Tatos Saghatel Kardashian, Kim Kardashian's great grandfather, sponsored Avak Hagopian, Clem Davies, and William Branham, and their faith healings would form the Full Gospel Businessmen's Association International
Avak Hagopian was an Iranian "faith healer" who scammed $225,000 off some rich millionaire back in 1947
"Though Avak could not cure [the millionaire's] son, the Kardashian family began sponsoring Avak Hagopian's "faith healing" tours through the United States and Canada.
who was Clem Davies?

"Clem Davies was a white supremacist and public supporter of the Ku Klux Klan from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada"
"his sermons began to include discussions on sex, race, and bloodline. It also included, the fundamental elements of his Christian Identity doctrine which appears to be closely aligned with or the foundation for William Branham’s “Serpent Seed” doctrine.
and who was William Branham?

"Branham was a Pentecostal minister and was also a "doomsday prophet""
"During the birth of the Civil Rights movement, Branham began leaning back towards his Ku Klux Klan roots. He began claiming that Martin Luther King was "communistic inspired," African Americans should "forfeit their rights" and be "satisfied in the state [they are] in,"...
"and that "hybreeding" (interracial marriage) was an unpardonable sin. But he continued the "Elijah" claims as well, eventually convincing his listeners that the "Elijah of this day" [himself] was the return of Jesus Christ."
"After Branham's death in 1965, the FBI's query into the Kennedy Assassination exposed the fact that Roy E. Davis was in fact the Imperial Grand Dragon of the Original Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, as well as a leader, promoter, and supporter of several white supremacy groups."
"William Branham was directly responsible for igniting the ministry of Jim Jones in Indianapolis. From 1956 through 1957, Branham and his campaign team held meetings with Jones at Peoples Temple, and Branham held private consultations with members of Peoples Temple."
"Branham-focused communes in Prescott, Arizonaand Colonia Dignidad have exposed the sexual molestation, abuse and rape that have been hidden behind closed doors. Branham's cult has been labeled as a destructive or heretical cult by many apologetics and cult watch groups"
Young Brown, Jack Moore, William Branham, Oral Roberts, Gordon Lindsay; photo taken at Kansas City in 1948
family history tells all:

the Kardashians were involved in an op to push faith healing, KKK preaching, and Christian Identity back then. who knows what they're doing now.
"It started with a bizarre story published in 2012 about the family’s great ancestor, Kekel Kardashian. According to the article, Kekel sold her soul in order for her future offspring to have “fame, fortune, and physical beauty.”

I mean, they were up to some esoteric practices
family history, it will tell you hidden secrets
anyway, wasn't planning on making a long thread, but this would be fruitful to come back to, since "sus Kardashians" is like an iceberg of content
the Branham/Jones/Schäfer stuff is out there, but I got the tip-off on the Kardashian-Hagopian connection from the Farm, check them out:

same energy

• • •

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29 Apr
today, I'm gonna talk about David Berkowitz, the .44 Caliber killings, and the satanic Son of Sam cult behind them. that's right, Satanic Panic is a psyop, because there have been multiple Satanic killer cults in the US, and we're gonna look at one today Image
the .44 Caliber killings all took place in the summer of 1976. apparently random shootings of New Yorkers terrorized the city. the perp left letters taunting the cops, leading to a citywide panic and manhunt, until they arrested David Berkowitz Image
Berkowitz confessed to sole participation in all 8 shootings (killing 6) and claimed to have been obeying the orders of a demon dog belonging to his neighbor "Sam."

the problem is, he didn't match most of the composite drawings made by witnesses Image
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alright, today I'm gonna talk about James Jesus Angleton, my patented ANGLETON MINDSET, why we're living in a wilderness of mirrors, and why paranoia is the appropriate response to the world we live in.
first, let's cover the contours of his life.

born in Idaho in 1917 to James Hugh Angleton and Carmen Mercedes Moreno. his father worked for National Cash Register, and ultimately bought the NCR franchise in Italy. James Jesus grew up in Milan.
"Hugh Angleton... was ultra-conservative, a sympathizer with Fascist officials. He was certainly not unfriendly with the Fascists."

which appears to be a family trait
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26 Apr
oh, fuck
[David Berkowitz] "underscored a reference to Dr. Stephen Ward, who died in an apparent suicide in England in the aftermath of the Keeler-Profumo scandal in the early 1960s.
"For Ward himself was a dabbler in the occult and on his death there was a great deal of scurrying around among certain London practitioners to cover their traces."
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25 Apr
today I'd like to go down a relatively small rabbit hole about the Salt Lake City Temple in Utah. there's a lot to say, but I'm gonna stay focused on the 1962 temple bombing, or as I call it, my favorite small-scale conspiracy theory of all time Image
11/14/62, a bomb goes off at Temple Square (a city bloc w/ several LDS church buildings, see first photo). the damage was relatively minor, and it took the watchmen 30 minutes to figure out what got damaged. Image
11 windows were broken/blown out, damage to doors, fixtures, plaster, and "one of the temple’s famous doorknobs had been sent flying into the building, puncturing a hole in a wall" ImageImage
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22 Apr
it's time to talk about Jimmy Hoffa, which lets me talk about some of my favorite topics: organized crime, unions, parapolitics, corruption, the mafia, the left, reactionaries. I even think you can see him as a proto-Trump, in some ways. let's get into it.
I'm gonna talk about three things in particular: Hoffa's parapolitical significance (he definitely helped kill at least JFK and possibly Bobby, lol), Hoffa the man, and the union's effectiveness. I'm gonna try to stay organized
without being too specific, a union really got my grandparents the chance at a good life, and helped my parents as well. I'm very pro-union, so it's worth remembering this because I'm probably gonna be pretty critical of Hoffa at times, lol
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21 Apr
I read this recently, written by the Communist Party of India (Maoist).

afaict it's a pretty good overview of MLM thought, worth reading if you're into that or curious
Mao's innovation of allying the proles with the peasants and seeing them as potential revolutionary actors, and also not immediately alienating the national (as opposed to comprador) bourgeoisie sounds pretty effective
one thing that gave me pause tho, was this passage about 'Soviet imperialism', "A prominent exception was Kampuchea, where genuine communist revolutionaries—the Khmer Rouge—remained independent until invaded in 1978 by Vietnam at the behest of the Soviet imperialists."
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