evolution.

Undoing “Trumpism,” is undoing 30+ years of toxic and divisive messaging that people have internalized since they were kids, riding in the car with their parents.
A lot of people still don’t get this.

Example: You can’t convince folks that attacking the federal government is wrong, while still accepting Reagan’s “evil federal government” philosophy.

This isn’t a liberal political vendetta against Reagan - it’s just plain reality.
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12 Jul
Katie Porter held a family friendly town hall, with kids and snow cones.

Republicans had the chance to submit questions like everyone else.

This👇 white nationalist GOP candidate organized a group of “protestors” to shout her down and deplatform her.

It ended in fist fights.
Nick Taurus only did this after the Orange County GOP sent out invitations to him and other Republicans, telling them they should go to Porter’s event and “press her.”
Notice the language he is using (hordes of immigrant voters) tracks closely with the “white replacement theory” propaganda that Tucker Carlson and InfoWars have been ratcheting up, where they warn that Dems are part of some sort of plan for a “genocide” of white people.
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9 Jul
Excellent news, Biden just fired the Trump appointee who was sabotaging work in the Social Security Administration and delaying checks to SS beneficiaries.

cc @arapaho415
We began trying to raise alarms about this - and point out that there was a path for action - about 3.5 months ago, so this is excellent, and very welcome news!
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9 Jul
Notice in these videos, Republicans focus on an ideological commitment to blocking the will of the majority, claiming that’s the basic reasoning behind our republic.

This is how they’re able to avoid talking about *what* specifically they are blocking.

This is similar to the way libertarians take one core part of the constitution - “the right to do what I want” - and then ignore the rest of it, taking a sliver of truth and turning it into an ideology, nearly religious in nature.

It is similar to the way propaganda is created.
Taking HR-1 as an example, we know that the bill itself is highly popular, even among conservatives - based on their own internal polling.

This is why they are very careful to frame their language, sticking to the ideology and avoiding the actual policy.…
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7 Jul
Erik Prince promised Ukrainian lawmakers a $35M cut of the profits if they would help him privatize their military.

He could be prosecuted for this under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

You will want to read this article.

h/t @leesgirl9…
😞 😡 😡

“We had to wonder: Is this the best sort of partnership we can get from the Americans? This group of shady characters working for a close ally of Trump?” says Novikov, the former aide to Ukraine’s president. “It felt like the worst America had to offer.”
Another piece of this story that should not be missed: the two Ukrainians who Prince chose to work with, are both Russian assets: Andriy Artemenko and Andriy Derkach.

And both are under criminal investigation for their role in the 2020 election.
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7 Jul
Sounds like there are two new opaque “nonprofit” groups that need to be tracked.

America First Policy Institute, and Constitutional Litigation Partnership.
The legal dream team that Trump has assembled here makes it pretty clear this whole effort is just a charade.

There is no real effort to win any cases against “big tech.” It’s just a grift for taking money, and another way to generate propaganda. Abusing the courts.

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7 Jul
This is what happened to a huge part of our pork processing industry in the US.

Smithfield is owned by a company that is controlled by the Chinese government.

China and Russia use unethical proceeds to opaquely buy out chunks of our industries. And our real estate, etc.
Watch the video in this PBS article to see how it went down (the whole thread is worth reading).

“Who’s behind the Chinese takeover of the world’s biggest pork producer?”

PBS Newshour
You will also see parallels with the way Kushner brokered the sale of our only nuclear reactor manufacturer, Westinghouse.

It wasn’t until after the fact that people were able to dig into the labyrinthine corporate structures involved, and realize who was behind the purchase.
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5 Jul
“Barry County [MI] Sheriff Dar Leaf last year tried to enlist fellow “constitutional sheriffs” to seize Dominion voting machines”

And he “provided updates on the effort to Trump allies including attorney Sidney Powell and a contact for … Michael Flynn.”…
“Carson Tucker [the Ann Arbor attorney who represented Leaf & included him on emails] asked Trump allies for information that might justify voting machine seizures by his client and other sheriffs “expressing an interest” in St. Joseph, Shiawassee, Lake and Jackson counties.”
On Dec. 15, Tucker emailed Carissa Keshel at the Fight Back Foundation, a nonprofit chaired by pro-Trump attorney L. Lin Wood, and asked for information about "counties that have been potentially compromised" in the Nov. 3 election.
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4 Jul
Since the day of the Kaseya attack, I have been warning that this looked like another supply chain attack, similar to SolarWinds.

This is why it is ballooning, from 40 customers to over 1000, and it may still grow further, as it targets service providers.…
It was wise for Kaseya to shut down its cloud services, and to tell customers to shut down their VSA servers.

This likely reduced infections significantly, but when some of your customers host customers of their own, this has a ripple effect.
I started this thread as soon as we learned about the attack. It includes links to other threads that have more information.

Independent investigators have attributed the attack to the Russian REvil hacking group.
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3 Jul
The 'Ndrangheta is among the richest and most powerful organized crime groups at a global level. It has a dominant position on the European cocaine market [and] reproduces abroad perfect copies of its operational structures.…
January, more than 300 people arrested in ‘Ndrangheta sweep in Italy.
In 2019, Italian authorities found weapons and propaganda when they raided suspects who wanted to create an ‘openly pro-Nazi’ party.

Investigators say one of the trainers in the group was a former senior member of … Ndrangheta… Image
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2 Jul
🚨 Ransomware incident in progress.

If you run a Kaseya VSA server, Kaseya is recommending that you shut it down right now, because the first thing that the attack does is take away your admin access.

h/t @TeresaCCarter2…
Kaseya VSA is a remote monitoring and management product.

The details aren’t clear yet, but this could potentially be another supply chain attack, similar to (but not nearly as large/impactful as) the SolarWinds hack.
Here is a running thread with updates - follow this:

h/t @wackygiraffe91
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2 Jul
This insurrectionist, Aguero, is a close friend of Marjorie Taylor Greene, and has worked with her on projects for years.

Also, Buckley Carlson, the RSC spokesman quoted in this thread claiming that Aguero’s presence was “incidental,” is Tucker Carlson’s brother.
Aguero and MTG about each other: “amazing,” “one of my closest friends.”
Aguero helped MTG make this video.
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2 Jul
The father of Rudy’s friend Derkach (Ukraine’s Putin) was recorded discussing this journalist before he was kidnapped, killed and decapitated.

Ukraine's Supreme Court Rejects Appeal Of Ex-Cop Convicted In Murder Of Journalist Gongadze

h/t @TeresaCCarter2…
Rudy & the GOP worked with Andriy Derkach to smear the Biden family.

His father, Leonid Derkach, was the head of Ukraine’s security services.

Leonid promised to “crush” and “take care of” the journalist, who was kidnapped and beheaded three months later.… ImageImage
This recording of Biden discussing Shokin that Giuliani, Parscale and others used in attempts to smear Biden with misleading stories, came from Andriy Derkach.

The same Derkach whose father planned the beheading of a journalist who ‘mouthed off.’…
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2 Jul
Trump’s new app received its initial seed funding from Guo Wengui’s family foundation.

A host on Guo’s GNews site said Gettr was “the concentration of Miles’s whole life work.” The host added that Guo had come up with the idea for Gettr’s logo, a torch.…
Two weeks ago, a bizarre ad for Gettr was posted on GTV’s video channel.

The ad promises that Gettr will be “gossipy” and feature “virus truth,” [referencing] Guo’s claims that the Chinese government was behind the coronavirus pandemic. Videos of Guo appear prominently
Some accounts on the platform already have hundreds of thousands of followers - a far higher count than the number of people who have actually downloaded the app.

This is likely due to its connection with Guo’s GNews network - not to imports from Twitter or other platforms.
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29 Jun
How many corruption investigations are active/ongoing across the country right now?

Here are three GOP lawmakers in Tennessee who had their homes raided in January, two days after the insurrection.
And then there is the Joel Greenberg/Matt Gaetz/(Pirozzolo?) investigation which, in addition to sex trafficking, sounds like it may be diving into broader corruption in FL politics, and corruption in the cannabis/marijuana market.
There is an investigation into the massive, multimillion dollar bribery scheme around HB-6 in OH, which even involves a suspicious death by a former partner in FL (and I believe also has a connection to a GOP fundraiser in Kentucky).
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27 Jun
Tomorrow (Jun 28), a new 3-part series about Ghislaine Maxwell begins airing on Sky in the UK: ‘Ghislaine Maxwell: Epstein’s Shadow.’

3 days prior, ABC aired their own special, which contained no new research/info, but gave Maxwell’s family and her lawyer a lot of free air time.
From the new UK series:

Ghislaine Maxwell began to share ‘little black book’ with Epstein as early as the 1980s

“New documentary reveals sex offender used socialite for access to her famous and rich friends years from the 1980s onwards”
The ABC special left viewers with the impression that Ghislaine listlessly hung about New York after her father’s death until she was introduced to Epstein, & projected her paternal relationship on him.

That story appears to be at odds with the evidence.…
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25 Jun
Since Jan 6, Koch Industries has been the top corporate PAC donor to the ‘Sedition Caucus.’

Despite a book and a WSJ interview in which Charles Koch claimed to “regret” partisanship, KochPAC has also donated $105,000 to the NRSC since Jan 6.…
KochPAC was also the largest corporate PAC donor in the 2020 election cycle, to the representatives and senators & their affiliated leadership PACs, who would go on to vote against certifying Biden’s victory.…
Charles Koch’s political groups and family members donated more than $15 million to the 13 Senators who publicly stated that they would object to the certification of the 2020 election results.
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