I had COVID-like symptoms early in April and despite my testing result being negative, I was down with fever and body pain for 2 weeks. I've recovered now, but losing my sense of smell (I got it back!) was harrowing. In context, here's a campaign from Argentina, by the agency 1/4
2/4 HOY (Havas) Argentina, for their client Atma, an household electrical appliances brand.
Why is it interesting?
1. Choice of media - digital billboards in malls: Argentina was hit really hard, last year. And had a long lockdown, over 8-9 months. When the lockdowns relaxed
3/4 early this year, people were eager to hit the malls!
2. Use of smell in communications: Atma and HOY installed digital billboards in malls, designed to emanate smells like freshly made toast, coffee, cookies or freshly squeezed orange juice (while using Atma appliances!).
3. Research-based insight: Last year, researchers working on COVID said that loss of smell could be one of the earliest symptoms, even before fever! The message in Atma's billboards was about not being able to smell the fragrance and taking that as the 1st sign to get tested!

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4 May
When my kids were babies, we (wife & I, our parents) used to notice how the babies smiled. It was not just expressed from the mouth going on an upper curve. The baby's smile included the eyes too! It was absolutely magical to see that they smiled with their eyes too. As 1/5
2/5 adults, we probably do not notice that in each other, but in babies, this seemed very pronounced.
That seems to be the beautiful crux in Colgate's new campaign from France, by the agency VMLY&R/Red Fuse, Paris.
Here's a brand that NEEDS to show teeth for it to be relevant.
3/5 And people all over the world are forced to cover their mouth and nose with 1-2 masks! But, don't we smile inside our masks? Of course, we smile, smirk, snigger, and a lot of things, inside our masks!
Now, when the mouth is covered, the smiling-with-eyes comes into focus!
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2 May
I see people wondering why some others are still pinning the blame on Modi inviting people to Kumbh and his election rallies since there is inadequate 'data' on the spread from these 2 events. This is less about data and LOT more about perception. 1/10
2/10 Signal 1: In January 2021, at the World Economic Forum, Modi said, "In a country which is home to 18 percent of the world population, that country has saved humanity from a big disaster by containing corona effectively".
3/10 Signal 2: At the end of March 2021, he personally invited millions to the world's MOST crowded festival, with his face in the front.
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1 May
Alcohol brands have been using the 'drink responsibly' message for a very long time. In effect, they are asking people to consume their product less!

Telecom brands have asked people to use their product less (and connect with the real world). 1/4
2/4 Airline brand KLM launched a campaign in 2019 where they asked people to 'fly responsibly', even asking people to consider taking the train instead of flying (agency DDB Unlimited (Netherlands)! My post from 2019: bit.ly/2Q3fIvx

Now, Levi's joins this brigade!
3/4 Levi's is asking people to 'Buy better. Wear Longer'. In the ad film by the agency AKQA, there's a specific line: "When we buy better, we can wear longer. When we wear longer, we can buy less"! But observe the clever touch: "Buy better", "Wear Longer" have on-screen text
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30 Apr
The website of Nintendo founding family's office is truly a marvel. They could have chosen to make a normal website with basic information. Instead, they chose to take all their functional information and put it inside a design that mirrors their iconic game landscape! 1/4
2/4 Remember to switch the sound on, on your device.

The website works well on both mobile and desktop.

To be sure, the user experience, for a website, is bewilderingly confounding, and not optimized for 'ideal' UX. But I assume that is intentional - to make a point.
3/4 The scrolling is in a corny direction but in line with the game design approach. But the designers have thought through this too, to some extent - there is an option on the left menu to make the scrolling normal and improve readability.
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30 Apr
I really liked the core narrative device in this ad for the Ooredoo, a Qatari telecommunications company, by the agency FP7 McCann Doha, Doha. The ad film is meant for Ramadan season but it completely moves away from conventional Ramadan-centered narratives. Instead, it
personifies the internet as a child!! There are some lovely touches like the child's 'growth' being compared with internet speed - the child's t-shirt changing to 1 mbps, 3 mbps etc. Things take a dark (based on actual, our very-real experience, of course) turn when people 1/3
2/3 get sucked into fake news and fighting with each other, and these are shown to make the internet-as-child getting very upset about. The ending is fairytale material, but it goes with the Ramadan-season sentiment of general goodness.
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29 Apr
I was filling fuel (after what felt like eons) a couple of weeks ago. After filling fuel, while checking the tyre pressure, a guy sitting nearby came to me and asked me if I wanted to do the emission test. I said I'd do it later (presuming my last test hadn't yet expired). 1/4
2/4 After a few seconds, a second guy came to me and told me that my emission test expired in February 2021 and that I need to have a valid emission test to renew my car insurance (he told me the month correctly)! I checked the emission test certificate I had in my car and he
3/4 was right! So I did do the test :) I gathered from Twitter feedback that they may have found this information from the Indian Government's mParivahan app. Though the contextual use the personal data seemed creepy at that moment when a complete stranger came up and shared my
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