an open letter of "dear government pay us more". let's read.
a committee - i.e., responsibility washing
remember the recent paper that counted & equated "in minecraft" to terrorism?

this would also cover the "hate statistics" (i.e., the politically incorrect statistics)
gone is the *constitutional republic*

and critique is only allowed *on the terms of the critiqued*. otherwise it's "hate"
free expression in opposition to freedom of speech: contrived excuse for silencing certain views

non-constitutional social justice to be balanced with constitutional freedom of speech

all only allowed when for a democracy; gone is the constitutional republic.
so far so good...?
the meat of the demand:

ability for journalists to dictate what content, what views the platforms must downrank, hide, shadowban, or otherwise suppress

all wrapped neatly with excuse of "muh racism". you wouldn't support racism, would you?
tighter monitoring of the nominally free speech
"remember to pay off our mentors in the academia too"
"more money to the teachers"

teachers, a very reliable voting & protesting block
establishing official party line and holding the media companies and the government bureaucrats (but that becomes a bit blurry) to it
clearly delineates the fault line:

the activists vs the citizenry at large

i guess don't shop at those stores? just kidding, those are NGOs, thus much more immune from "vote with your wallet".

what do, frens?

• • •

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2 May
enjoying the deep dive into Schumpeter's "Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy" by @joeldavis

asking @RadicalLib and @Megatherion8 - are Schumpeter's views valid? validated through time?

in particular the insight into the distinction between competition-between-competitors vs competition-between-technologies.

the later is well visible now with fast paced changes, and kudos to Schumpeter for having observed the slower variant of that in the 1930s, 40s
this is the first time i hear a *theoretical* backing to my guttoral opposition to monopoly-busting done by government. nice 👌
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23 Apr
the pro-antitrust case is
>bust large co's because they are politically independent

note they never bust the political machines known as *unions*, even tho those are much more monopolistic on their markets

note they never bust the political machines of *big fundations*, either
i like @killfile take here - solid examples.

still need to remember how much more was held down and destroyed by the unions. cue any public school teachers' union.

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23 Apr
so what is truth?

to the right-winger, "truth is what makes sense"

to the other right-winger, "truth will set you free"

to the left winger, "truth is what others confirm"
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21 Apr
let's talk Susan (double-checks the spelling) Wojcicki, the YouTube CEO

#MiniResearchThread Susan Wojcicki, the CEO and censor of YouTube
aside of sister Anna Wojcicki at the 23andMe genetics company (btw - how's *that* for personalized advertising?) Anne Wojcicki, CEO and co-founder of 23andMe
aside of sister Janet Wojcicki, an award winning anthropologist (btw - how's *that* for personalized advertising?)  Janet Wojcicki, an award winning antropologist
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21 Apr
hiring low-paid PR & media specialists fresh off of college is a disaster:
the problem is compounded by the HR and the Legal depts. being woke just as well, and skewing hiring towards the woke, in ways formal and unformal.

remember when the left used to decry Citizens United? not that much those days, because now:

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