Thinking about a SPOD AU where SP is a thief who wants to steal the king's greatest treasure. He manages to sneak into the king's vault and finds himself in a vast library.
One of these books has to contain the kingdom's secrets. SP looks through all of the books and shelves, trying to find a spine that interests him.

"Are you trying to find a book to read?"
SP is startled by the meek voice and holds a knife to the stranger's neck.
A young man is trembling under the knife's blade, eyes wide and scared. SP can sense no threat and puts his knife away.

"I'm looking for the most valuable item here. Tell me where it is."

The young man introduces himself as OD. He guides SP deeper in the library.
SP is awed by the amount of books in the library. OD boasts that he has read all of them. He starts going off on his most recent novel about tactics from a foreign nation.

SP continues to look for any sort of treasure. There has to be something of value in here...
SP visits the library frequently, constantly interrogating OD about which books were valuable. OD mostly talked about whatever he read that day.

One day, SP holds the knife at OD's neck again. OD stills and puts a hand over SP's.

"It's okay."

"What? Aren't you afraid?"
OD explains that he has never been outside. He's been inside of this library his entire life. He wants the sun to kiss his face, to feel the grass under his feet...

He's been stuck here, only reading about the things he wants to see.
The sound of chains echo in the distance. OD pushes SP between some shelves and tells him to be quiet. SP complies and is confused when someone else enters the library. It's the king.

The king glares at OD, who's shaking from fear. The king yells at OD about being useless.
SP sees red when OD is slapped by the king.

"Useless child." A book is shoved into OD's arms.

"I know...I'm sorry." OD whimpers as he clutches his cheek in pain. The king stomps away and the door slams shut. OD falls to his knees and SP comes out of his hiding spot.
"Why are you stuck here? Why would you let him hurt you?" SP asked as he applies salve to OD's swollen cheek.

"That's my father...I have to stay here bc I memorize everything I read..." OD gestures to all of the books. "Everything."

SP understands. OD was the king's treasure.
OD had a plethora of knowledge. Who knows how many of the kingdom's secrets was in OD's head?

SP decides to take OD. He promises OD that he's going to take him away from this dusty library and show him the outside world. OD hesitates. He's only known SP for a month...
OD: "Are you sure? I was told I'm really ugly...I might scare off your friends."
SP: "Who told you that?"
OD: "Father."
SP: "Your father is a liar. Besidesyourereallycute"
OD: "What was the last part?"
SP: "Nothing I'll tell you later."
In the dead of night, OD finally agrees to leave the library. He packs a few of his favorite books and gives the library one last, longing look before taking SP's hand.

Once they're outside and far away from the castle, SP takes OD's hand and kisses the back.
Under the moon's light, SP makes a vow.

"You're my treasure now. And I swear I will always treasure you."

OD sputters, embarrassed at the honest look in the thief's eyes. He tries to hide his face but SP quickly presses a kiss to his lips.

"Now, let's go and see the world."

• • •

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