I have found myself *not* being argumentative on the internet at an incredibly increased rate since I turned 30. I doubt it has anything to do with the specific milestone of my 30th birthday, but regardless I am grateful.
Like did you know instead of even writing a thoughtful, considered rebuttal to something, even from someone you like and can have productive conversations with, you could just... not? You can just disagree in silence? Magnificent.
Much less writing a Big Mad response to the latest nonsense from [insert professional internet nonsenser here].
But maybe this is just the walls of my worldview hardening. I’m less sensitive to challenges, but less flexible to change.

• • •

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3 May
So like Terra Ignota we almost never get any references to US cities and we know the US was basically the aggressor/bad guy in the church wars but like damn did all the US cities get nuked? Is it mostly reservations? What’s up?
Also... I have an attitude about this “Great African Reservation” and the way in which Black characters are deployed in this story but.
I did enjoy TLTL quite a lot, gonna take a break and then get into Seven Surrenders. In the meanwhile, any other speculative fiction recs?
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2 May
I am living for Terra Ignota but the sex stuff is weird and kinda bad, for me.
Also I really do not know how I feel about this Dominic Seneschal character who feels like he wants to be some grand melodramatic Dostoevsky-Balzac creation but so far reminds me of nothing so much as Rattigan from The Great Mouse Detective.
These Homeric similes are... a lot.
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1 May
My beef with the white Latinos discourse is it pretends to complicate race but actually relies on the idea that someone who can function as white in one context (say, Puerto Rico), can function as racialized in another context (say, NYC).
This is not to say that there are a) no Latinos in America who function as white (Charlie Sheen lmao) nor b) no racial privilege attendant on white Latinos (Latinos who would function as white in their places of ancestry lol) greater than that enjoyed by darker skinned ppl.
But my point is that we pretend to complicate race by bringing it down to a Black/White binary and that... does the opposite? I think to be Latino in America has to mean either being presently racialized or descended from someone who was (or would be in America) racialized.
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1 May
I think two trillion over ten years is a reasonable figure for reparations. About what we spent on the last COVID relief bill. I wonder what we could do with that. You could give every Black person a one-time transfer of ~24k, but I doubt that would do much.
My soft reparations plan was always to divide all of Black America into districts, probably by geography but maybe not, have each district elect a board of ~7 and give the money to all these district reparations boards according to their % of population.
And then let people just propose projects to the boards and let them establish their own procedures on how to agree to requests, partner with other boards for more regional or national efforts, etc.
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1 May
If the government ponied up 1T over ten years for reparations, could we erase the Black wealth and income gaps by the end of that 10 years?
Follow up: assuming this 1T wealth transfer happened and no other changes, positive or negative, to our current political economy wrt race, would the income and wealth gaps still be minor 50 years later?
If I upped the number to 2T (~10% of GDP for a year, so ~1% of GDP over ten years), does that change your calculus?
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1 May
Enough to buy a house in the Journal Square area so ~600k or so?
Maybe I am a bad person but I have very little problem lying on camera for a check, especially if it’s Kamala style ummm reframing. If I can say “America is not a fundamentally racist country, but we do have a history and a present of racist violence we must address” cool.
Now if I had to go full Coon and actually say America isn’t racist and racism is done and we’re all good... the price would go way up. Like “enough to do a foundation to give back to my people for lying” type price.
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