1) My defense of liberalism and criticism of where we're falling short has generated a lot of thoughtful and interesting responses -- thanks for that! -- so I thought I'd do a thread with a bunch of further reading on this topic.
2) @HelenaRosenblat's lost history of liberalism captures a lot of the neglected ways in which liberals sought to develop a conception of the common good, which liberalism is constantly (and wrongly) criticized for lacking:

@HelenaRosenblat 3) The great Stephen Holmes' "Anatomy of Antiliberalism" is a really useful cataloging of the criticisms thrown at liberalism over the centuries, and why they falter under scrutiny. Many critiques you hear today have their roots in these old arguments:

@HelenaRosenblat 4) Martha Nussbaum's great book "The Cosmopolitan Tradition" captures the immense contributions this tradition has made over the centuries:

@HelenaRosenblat 5) I just want to reiterate, the "conservative populist" habit of sneering at cosmopolitanism with silly caricatures is an ugly and stupid game. As I tried to argue, for many people, cosmopolitanism is a very deeply held value:

@HelenaRosenblat 6) On the anti-liberal arguments and the ways liberalism's shortcomings have given them an opening, see @zackbeauchamp's comprehensive piece, with a few added thoughts from @seanilling here:

@HelenaRosenblat @zackbeauchamp @seanilling 7) And here's a good @Adrian_Rutt piece arguing that some liberals actually are rising to the anti-liberal moment with solid defenses of liberalism:

@HelenaRosenblat @zackbeauchamp @seanilling @Adrian_Rutt 8) See @gabeschoenfeld's outstanding takedown of some of the biggest anti-liberal arguments of the moment:

9) On the idea of liberal democracy as something that reflects not just formal commitments, but also deeply held beliefs about the worth of fellow human beings and their capacity to execute intelligent/reasoned judgments and actions, see @willwilkinson:
@willwilkinson 10) And you can find a lot more links to great stuff from excellent theorists like @lkatfield, @paulcrider, @adamgurri, and @samuelmoyn in my piece, which I hope you'll read:

• • •

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27 Apr
Two facts about this moment:

1) New Census data shows we're headed for long term demographic decline

2) Enormous numbers are begging for entry into this country, and we go to great lengths to turn them away.

Utter madness. Time to change this debate:
I talked to demographer Bill Frey. Key points:

“These new Census numbers should reset the debate about what immigration means for this country."

“Modest increases in the birth rate, which is the most we can expect, won’t solve the demographic problem."

Time to retire the wretched phrase "economic migrant."

Severe material deprivation is not somehow a "bad" reason to try to migrate. We need to lean harder into being part of actual regional solutions, for our own good.

cc @Noahpinion:

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20 Apr
Never forget: Trump told us that if Biden won, he'd fall prey to the radical left, driving us into depression. Instead, a broad Dem center-left is crafting ambitious solutions that are very popular, and Rs are the ones sinking into extremism. New piece:
The next phase of Biden's plan, the caregiving phase, will include another $1 trillion in spending.

This draws heavily on core insights of progressive economics, which is why I think @DouthatNYT is off in claiming Biden is primarily repurposing Trumpism:

@DouthatNYT Why are these big progressive policies proving so popular? My suggestions:

1) GOP is entirely checked out of the conversation, adrift in an alternate info universe.

2) Covid collapse stripped bare brutal economic realities that can no longer be ignored:

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19 Apr
Let's stop saying the 1/6 commission is the victim of "partisan infighting." Only one side wants a real accounting. The party of Trump, Stop the Steal and Marjorie Taylor Green cannot credibly pretend its objections are about its structure. My latest:
Until Republicans fully admit to these three things, they can't participate in a genuine accounting:

* Insurrection was incited by Trump

* Rioters were inspired by lies that Republicans themselves fueled

* Biggest radical threat is right wing extremism

washingtonpost.com/opinions/2021/… Image
Awful to watch the idea that "the left made us do it" becoming so widespread.

Ron DeSantis just claimed Republicans should punish corporations who are allegedly manipulated by the "extreme left."

Tucker says the left is pushing the right into fascism:

washingtonpost.com/opinions/2021/… ImageImage
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16 Apr
Striking new data from @RonWyden:

* Just after Trump tax cut, corporate tax revenues as share of GDP dropped 40% below modern average

* Corporate tax revenues will be 25% lower than that average for next decade

The GOP position is crumbling. New piece:
@RonWyden Here's what the 2017 Trump tax cut produced, in two charts. This is what Republicans are eager to maintain:

@RonWyden Some GOP senators want Democrats to do a separate bill focused just on "real" infrastructure. But Republicans won't raise corporate tax rates to pay for it.

Some Democrats see this as a trap. I gamed out how this might work here:

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15 Apr
A Michigan Republican dared to criticize Trump.

He faced blowback from local Trump loyalists.

He went to a meeting with them to defend himself.

Very few were wearing masks.

He then tested positive for Covid.

It's the perfect story of our times:
After criticizing Trump, Jason Watts was summoned to a meeting of GOP Trump loyalists. Many were maskless.

“I felt like I was going into a den of virus," Watts says.

“A mask shouldn’t have a political party. A vaccine shouldn’t have a political party."

washingtonpost.com/opinions/2021/… Image
Trump's poison continues to harm our virus response. He suggested for a year that taking covid seriously constituted disloyalty that would lend aid and comfort to his enemies.

Vaccine-reluctant GOP voters recently interviewed by @ddiamond echoed Trump:

washingtonpost.com/opinions/2021/… ImageImageImage
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14 Apr
The GOP playbook for taking back power:

* Attack corporations as "woke" to get them to stop shining a light on GOP voter suppression

* Protect the low tax rates of those same woke corporations to keep the donor money rolling in

My new piece:
There is a GOP autopsy of sorts, says @JVLast.

It's focused on "how to use institutional leverage to take power even while losing popular majorities."

The big 2020 lie is key to building the will to use maximal anti-democratic tactics toward this end:

@JVLast Corporate defenses of voting rights are a problem for Republicans. They shed a harsh light on the GOP's slide into radicalization, which could alienate suburbanites and provoke a Dem countermobilization.

GOP counterattacks are meant to chill that:

Read 4 tweets

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