There have been many people pointing out that the proliferation of dancing nurses and doctor videos since the onset of global COVID19 policy has been...well...tacky. I agree, but also think there may be more going on.
Several months ago, while still a Twitter newbie, I wrote a thread about an artist named Meyerhold. (Here it is:)
He was a large influence on the performance art piece I created as well. The way movement impacts and inspires people beyond just the emotional impact to the viewer isnt something that is discussed often, however we can see it throughout history.
While watching the seemingly endless dancing nurses videos, I was suddenly struck a few weeks ago by a memory; I’d seen this before...many times.
My mother is both a victim and survivor of communism. She was a performer and an actress. I have a degree in the theater arts. I have, over the years noted the ways that the performing arts are both influenced by and influence authoritarian regimes.
Performance is at its most simplified a form of story telling; even when the performance may appear to simply be something else.
It’s been over 14 months since those videos of dancing as part of the COVID19 crises began. So what story are we being told and telling? This is the question I keep asking myself. This thread is a study of that.
While patients are seen in the videos out of Wuhan, note that they are absent in the videos streaming into our homes in the west. D
There is a disconnection between the “essential workers” and everyone else.
Only a select few are encouraged and able to join each other and through music, movement and even humor find comfort in a sense of unity.
Only a select few may joyfully gather.
It’s difficult for those deemed “inessential” to understand how a crises allows the time for large choreographed and filmed dance routines.
Or why only some people are allowed to create for themselves and each other a ritualized time, space and actions.
Why only some are celebrated for celebrating.
Remember. These are “patients.”
They are not well enough to care for themselves. They are not responsible enough to care for each other without strict rules of confinement.
I’ll leave you with one more thought. It’s our time to dance.
@Studio28nyc you’ll appreciate this. Btw…great handle. Nostalgia abounds.

• • •

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Jul 17
🧵I think there are insights into our current situation which can be very useful from
this particular essay titled Power of the Powerless.

I’ve quoted later parts of it often, but now I want to focus on the earlier sections where he explains why what they experienced and what I believe we are also, isn’t a dictatorship or even really communism or fascism, but rather something else. Something unique to modernity but also requiring a very different tactic to defeat…
Here is a link to the essay. I’ll be quoting from it and also trying to, later in this thread, summarize its nature. In order to defeat an enemy we must first be able to understand what it actually is.…
Angelo Codevilla before he died a few years ago also wrote an essay which I’m
reminded of whenever I read this piece. The key to understanding what we face I believe is understanding the nature of ideology and the way it actually, unique to the circumstance described by Havel but also warned by Havel, relates to power in what he called a “post totalitarian system.” He did not mean after a totalitarian period. I’ll be sharing the Codevilla Essay as well titled “Revolution 2020.”
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Jan 19
Hate is an emotion.

No laws should ever dictate emotion. Learning how to regulate one’s emotional outbursts is not the same thing as attempting to regulate another being’s emotions.

We are not livestock.

SEL is a form of socialist realism, a philosophy which views
the mere idea of individualism as “zoological.”

It is NOT merely an artistic aesthetic or style of literature. It is a philosophy and cornerstone of Stalinist and Maoist theology.
It’s premise is that morality is determined not from within but from the outside and not by wisdom but by the state - specifically by the Party.
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Oct 13, 2023

It is said, by many, that in part the justification for Jew hate can be found in the writings and brilliance of people like Nietzsche. However this, just like every justification by intellectuals to pseudo intellectuals and their pawns is not only shallow, but false
What I find remarkable as of late is how many justifications often cite, adopt, even claim ideas and language and declarations that are uniquely part of jewish wisdom and spirit, preserved by my people for millennia or - bastardizations of non Jewish but thoughtful, wise, brilliant
and complex but without any hatred or even, what is worse than hate, contempt for my people (and therefore, since I am inseparably Jewish both in truth and according to those whose passion for my people likes only in my death or annihilation- I don’t only mean Hamas here) is also treated with
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Oct 7, 2023
Ritual power is transformative. We tend to apply a positive to the word transformative…

Masking changes someone. The extent to which, if we keep attempting to understand purely rationally, is like trying to understand why touch, music, prayer, hearing laughter and so on can stir the human spirit.

The literalists may literally kill us all.

That’s fundamentally what my piece was about. Never flat out stated this before. It’s kinda a rule one shouldn’t. Right now - it’s a rule I think I had to break.

Masking changes human beings. Full stop. The why doesn’t exist anymore. The days never did matter. It’s truly heartbreaking.

See Merloo, Rape of the Mind.
@jeffreyatucker In other words - masking destroys and diminishes the human capacity for something you can never describe or prove with peer review or even the scientific method:

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Jun 13, 2023
🧵The rebirth of SocRealism and the fall of the hope of Tamizdat.

I am beginning to keenly realize that this slow poisoning of the very things that ended the tyranny of the Soviet Union and it’s mission men and women around the world, began three quarters of a century ago and…… Image
This is not the only happy turn of phrase by Stalin which the author of the Bible might envy. The specific teleology of Marxist thought consists in leading all concepts and objects to the Purpose, referring them all to the Purpose and defining them all……
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Jun 13, 2023
I just remembered how Russian artists couldn’t play music in NYC, and how the Russian Tea Room was boycotted, hell people lamented the name “st. Petersburg” in the state I’m in now….

People encouraged the bigotry of Russians in NYC as easily and with as much smug dedication
as they did the term “anti-vax.”

We keep having our president and nearly ever legacy media and new media say the danger is on the right or white supremacy or transphobia or or or…no.

The problem is how young people are encouraged to become bigot, racists, hell - they were……
laugh at the thought of the unvaccinated dying.

What the fuck did they think would happen?

They knew.

It’s enough to make me think they don’t just want us to be killed, they want us killing each other.

Listen to Biden’s rhetoric and the rhetoric on MSNBC, FOX - the way……
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