The sex trade being pushed in the name of women’s freedom is the biggest switcheroo in the history of the world.
It only takes 5 seconds of thinking to see that the entire point of paying for sexual favors IS telling another person what to do with their own body and controlling their sexuality.
A whole Marxist analysis of capitalism isn’t needed to see that the payment is pressure, just common sense. The transaction is made precisely because the individual doesn’t want the sex act, wouldn’t freely do it, and otherwise would not partake in it.
And this is before even taking into account the poverty, drugs, alcohol, trauma, brainwashing, grooming, blackmail, threats, trafficking, physical force, other factors endemic in the sex trade that only compound the already coercive power dynamic between seller and buyer.
Stop fucking capping, “sex work” is not an expression of female sexuality it is the suppression of it. The sex industry is not an expression of women’s bodily autonomy it is a violation of it.
There’s no consent if saying no has consequences, and the penalties in commercial sex can be anything from losing money to murder. Ergo #ConsentCantBeBought. Economic coercion is a real thing, having to choose between sucking dick and being evicted is not sexual liberation.
Poor women of color aren’t ~naturally~ hypersexual and don’t just happen to ~like~ being used as sex toys to fulfill men’s fantasies — it is a triple whammy of sexist, racist, and classist to insinuate that’s the case. #HerBodyHisChoice

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1 May
Sex Buyer – Die Unsichtbaren Männer
They know full well it’s not women’s choice. Lol sexbuyers admitting what “sex workers’ rights” advocates will not 🤭
Note the dehumanization: not “asylum-seeker” as in the person but “asylum-seeker pussy” as in the body part. That’s how men who buy sex view women.
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29 Apr
I cropped the translation of @HuschkeMau’s blog post for easy sharing. Image
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17 Mar
Empowerment and how LibFems get it wrong. 🧵
EmPOWERment literally means gaining power. But third wave feminism has shifted the meaning of this very simple word to something like “gives good feelings”. This is not only plain wrong, but actively undermines feminism and retards women’s liberation.
You know that meme “modesty empowers some women, nudity empowers some women”? It’s kinda wrong. Bearing or hiding flesh provides no power, and depending on the context they can be degrading. It should be “modesty makes some women comfortable, nudity makes some women comfortable”.
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15 Mar
I’ve been seeing the “‘sex workers’ redistribute funds to marginalized communities” talking point pop up on pimp shill Twitter, and a fucking ancom I was schooling in DMs on Instagram said that shit, so imma address this. Two main things.
First of all, literally no. Pimps keep almost all the fucking money and the sex trade leaves women more impoverished than before dumbass. It’s literally redistributing funds FROM marginalized women TO the privileged rich white men who run this entire shitshow.
Then second of all, even if that was true? That’s not a justification. The US military actually does redistribute funds to marginalized communities via the poor black and brown men who are economically coerced into joining it, but no leftist worth their salt defends that shit.
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15 Mar
Women who are for liberation for women: don’t wear makeup!

Three reasons-
1) Anti-feminist & harms women as a class
2) Unhealthy & undermines women as individuals
3) Exploitative & hurts workers, animals, and the environment
1. Women are pressured to wear makeup and society very much imposes this behavior on us. There are social, economic, even legal consequences on women for failing to participate.
Whether YOU personally “like” or “enjoy” it, any woman conforming to this standard reinforces this expectation on ALL women, that’s how social norms work. All women can only be free to choose once this pressure is gone, and that will only happen when enough choose to defy it.
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