There are some wonderful progressives on this website, but then there are some who are a bit disingenuous. The silence of some on universal pre-K and free community college is pretty revealing. Both policies will be game-changing for the working class.
If you don't think these policies go far enough, that's fine, but we should still celebrate them. If these policies are viewed as popular, that creates an incentivizing environment for Democrats do go even further. You influence power through incentives.
I'm all for working on college affordability overall, but free community college is actually the policy that will help working class people *more*. It helps kids who got poorer high school ed, people who work 40 hours a week, non-traditional students, etc.
I keep thinking of this man who came up to me at the grocery store. He told me he wanted to say goodbye bc he was leaving for an apprenticeship. He was so happy to get to leave the store. Think about how free community college will give even more opportunities to workers like him
Think about all the adults who never got a chance to go to college b/c they had to work, couldn't afford it, had kids, etc. So many of them still can't afford higher ed AND feel intimidated by being older. Free community college opens *so* many doors for these folks.
It's also, I should add, good for the economy in other ways. There are a lot of people out there who would benefit from the increased jobs created by high demand for free community college.

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3 May
This is illogical. It's like claiming if a company that is generally malevolent adopts anti-sexual harassment policy, anti-sexual harassment policy is therefore inherently hollow. A good idea is not rendered bad just because someone we don't like adheres to it.
Amazon is a company that engages in unfair labor practices. I'm sure they also say they will fire people who use the n-word against Black co-workers. The fact that Amazon--a bad company--might enforce this policy does not mean entail that "don't say the n-word" is a hollow idea.
Bad actors co-opt good ideas all the time, typically because it is in their own self-interest to do so. It's why corporations are speaking out against suppression laws in GA. This process doesn't make them "good," but it also doesn't render the ideas they've co-opted "bad."
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3 May
I realize there are arguably some logistical issues w/ US national rail (Train Twitter has told me so), but that does not make the point of that map any clearer to me.
After staring at this map for a moment, the message I've taken away is that if you can take a train between these two places, anything is possible in the world of trains

(Don't get mad at me, Train Twitter. I know trains are more complicated than that)
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3 May
Move over Rorschach, we found a better test
Turns out if you put the CIA in proximity to a woman of color expressing pride about her identity, people of all stripes will lay bare their mental algorithms, producing takes as hot as "Maybe diversity was a spy operation all along" & "What does it mean when the CIA uses words?"
I'm not going to try to reason w/ right-wingers, but for folks on the left, let me make a suggestion: if your dislike of the CIA is linked to their actions in Latin America, maybe it's good they are now using progressive language to appeal to people of Latin American descent
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30 Apr
The solution to Joe Manchin being terrible is not primarying Joe Manchin. It's electing more Democratic senators from other states. We don't have a ton of battleground to work with, but we have enough to make a difference. Vote in 2022.
I will defend Joe Manchin keeping his WV seat in the same way I will defend chemotherapy. It is a horrible treatment that causes untold suffering, but is still in many cases better than dying from cancer. That said, we need to be looking for better cures.
People are always like "We can do better than Manchin." No, we can't. I have no idea how Manchin does it. Maybe he licked a unicorn once or had mind-blowing sex w/ a 4-leaf-clover. I dunno. But somehow he wins in a state where Republicans regularly get 70% of the vote.
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30 Apr
-Staying at home w/ your kids or sending your kids to daycare are both great options
-All kids are different. They're not potatoes. They have their own dispositions from birth. Some kids might especially benefit from daycare, others from staying at home
-But both are fine options
Good daycares certainly don't cause *harm*. Neither do good stay-at-home parents. The most important thing is that kids get lots of linguistic input, social interaction, & of exposure to reading. And also that they get to play. This environment can happen in daycare or at home.
If I were a parent, I abstractly think I would be pro-daycare. That said, my feelings could change a lot once I was actually a parent. Also my mom stayed home w/ me & it was a magical time. Both are good options. All that matters are the underlying environmental factors.
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30 Apr
Hi y'all, @johnastoehr has given me the chance to explore long form writing. I'm really appreciative to have this opportunity, as well as the time John puts into editing. He's also publishing others, such as @QueenMab87 & @beyerstein. Please consider supporting this endeavor!
Here are some of the pieces @johnastoehr has helped me published. This one was the most important to me and it was also hard to edit, b/c there was so much I wanted to say. John helped out a lot: "George Floyd's Body was on Trial"
In this piece, I write about the multiple ways in which American society harms Black bodies, including through medical racism. And how we then blame Black people for their own suffering. We do all of this while also painting Black people as dangerous.
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