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2 May, 40 tweets, 10 min read
There have been many people pointing out that the proliferation of dancing nurses and doctor videos since the onset of global COVID19 policy has been...well...tacky. I agree, but also think there may be more going on.
Several months ago, while still a Twitter newbie, I wrote a thread about an artist named Meyerhold. (Here it is:)
He was a large influence on the performance art piece I created as well. The way movement impacts and inspires people beyond just the emotional impact to the viewer isnt something that is discussed often, however we can see it throughout history.
While watching the seemingly endless dancing nurses videos, I was suddenly struck a few weeks ago by a memory; I’d seen this before...many times.
My mother is both a victim and survivor of communism. She was a performer and an actress. I have a degree in the theater arts. I have, over the years noted the ways that the performing arts are both influenced by and influence authoritarian regimes.
Performance is at its most simplified a form of story telling; even when the performance may appear to simply be something else.
It’s been over 14 months since those videos of dancing as part of the COVID19 crises began. So what story are we being told and telling? This is the question I keep asking myself. This thread is a study of that.
While patients are seen in the videos out of Wuhan, note that they are absent in the videos streaming into our homes in the west. D
There is a disconnection between the “essential workers” and everyone else.
Only a select few are encouraged and able to join each other and through music, movement and even humor find comfort in a sense of unity.
Only a select few may joyfully gather.
It’s difficult for those deemed “inessential” to understand how a crises allows the time for large choreographed and filmed dance routines.
Or why only some people are allowed to create for themselves and each other a ritualized time, space and actions.
Why only some are celebrated for celebrating.
Remember. These are “patients.”
They are not well enough to care for themselves. They are not responsible enough to care for each other without strict rules of confinement.
I’ll leave you with one more thought. It’s our time to dance.

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We're not gonna take it
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1 May
🧵Remember this as Fauci praises Canadian policy.
1. He praised my state and governor; NY. Over 15k elderly NYers were murdered.
2. During the HIV crises, after the first AIDS ward made it undeniable that HIV WAS NOT transmitted through casual contact, he wrote an editorial
stating that it could be passed casually from family members to children. Countless numbers of men then died alone, untouched and bigotry against HIV status boomed. It took years and some might say we never did resolve the fear and irrationality that this caused.
I use to believe Fauci was simply unable to communicate well. I use to believe he had the best intentions. I use to believe he had kept his oath.

I don’t believe it anymore.
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22 Apr
Really blown away by and incredibly moved to see the feedback the performance piece is getting.

I hope it inspires people to remember that there is no threat in questioning, but there is one in demanding absolute compliance.
Despite what Anthony Fauci and his sycophants have insisted on repeating, our individualism is not a challenge to be overcome, but rather it challenges policy to rise to meet it. His unwillingness is not for your own good, only his.
Our humanity, sense of autonomy and belief in the sanctity of each person’s possibility and pursuit of happiness is NOT something that can be sacrificed at the alter of saftyism. Ever.
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19 Apr
I do not find it reasonable to have the assumption that so many different fields we count on to assure discourse occurs regarding sensible public and social health policy both short term and long; from mental health, government, housing, even the arts utterly failed to see this.
I believe that what we have experienced has been a failure much more disturbing. It is also one which, I think, is inexcusable.

Let’s look at this from the CDC in 2019 emergency.cdc.gov/cerc/ppt/CERC_…

I think this speaks for itself.
Amplified by biases and claims of settled science, expert opinions , “virus/ panic porn” propagated by the MSM and enforced by social media; are responsible for creating an entrenched set of beliefs which ultimately pinned citizen against citizen (often for political gain.)
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19 Apr
The pathology of superstition and fear.

The notion that face masks have zero cost to the wearer or other persons has been, as suspected, false. While the ramifications have been underrated their effectiveness has been overrated.

“Psychologically, wearing facemask fundamentally has negative effects on the wearer and the nearby person. Basic human-to-human connectivity through face expression is compromised and self-identity is somewhat eliminated [47], [48], [49].
These dehumanizing movements partially delete the uniqueness and individuality of person who wearing the facemask as well as the connected person [49]. Social connections and relationships are basic human needs, which innately inherited in all people,
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11 Apr
Wow. This may be one of the most emotionally manipulative things Ive ever heard an "activist" say. This is a photo of my best friend, Charles, and I in 2011. He was brutally murdered in 2013. dnainfo.com/new-york/20130…
He was beaten, bound, had his ear ripped off and was found with his dog Ramses curled up beside him in his blood in the morning. He and I were supposed to have dinner that night.
That week he was moving back to Houston where he was originally from to help launch a satellite office for the non profit he had dedicated himself to. I washed and cleaned his things and sent back his personal items it his family. I kept that photo I just shared; he had had it
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