The CIA serves Big Capital. During the Cold War, it subverted the US left by promoting LSD, feminism and theory. The aim was to ensure the triumph of "liberal democracy."

"Woke" Capital is the next stage. Radical liberalism shatters popular resistance to hegemonic neoliberalism.
It is pubic record that, beginning in the 1950s, the CIA saw LSD and other psychedelics as potentially powerful "mind control" drugs.

The only controversy is whether it was actively complicit in introducing LSD to the broader American public in the 1960s.…
In 1979, Timothy Leary told ABC News: "I give the CIA total credit for sponsoring and initiating the consciousness movement and counterculture events of the 1960s. The CIA funded and supported hundreds of young psychiatrists to experiment with this drug."
ABC News calls Leary, whose own psychedelics research was CIA-sponsored, "the 1960s Johnny Appleseed of LSD."

By accident or not, the CIA had helped neutralize the anti-Vietnam War movement, which was encouraged to "turn on, tune in, drop out."

It was the Empire that profited. Image
The CIA would again be complicit in blowing the minds of a generation of young Americans, mainly African-American, in the 1980s.

"Freeway" Rick Ross popularized crack cocaine. His supply lines were secured by the agency to fund regime change in Nicaragua.
In a 1967 "limited hangout" with CBS News, meant to defuse a bombshell "Ramparts" exposé on CIA subversion of the National Student Association, Gloria Steinem admitted to being an agency asset from 1958-1962, but her CIA ties likely lasted for much longer.

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29 Mar
The story of a libtard who murdered ten people in Boulder in an obvious anti-white hate crime was memory holed quickly, wasn't?

We now turn our attention to the thousandth "think piece" about how elite Korean women are "traumatized" by the shooting of sex traffickers in Atlanta.
Woke bourgeois Korean-American feminists: The objectification and sexual exploitation of women of color by patriarchy is evil.

Also: My own ethnonarcissism and class interests trump any real concern for the thousands of Asian women sex trafficked by other Asians across America.
The Woke Industrial Complex: Trump said "China Virus" last year and every attack on Asians through at least 2030 is all on him.

Also: An army of race grifters who have spewed anti-white hate for years bear no blame for the recent rise of violent reaction against white Americans.
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27 Mar
90% of expats in East Asia are truly insufferable.

The percentage used to be much lower, but preening Millennials and other Woketards have swelled the ranks in recent years.

I left the US long ago partly to get away from the decayed, dying West, but it seems there is no escape.
South Korea is in danger of disappearing forever under the onslaught of Imperial Wokeness.

A good start would be to ban all ESL teachers with dodgy social media. For starters, any with pronouns in their profiles get the cut.

It won't happen, but you can't say I didn't warn you.
"Woke" expats in East Asia are latter-day missionaries.

These same "woke" Westerners will tell you that missionaries of the past were agents of Western Imperialism, and therefore evil.

Self-awareness is not their strong suit, which is exactly why they are such useful idiots.
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20 Mar 20
"During Tedros' three year campaign to win the WHO post he was charged with having covered up three major epidemics of cholera while health minister in Ethiopia, charges he denied."…
"On February 7, the China Peoples' Daily reported Tedros stating his disapproval of imposing travel bans on China, stressing that 'such restrictions can have the effect of increasing fear and stigma, with little public health benefit.'"…
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26 Apr 19
On Monday evening, I met with a Korean doctor I know who runs her own small clinic in Gangnam, in southern Seoul.

She’s in her forties and lives alone with her daughter, who currently studies Sociology at Ewha Womans University [sic], the top women's university in South Korea..
"She’s very interested in feminism, but I’m not sure what kind of job she she can get with that," she laughed.
I was curious about her views on the topic of discrimination against women in South Korea these days.

Before starting her own clinic around fifteen years ago, she had worked at a large hospital in Seoul.
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14 Dec 18
I have known Michael Spavor for years. The Western MSM are exaggerating his "closeness" to Kim Jong-un. Skepticism is advised.

His detention may linked to the arrest of Meng Wanzhou, but there could very well be other reasons.

Cold War 2.0 intensifies.…
“He was the only white guy at the border area. Clearly the Chinese don’t like these guys being in that sensitive region and maybe used this opportunity to get rid of him.”

Rubbish. There are many English teachers in Dandong, and heaps of Western tourists.…
"In 2014, Kevin and Julia Garratt, a Canadian couple who ran a coffee shop in Dandong, were held on suspicion of spying and stealing state secrets."

They were also Christian missionaries illegally proselytizing to North Koreans. Why is this not mentioned?…
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3 Dec 18
"There is no such thing as French culture." – @EmmanuelMacron
Left: The Oppression
Right: The Resistance
Progress vi (1539):

1. To move forward; proceed
2. To develop to a higher, better, or more advanced stage
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