i find the "dog parent" thing interesting because while i obviously love my dog to the maximum extent, i dont naturally think of our relationship as parent child. when pressed to qualify it, its like shes a much much younger sister or tertiary relative ive been tasked to care for
gotten some pushback on this, like sometimes people will say stuff to her (jokingly) like "oh your dad does XYZ" (referring to me). if i even casually say "ha yeah its interesting, i dont really think of our relationship as parent child" or something, they have a weird reaction.
i wonder how much of it is intuitive and how much of it is the meme contextualizing the relationship in peoples minds. i accept that it may be a natural framing for women, maybe. im not sure. to me its more of a lateral relationship, although obviously im "in charge", the steward
ive thought about it a lot, the closest i could get to pinning it down was framing it as its like shes a much much younger sister and our parent is absent so im taking care of her. not sure why i landed on that metaphor as ive never experienced that but, thats the closest framing
never thought about it but i suppose this fits with nature not actually being in a parent child relationship to us (classic misnomer of "mother nature") but in a more lateral sibling type relationship with us as we actually share the same parent
i think like many things, conceptualizing the animal person bond in terms of parent child is not [inherently] pathological but can be a way to vent a pathology. ive seen some women just use the terms naturally who are totally normal and have kids etc.

• • •

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2 May
the birds outside my window have started singing way before sunrise. its dark, i awaken to their chirping, i spring out of bed, only to find it is still the middle of the night. something unwholesome about this. yet, to whom can i complain. no one. the tyranny of natural anarchy
i am going to file a complaint, with the head bird, about the behavior of his subordinates. who is this. to what class does he belong, the chief of birds. is he of the superior bird subspecies, whatever that is, or does he possess no subspecies, being just “a bird”. it is unclear
i suppose that to know this i would have to know if the birds, as a group, subscribe to a more eastern or modern new age / scientific model wherein personal refinement and advancement is associated with decoupling from qualities that distinguish one as individual. seems unlikely.
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1 May
its not online yet but i just got interviewed to be on the radio and its apparently going to be on in over 100 cities over the next week so if u hear someone trying to pack an explanation of how paranormal stuff in general is evidence of spiritual warfare into 45 minutes thats me
"so what do you do"

its a show some of you guys are probably familiar with called the opperman report. cool guy. looks like its definitely these stations and a bunch in florida:

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30 Apr
doing some research on fractals for a math guy so might post any interesting visuals i come across in this thread
can we get a recursive apollonian gasket

mom: we have recursive apollonian gasket at home

recursive apollonian gasket at home: Image
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28 Apr
over the last month a paranormal situation has unfolded directly outside my home. in the morning the garbage truck comes. but then, in the afternoon, now, a second garbage truck comes. fae? an apparition? a warp in time? why. to vex me, to obtain my discarded items? it is unclear
i briefly entertained the possibility of some kind of morphonic resonance. perhaps the second truck is some physical shadow or echo of the first truck. yet the individuals piloting them are not the same. oddly, the men on the first truck seem displeased with me (another mystery).
i have occasionally forgotten to take my garbage out. perhaps it has offended these garbage stewards and they took it as disrespectful. on this note i have briefly considered “feeding” the second truck instead of the first, though i am worried about the potential ramifications.
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27 Apr
hard to imagine cultural artifact ive come across when looking at some 1990s, maybe even early 2000s stuff, is that it used to be considered rude to make non-hyper casual calls on ur cellphone, because it implied a flippant casual attitude, as opposed to calling from a home phone
apparently when phones themselves first became popularized it was considered rude to even invite someone to an event over the phone. was also considered rude to ask "who is this" when someone calls. was going to say thats strange but, oddly, that is kind of still the case.
its interesting to think about how this shifting and amorphous catalog of etiquette and social standards has developed with the internet. personally i think many relationships have been damaged simply by differing standards of "rules of engagement" for sociality plus internet.
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26 Apr
yo, gotta try + pool a little insight from TLM crew. explanation (will not fit in one tweet): been working on a project for a while someone asked me to do of a wheel calendar that is a traditional catholic calendar with all the holidays, feast days, etc, its pretty epic ngl [...]
we just (last week) got to the point where i basically laid it all out and have the mock up pretty cemented. took me a while to pool all the info and figure out how to visually integrate / arrange it into a set of images all together. [...]
so, now what i need is to show it to a few people who really know about this stuff that can tell me if theres any obvious or subtle mistakes. i suppose preferably that would be a priest or someone with some book learnin but im open to whatever. [...]
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