GOP denials of America's racism are rooted in a rhetoric of "progress" (as in, look how far we've come). But remember, these folks say MAGA which means the old days weren't that bad. And what progress was made had nothing to do w/people like them...(1)…
The right opposed the civil rights movement (National Review, the entire conservative movement), and the fact that moderate GOP lawmakers joined w/Northern Dems to pass Civil Rts laws doesn't acquit them...(2)
Finally, what progress has been made is never fixed. It can be taken back and the right is trying, by attacking voting access, weakening anti-discrimination laws, attacking affirmative action, etc. (3)...
But most importantly, "progress" isn't the point. We should judge the country in relation to the ideal of justice for all, not w/ regard to the past. To accept progress as enough is to say Jews shouldn't mind modern anti-semitism bc at least we're not on the train to Sobibor (4)
To accept progress as sufficient is like saying that if your kids mature from 7 to 17, you won't expect even better from them at 30, cuz ya know, look how they've progressed since grade school...that's not how it works

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21 Apr
1/ To those defending the shooting of Ma'Khia Bryant bc she had a knife, in many other countries where cops don't have guns (or rarely use them) there are knives. The same scene would have to have been dealt with differently elsewhere. How? And why can't we do that?
2/ Non-lethal force would have been used elsewhere, but in the US we just sign off on the state killing people, especially Black folks, but too often whites too. Why? People who are endangering others elsewhere are dealt with differently. Seriously, why can't we do that?
3/ Yes, it's possible that in those other countries, not being able to respond w/lethal force might allow a stabbing until the person is subdued. Same in Columbus. But the stabbing would unlikely be fatal while the bullet is. With a different response, NO one has to die...
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21 Apr
So while folks are telling us how the Chauvin verdict proves change is here, please note: the Columbus PD killed a 15 yr old girl #MakiyahBryant today. But they didn't even arrest any of the OSU students who were flipping cars and tearing shit up after a damned exhibition game.
Correction to the spelling name of the young woman killed by Columbus Police today. Her name is Ma'Khia Bryant. I used the early hashtag that had it wrong. Wanted to clear it up. Let's say her name and hold up her family as they fight for justice. #makhiabryant
And let me be clear, I am referring to Ma'Khia as a young woman out of respect, but at 15, she was a child.
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19 Apr
The white ex-investment banker who pulled his kid from a NY prep school bc of antiracism efforts & whose viral letter to other parents claims systemic racism ended 50 yrs ago, also blogged that any COVID mitigation efforts after Feb '20 were useless even if up to 2m died. So...
He also naturally mentioned MLK in his paean to colorblindness (because he never actually read King, or listened to any full MLK speech, including the FULL "I Have a Dream" Speech for that matter)...
...and he insists antiracism efforts today betray MLKs vision, which will come as a shock to, ya know, his daughter, @BerniceKing or anyone else who was in the movement. The late John Lewis would have begged to differ...but what do they know compared to an investment banker?
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13 Apr
1/ The right claims the left wants to "replace" white Americans w/immigrants of color, but if it were up to the left, the global economic order would be more equitable, reducing misery in poor nations, thus reducing migration. Right-wing economics ensure misery and migration...
2/ Ironically, if the left got our way, folks of color in the global south would be better off right where they are, less desperate (and thus less likely to migrate) and wouldn't see coming to the US as the last best hope. But trade policy supported by neo-libs in both parties...
3/ ...along with militarism, support for authoritarianism in the global south, and resource extraction for the benefit of the global north, causes desperate folks to take desperate measures. Left policy would diminish that suffering (global labor standards, etc)...
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10 Apr
1/ There are 2 Oscar-nominated films this year that involve 60s activism in Chicago. One features inspiring resistance & organizing in the face of oppression. The other is about the Chicago 7. Sorry, but any comparison between Fred Hampton and Abbie Hoffman, et al is grotesque...
2/ I knew Abbie, Tom Hayden & William Kuntsler. I had real respect for the latter two and felt genuine empathy for the first of these, bc of his personal demons. But what Hampton was doing was far more revolutionary than anything the 7 dreamt of, let alone did at the DNC in 68...
3/ It bothers me that when we think of activism we tend to gravitate more towards the epic protest model (like the action at the DNC) rather than the more difficult, day-to-day organizing that Hampton was doing w/the Panthers (not to mention the cross-racial class analysis)...
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4 Apr
1/ If you attack critical race theory, singling out Ibram Kendi & Robin DiAngelo (who actually aren't crits & whose arguments differ), then Derrick Bell (who was a crit but differed from both of them) you show you don't understand CRT...
2/ And likely haven't actually read any of the work you're critiquing closely or considered the nuances of antiracist argumentation. Kendi is not DiAngelo is not Bell is not Oluo is not McIntosh is not Crenshaw is not hooks is not Anderson is not Dyson is not West is not Davis...
3/ not Darity is not Bonilla-Silva is not Feagin is not Lopez is not Rankine is not Wilkerson is not Yancy is not Glaude is not Delgado and Stefancic is not Kelley is not Sue is not Horne...
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