Re the @MightyApp streaming browser approach being touted as the future of computing, I will stick my neck out against some of the most respected names openly backing this and calling it the future of tech.

This is a dangerous technical approach.
Network/edge computers have been a tempting and promising technology for 25 years, but are flawed IMHO for *wide use* for deep, fundamental reasons:
In general, there are use cases for which cloud is much better than doing it on one’s computer. Eg google docs, figma and other cloud webapps have drastically improved our user experience and reduced setup and management headaches.
But these purposes are niche and do not generalize to everything - e.g., common use cases like watching on YouTube or Netflix, reading nytimes, logging into my bank etc. - there is no need for another intermediary in the middle
Browser is the personal gateway to the world of the Internet. It has too much data about me and overall just too personal to be outsourced to a “trusted server”... (would you outsource changing your own clothes every morning and evening to someone else?)
There is nothing to be done about this privacy hole. VPN or encryption is irrelevant. Mighty will always have the full log of everything I do on the web, my cookies, logins, passwords, everything. That is scary control to give to anyone, much less a startup.
They will say and I am sure they will try their best to follow the best security practices. But breaches and calls for censorship happen to the best. Centralization and delegation of one's personal data in-full is fundamentally flawed.
And for what? It’s the latency not throughout which is an issue with browsing websites. Latency: you type a URL and wait for the page to render.

Latency of most websites and actions will be _worsened_ by adding another hop (Mighty) in the middle.
Because of this, Mighty will at some point have to stop being a purist streaming only platform and introduce some local computation in their thin client.

It’s a slippery slope and they will end up reinventing the current roadmap of hybrid client-server computing technologies.
Yes memory usage should be improved by streaming esp. with some heavy web-apps, but we should expect those apps themselves plus the browser to get faster and resource efficient over time. eg, Brave, Chrome, Safari are not sitting idle
The economics also fundamentally don’t make sense. In order to deliver a good experience, Mighty will need to over-provision powerful computers in their cloud. Users will need to pay hefty subscription for them to make it economically viable. But...
...much better and much cheaper would have been for the user to pay for a faster computer and internet in the first place! At least they own the computer then rather than leasing it from someone.
I will continue to outsource some of my software needs to the cloud but the whole personal gateway? No thank you, not even for free.

Yes I am trusting Apple and Google today by using their OS and browser but I would rather trust them and their engineers than another startup's
Again there might be niche use cases like constrained devices, collaborative browsing or when there’s a need for centralized controls and management of browsers in enterprise setups, but as a generic consumer technology, it seems to be the wrong idea to me.

This was going to be my tweet in reply to what looks like has been deleted now.

“Might have been more productive if you read the thread and responded to the concerns than being holier-than-thou.”

• • •

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