I had a discussion with my Christian friend ( CF )
CF : In one of your tweets you had mentioned about " Karma " , in Christianity we dont have that concept , what do you mean by that
Me : you see we are not this body but Spirit soul , we call it atma
We were there before, we are there now and we will be after, as we change our dress after taking bath, our soul takes another body at death
CF : interesting, We dont beleive in this , just judgement day based on if you believe Jesus or not you will be destined to heaven or hell
Me : you might believe the Sun to be a moon , but the fact is fact, your belief doesn't alter the fact
CF : I don't believe in Karma
Me : Do you accept God
CF : Yes and he is Jesus
Me : What do you think of God , is he Kind or Cruel
CF : How can God be cruel, He is so kind
Me : If God is so kind why are some persons born blind , why are some persons Physically challenged ( by no way iam demeaning them ) , is God cruel to them , why is a person born in a poverty stricken family in Africa and another born in a rich family in US
CF : 🤔 i dont know
Me : as per your definition God is cruel to those born in a poverty stricken family in Africa, He is cruel to person born without vision
CF :I have never thought on these lines
Me : whatever we do in a lifetime, the fruits of your actions are carried forward and we call it Karma
CF : you mean carried forward to next life
Me : Yes. Its like a bank balance , if you keep doing good deeds it gets deposited in your account for next life, if you do bad deeds , its also carried forward to next life
CF ; Its so logical , now i begin to understand , its simple
Me : Yes Sanatan Dharma is the king of knowledge
CF : Do you mean to say other Religions are bogus
Me: No , God sends His messangers according to Time Place and Circumstances. Jesus was sent to elevate the Bedouins , nomads who were barbarians to the next level
Where as Srimad Bhagawatam was spoken to self realised souls. Its like a teacher teaching to nursery kids and another teacher guiding Phd scholars . Both teach but level is different.
CF : interesting , like to learn more about Sanatan Dharma
Me: Welcome my friend 🙏🙏

• • •

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Contact for medical gases, at home

Adhiyaman Gases ( Babu ) - 9443232741 - Krishnagiri

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Let me give an example as to how the hospitals and insurance companies cheat patient's
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Rs 1000 X 100 patients =Rs 1 lakh
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Similar racket for nursing charges

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