say, this reminds me of the time you promoted James Lindsay as a serious thinker while publishing an exposé of made-up DSA chapters by Archie Carter
or the time(s) you let your staff craniologist publish on how 18th-century race science is something we should be getting back to
or the time you published the scholarly insights of a completely made-up psychology professor
or the time you tried to publish an article describing the Vendée... as a scoop
I mean look, I agree that a reality-curious conservatism is something to encourage. But hyping wild crap is quite literally your day job
hell, maybe ask yourself why you even HAVE a staff craniologist!
(most normal blogs don't)

• • •

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1 May
This is very true, but I’d add from experience that paring meetings down to the bare minimum pares down collective decision-making to (and sometimes below) the bare minimum. It fosters a sense that a few people can run things as long as an email follows. That’s a very mixed bag.
COVID exacerbates this; outside meetings I have none of the contact with people in the university that I normally would. But meanwhile all the same administrative agendas and questions about resources and workload are getting hashed out and signed off on, with less consultation.
This is more speculative, but I also think that just as the Zoom format makes some aspects of interaction easier, it also makes a certain disregard of surroundings (audience, mood, gesture) easier than it is when those surroundings are present rather than virtual or out of frame.
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16 Apr
all stories are made up, but this story is *more* made up
as a prominent professor at an elite university, I have access to all the most reliable YouTube comments
plot twist: it was a swimming class
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16 Apr
"Est. 2021". This logo makes me think: tradition, continuity, free checking
"ideological flexibility" = mixing metaphors for the good of the nation

can't make an omelette without sacrificing some toes
Read 17 tweets
14 Apr
actually lots of things happen organically Image
just saying. Like think about eggs, for instance Image
I don't mean to set anyone's paper tigers aflame but I'm starting to think this guy's narratives are fallacious Image
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7 Apr
If you spend decades demonizing universities, dismissing academic research, and attacking professors as threats to their country and/or civilization, you should expect to find that your views are not well represented in academia.

Their absence there is a mark of your success.
If you tell your fans and followers that academic work is worthless or harmful, they will not pursue it. If you make disdain for academics a core part of your message, people who believe your message will share that disdain. This should surprise nobody.
There's been no actual campaign to rid academia of "conservatives" -- unlike the very real and quite explicit campaigns to get rid of various putatively leftist academics (see Turning Point, for instance).

There has been a "conservative" campaign to devalue academia. It worked.
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26 Mar
Setting the content aside, the position that "most people know more about X by simple observation/common sense" than people who study X in depth is a core commitment of the IDW.

It is, by definition, anti-intellectual, and it lends itself to fascistic censorship of universities.
Which is why it was utterly predictable that the IDW would in fact support fascistic censorship of universities -- whether it be Peterson's praise for Orban, the entire Turning Point phenomenon, or Lindsay et al's campaign to get "woke" academic work banned by law in the US.
Actual "liberals" who gave this the time of day have begun to back away, but not so honestly as to own their role in promoting it.

Meanwhile, more of the fanbase -- and more and more conservative politicians -- are comfortable talking about academics in openly fascist terms.
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