🪄🫖 Scorpio, Cancer, Sagittarius, Aquarius, & Capricorn placements

💌 you & the person on your mind

🌬 you’re waiting on someone who seems to be very slow. Due to the intensity of this connection and the strong pull you have towards them you have not given up. At this point
you may have accepted things for how they are but your heart still hopes for a happy ending with them. You go through cycles of checking up on them, to waiting on them, to trying to break this cycle, only to find yourself trying to manifest them once again.
This cycle has been going on for a long time for many of you and it’s leaving you feeling isolated and betrayed by this person. You can almost feel that they feel the same way about you so you’re not sure why they haven’t been by your side.
Looking into this other persons energy, they are someone who refuses to crack on the outside but below the surface they’re hurt, feel vulnerable, are fragile and afraid. They’ve been trying to navigate through a rather dark time in their life and there are also outside influences
That put a lot of stress on them, this could have to do with their work or home life. This definitely has had an impact on how the relationship has grown even tho it’s not directly connected. This person has been working on putting their darker days behind them so they can find
happiness in their life again. Opening up is one of the major blocks here. They tend to run away from a lot of things and stay closed off from the world.

In your mutual energy, I see some long awaited manifestation starting to come into fruition. You two definitely will be
interacting in the future more, this is not the end of this connection. During the end of this reading for the mutual energy the both of you got the blossom card, this connection has a lot of potential to start growing soon.
🫖 it’s also pretty interesting because in your part of the reading you received the isolation oracle card which is #3, and they got the open up oracle card which is #4. Since you’ve been in isolation for awhile now, naturally the next step will be for them to open up.
this connection isn’t really that far off from seeing some forwards movement.

💌 in the mean time really just focus on your stuff, they’re planning to come around when they feel ok and comfortable. Send them positive energy to help them heal and open up to you.
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🌬🔮 March 2021 forecast

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You need to start by staying true to yourself and not hold back your true colors. Many of the goals you have will be prospering beautifully this month. A lot of money and abundance is headed your way. This month will be all about breaking out of your shell and your comfort zone
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🌬🔮 March 2021 forecast

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You’re definitely headed in the right direction. Along with love, your emotions and emotional security will be very relevant this month. You’re going to be more mindful about what you put your energy towards. You won’t be feeding useless connections anymore and you will be
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27 Feb
💧 Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

🌬💌 love message

“You’re not from this planet”
The way you carry yourself and the way that you love is seen as really magical by someone. You’re so put together and well off on your own that they’re not sure if you would benefit from having them
in your life. This person watches you from afar, most of the time in amazement. You are ethereal to them. They were confident before, and maybe a little cocky before they met you. Now they see you as the bigger person and so calm and put together, even if you are younger than
them. You make them nervous. This person hangs out on the sidelines, they’re wanting to move in towards you but they don’t see their little cup of love as anything you would want or be interested in. Your independence, beauty, and the way you carry yourself is so impactful that
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⚡️Capricorn, Aries, Cancer, Libra⚡️

You’re in the process of shedding your past, during this time it’s normal to pull away from the outside world and stay in your own bubble. This hibernation is doing good things for your soul, the main focus right now is you and your personal &
spiritual growth. Know that it’s perfectly ok to put your outside life on hold and on mute, there’s nothing more important than tending to yourself right now. Use this hibernation time to really shed anything that doesn’t vibe with you anymore. Your soul is preparing for a new
journey. New ideas, new project plans, new work, and new proposals are going to be flooding you this March. You’re subconsciously preparing to go after your dreams. Your stability is going to be through the roof once this new venture begins for you.
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