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2 May, 16 tweets, 42 min read
You thought they took weekends off??

CDC lowers PCR to 28 cycles for those who have taken shot; prep to stop collecting & reporting effects other than death; & offers shot to anyone who has received placebo, eliminating control group 1/⬇️
But sure. Line up and stick your arm out. Ain’t nothin shady happening here.

More info here

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18 Mar
@HotepJesus 1/ 100% intentional. Have a read...
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16 Mar
🔥‼️1/ Let's talk RENT MORATORIUMS due to the economic shutdowns by state governments. Guess who becomes the leaseholder for those renters who are unable to pay? THE CDC. YUP. YOU HEARD ME. Landlords sued and a judge just declared it unconstitutional but DID NOT issue...
2/ an injunction to make them stop forcing landlords to turn over their properties. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? Well, lets don our thinking caps... Every month of rent continues to accrue, as does any fees attached. Renters still owe all the money, they just can't be evicted...
3/ for it until the moratorium runs out and is not renewed. So what do those people do at that point? What happens to those who are unable to pay the back rent and fees? WHAT DO YOU THINK THE CDC MIGHT PERHAPS DANGLE IN FRONT OF SOMEONE'S FACE WHO IS DESPERATE NOT TO BE...
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24 Feb
1/ The United States has been a front runner in the advocacy for global human rights since the inception of the United Nations. It has long occupied a seat on the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) because of its own respected and often coveted national sovereignty...
2/ In 1948, Eleanor Roosevelt was a champion for the creation and acceptance of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) which was drafted with our Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights as a roadmap. While not a legally binding document, the Declaration...
3/ was a moral commitment to always strive to achieve and respect the rights listed therein. Recognizing each nation bears its own culture and traditions, the Declaration sought not to impose rule over others, but to instead respect their sovereignty and encourage the...
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20 Jan
1/ Battle Hymn of the Republic: His truth is Marching On...

Part I

Controversy behind the “17th letter” so many enjoy hurling insults over has really picked up over the past few weeks. As Inauguration Day is upon us, the amount of disinformation and misinformation in...
2/ in circulation is at the highest it has ever been. You have the B camp putting out their disinformation to deceive the entire country; you have the T administration putting out their disinformation to deceive the B camp; and you have every Tom, Dick and Harry putting out...
3/ their misinformation because everyone wants to be in the know and cling to the teensiest shred of control when they feel as though they are floating untethered through the ether.

The most common insult is that the “17th letter” is nothing but a psy-op. The superiority...
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13 Dec 20
1/ HOW DO WE RECLAIM OUR REPUBLIC?!?!?! Recently, there has been much talk about a secession of states… but that idea should set off MASSIVE alarms in your head. It is setting ourselves up for an ultimate ambush. Allow me a few moments to explain why…
2/ While analytics performed by ex-military analysts have shown the red states would HANDS DOWN win in a civil war, they neglected to include the UN variable. The UN and their NWO have their spindly tentacles sunk into many of our border states...
3/ In liberal heaven New York, Gov Andrew Cuomo has been doing everything in his power for years to drive as many conservatives from the state as possible. He has LITERALLY said, “We don’t want you here”. He has kept the rural upstate portions of the state close to destitute...
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10 Dec 20
@pizzasandonuts 1/ They have tightened the medical exemption restrictions so badly in New York that the only circumstances it is approved is if there was immediate encephalopathy or anaphylaxis in a prior vax, & that will ONLY get you an exemption for THAT ONE VAX. And that is only IF you...
@pizzasandonuts 2/ can find a Dr. willing to write one, b/c of how the harass the ones who do. And THEN that is only IF the one who is willing to write one is then willing to go to bat for you when they fight you on it, b/c they ALWAYS do. AND since no one has EVER had this vax before,...
@pizzasandonuts 3/ there is no basis on which to request a medical exemption in NY. When they changed these already near impossible standards to reach last year, people were told if there was a concern based on prior reactions, they should have vax administered in the hospital so they could...
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