I'm not particularly gung-ho about new nuclear plants, but celebrating the closure of existing sources of low-carbon electricity when they'll almost certainly be replaced by gas plants in the short term seems monumentally misguided at best.
There's a strong NIMBY-liberal streak through legacy environmentalism that is extremely bad and counterproductive.
Anyway, when folks talk about environmental justice, and then push solutions that reinforce the grid's reliance on the shit that murders working-class communities with particulate-matter pollution, it pisses me off.
Also, I really haven't seen these groups out front of fighting NIMBYs and their resistance to wind and solar installation, which is going to become a major barrier to deploying renewables if we aren't careful.
(Fun fact: Essentially all air pollution regulations pencil out under cost-benefit analysis, no matter how costly they are, because air pollution is just that bad for human health.) vox.com/energy-and-env…

• • •

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More from @rev_avocado

2 May
Man, I have some bad news about literally every other discourse known to man.
"Respect the rights of workers!" I scream while arguing that police officers should get a punch card redeemable for a doubled pension for every tenth teenager they shoot.
"This is the people's state, and resistance to the will of the people is simply bourgeois fascism," I say, driving a T-34 over industrial workers peacefully protesting intensive new production quotas without increased wages.
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1 May
The Intellectual Dark Web position is "at-will employment except if you're a bigot, in which case your bigotry and only your bigotry gets elaborate due process protections."
Personally I favor essentially the precise inverse of this.
I think a generalized just-cause employment scheme would be great. If you're a retail worker and you're a shithead off the clock, it's honestly not really anyone's business, but a lot of these people are semi-public figures and would quite reasonably get fired for cause.
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29 Apr
Elevator pitch: the problem with paying service workers to do services is that they're underpaid and maltreated, rather than it being bourgeois decadence to pay someone to do grocery shopping for you or help you put up shelves.
There is nothing shameful about paying someone to clean your house or cook your food--I've yet to hear anyone argue that restaurants are bad--and there's nothing shameful about doing those jobs! The shameful part is poor wages and abusive workplaces.
Trying to make it about "urban liberals" who don't want to go grocery shopping is absurd. I like it, a lot of people don't. Don't use Instacart if you can because they treat their workers like shit, not because the existence of that job is morally wrong.
Read 4 tweets
28 Apr
To break into a broader conversation, the fact that a lot of men are ill-equipped and/or refuse to learn to do traditionally male-coded care work is a big problem, insofar as employment has shifted pretty strongly towards that kind of work.
It brings this article to mind. Women going to work in the care economy, and men just...not seeming to work. nytimes.com/2019/09/14/us/…
And there's obvious structural barriers to men shifting into these jobs as well--for instance, I'd be really interested to see employment discrimination research on men trying to get into these fields--but it really seems like a policy problem worth taking seriously.
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28 Apr
The thing that really annoys me about this kind of shit is that New York has a reputation for dirty politics when they are comparatively clean.
Like, look at Ohio. Like half of Cincinnati's city council is going to prison all at the same time. In the past six years, two separate Ohio state house speakers have been forced to resign under FBI investigation. They've had two $100m+ scandals in that time.
The Wisconsin governor plowed billions of public dollars into a self-evidently vaporware industrial deal.
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28 Apr
Anyway, vote Reynoso instead of these overbearing NIMBY fuckgoblins.
Speaking of, for Brooklyn folks: I'm ranking Reynoso first, but the rest of the BP ballot seems *bleak*. Any thoughts on who I should pick?
Read 4 tweets

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