1.) When I was in DC, doing deep research on the issues around spygate and trying to understand the depth of corruption within the legislative and judicial branches, I ran into a guy...
2.) DC was locked down at the time (May/June 2020), so there were very few people around. However, this guy's credentials within the DC system were impeccable.

I checked him out afterward & was stunned at how he spent his entire career in/around the IC and related apparatus
3.) After a lengthy and casual introduction and discussion, I was genuinely shocked at the severity of his warnings about the FBI, DOJ and various other agencies.

However, in hindsight, after checking him out, I realized he was certainly a person to understand.
4.) His warning was direct, devoid of emotion, very deliberate and very cold. But behind his eyes and words was a guy telling the truth; the quiet part that no-one inside the bubble says openly.
5.) What he said was that not a single person of honor or integrity can survive inside the DC institutions we were discussing. The system itself is designed to remove them... All of them... every-single-one.
6.) He laughed at the term "honorable" rank and file. But it wasn't a snarky laugh; it was almost like a resignation laugh... a genuine look toward the sky and compassion for a view I held that his honesty would destroy.
7.) He wasn't bitter, angry or jaded; and I would not call him cynical. He was very genuine, very wise, held decades of knowledge.... and was a "just the facts" kinda Joe Friday guy.
8.) I found out a few days later his job within the system was sending him overseas again. Perhaps that's why he apparently wanted to tell the genuine side of his story and experience. Dunno, but I will never forget it.
9.) I still held the belief there were three branches of government.... and there were "checks and balances"... and there had to be some way for a good person to expose corruption.

He quickly dispatched those beliefs (with examples).
10.) He explained the "checks and balances" I spoke of did exist at a time when there were three branches of government. However, that time has long passed.

There is only one overarching DC eco-system now. The three branch concept is gone. Doesn't exist.
11.) As he explained, the levers of power are all controlled by the same system, and behind that system are positions - not people. "Positions"
12.) People are evaluated based on their ability to support and protect the system. Their skill level is what moves them into position.

Position. Evaluation. Next Position. Evaluation. Etc.
13.) The system more like an institution. Within the institution there are divisions. The divisions are what we used to call "branches".

The divisions (branches) are not independent from the institution of DC. The divisions are operated by people in power who hold positions.
14.) He identified the timeline of this institutional creation as a slow build (over decades), but most visibly increasing in publicity after 9/11/01 and the patriot act.
15.) Once the patriot act made the government responsible for total safety; the previously embedded bad actors took full control. One office of particular note was the creation of the ODNI.

As he noted the amassing of surveillance power.
16.) once that Rubicon was crossed, everything after was downstream and unstoppable. The institution of the total intelligence apparatus now had full control.... over every branch (which again, he said is more like 'divisions').
17.) When he explained about the Inspector General part, I understood why the IG's offices (all of them) are compromised.... and why there can never be a whistleblower against the system.

Remember the "positions" part. Yeah, the IG's are key on that aspect.
18.) When he explained the legislative committee heads, he also explained how 'advise and consent' is used to keep the (executive) positions staffed only with particular people who have passed the institutional evaluation.
19.) He would know... his experience was deep in the part of the system that does the evaluation.

Think about what is needed to move into a position. A background check right? A clearance right?

Control of the people in the system, is done from the place where checks are done
20.) This is the place where people of honor and integrity are weeded out. They are a threat; or really not so much a threat, but just the "wrong type" of people. Said with a very matter-of-fact acceptance.
21.) One of the key institutions who do the background checks is The FBI.

That is why the FBI had to be compromised first in the structure of the new (post 9/11) system.

Visual Aid Below: Image
22.) Once you realize there is only one party, the UniParty, the next step is to recognize there are no longer three branches within government.

Then everything that has previously created frustration starts to make sense.
23) The discussion about there no longer being three branches of government was an eye-opening part of the talk... But if you think about it, it makes sense.

The executive, the legislative and the judicial branches all defer to the Intelligence Community. Image
24) Here's the exercise he sent me away with. If you doubt this thread, apply the scientific method to the hypothesis.

Show me a single example where they don't.
/END Image

• • •

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