Powerful message from Vera Sharav, a holocaust survivor, who issues warnings about public health becoming weaponized medicine.
"Adults are not rebelling against the things that are wrong. They are following the authority like sheep, without questioning. This is very dangerous." - Vera Sharav, a holocaust survivor.
What happens when you deny the human individual the right to think, question, assess the situation & to make decisions ?

Vera Sharav, a holocaust survivor, explains. Are we going in this very direction & into a modern day slavery ? Do you really want to live in such a society ?
"What totalitarian regimes have in common ? Fear, constant fear & the surveillance." - Vera Sharav, a holocaust survivor, explains.

Sounds familiar ? And how big business, technology & corporations fit into all of that ? Watch the short clip to find out.
"Once you have medicine in partnership with government there is no individual care & hippocratic oath goes out the window." - Vera Sharav, a holocaust survivor.

Does the government really knows what is best for your own child or yourself ? Why do you obey without question ?
What is the true motivation behind COVID-19 vaccine narrative ? Who will benefit the most from them ? The people themselves or maybe someone else ?

In a short clip, Vera Sharav, a holocaust survivor, explains what this is all really about.

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2 May
1/ An important lesson from Sun Tzu. Why are they doing this ? What is the end goal here ? Is there something more to the global narrative, to proven & even wild theories ? Is there anything else beyond what is officially public information ? To understand your enemy's intentions
2/ .. you need to start thinking like them & find out what makes sense, why it makes sense & what doesn't. I think we all need to engage in a thought exercise & put ourselves in their position, to understand the motivation, rationale & their thinking process if we want to win.
3/ What would you do in their position of influence & power and why ? Why be so open & even brutally honest about your supposed plans & intentions ? Why little to no secrecy ? Why keep everything in the open while the rest is so easy to figure out ? Or is it perhaps a diversion
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1 May
When vax passports get introduced (not if) then end result will be:

- enslavement & genocide of all & those who oppose them (#TeamReality)
- imprisonment & genocide of those who force & promote them (#TeamApocalypse)

There will be no middle ground.
It will be one or the other.
My prediction. Lunatics are not showing you their true intentions, only because they not yet have a full control over you & your lives. It will take time to put the necessary infrastructure in place along with the vaccine passports. It will start with a 2 tier society but ..
.. once they achieve their goals you can expect more isolation / detention centers, re-education facilities & eventually a form of "peaceful euthanasia" for the people (dissidents) who are not fit to live & exist in their "utopian" society / new normal.

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30 Apr
Here are some of the most important advices i can give to others. Stop idolizing people, do not lift anyone to the guru status, never stop questioning, even if you consider some of the people you trust & follow to be true experts in a given field.
Do not fall for the trap of unquestioned trust & obedience to authority. If you avoid all of these things, you will also avoid cult like mentality & behaviour. There are lots of brilliant people in a #TeamReality / Lockdown Sceptics movement who have exceptional knowledge ..
and skills, who are also correct on many different topics & issues like lockdowns, masks, covid related data analysis etc. but some of them are wrong about many other things. This is not their fault thought, they just simply fail to question their previous pre-pandemic ..
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25 Apr
1/ Is what we are currently experiencing & facing up against, a long time & planned genocide of the human mind ? Read this old but fascinating article from 1974 & try to draw parallels to the current time & to what has been actually happening slowly ..

archive.scienceforthepeople.org/vol-6/v6n3/gen… Image
2/ .. for decades in Western societies & where things are going. Consider what they were trying to do & accomplish back then & what they can do now, based on all the advancements in technology, science, engineering & mathematics. Read the article and think about last 16 months .. Image
3/ .. and swap certain words that are being constantly repeated by the politicians, media & so called experts. Do the same with all anti-pandemic measures, coercion and manipulation tactics & ongoing psychological warfare. It is a near perfect fit & improved one on top of that. Image
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25 Apr
1/ I really didn't want to do this & i always try to stay within evidence & science realm & avoid ideas that are "out there" but this needs to be looked at. Any brave souls to follow that path & possibly connect the dots between these 6 reports ?

1st one:
2/ "Scientific evidence shows that individuals vac. with live virus V such as MMR (measles, mumps & rubella), rotavirus, chicken pox, shingles & flu can shed virus for many weeks or months afterwards & infect vaccinated & unvaccinated alike."

2nd one:
3/ There is a clear signal present, meaning spikes in cases, infections & deaths in every country that has started a V program on a large scale. For some countries it even looks like the entire new epidemic wave is occuring right after mass V.

3rd one:
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20 Apr
1/ How one can influence the masses & change their perception of reality without using mainstream media ? How can you force that change in thinking, bring people back to reality & sanity without death, pain, suffering, war & violence ? The one who will find the answer ...
2/ .. to this question will be the hero of our times. It needs to be something simple, applicable, easy to implement, possibly old fashioned even. Is it even possible to accomplish such a feat ? Or we all, as as society / civilization, are simply doomed to repeat past mistakes ..
3/ .. endlessly, reach the bottom & try to get out of it ? Or perhaps, the only path forward & into the future is always through hardships, death & destruction like it always happened before ? What it will take for people to wake up from a covid spell & propaganda ? Or maybe we..
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