My analysis that left would get a rasagolla was based on 2 simple expectations: 1) the remaining Hindu vote of left would be appalled at the alliance with the Furfura party 2) the Muslim vote would consolidate 4 whoever is most likely to stop BJP, that is Mamata in WB.
The Muslim consolidation for the party most likely to defeat BJP was bound to happen,polarizing speech or not.Good politics was not to deny reality but to anticipate it & design ur messaging accordingly. In BJP, only Suvendu did that, rest were all campaigning on petty corruption
Finally, what a Rasagolla was it for the left ! All their current stalwarts, Surjokanto, Sujon bit dust in their bastions, their recent upstarts, the JNU products like Dipsita Dhar and Aishi Ghosh were in the same “humble pie” boat. Heartening outcome!
And, there was another factor that my prediction did not account for, which contributed to the Rasagolla for left. The infusion of the JNU comrades. Even at the height of left’s popularity in WB, no one embraced the JNU left.
Even the most Anglicized of the mass leaders of left,Jyoti Babu,was not a JNU left.The public positions of the left that used to win in WB were on economic grievances &a bit on cultural grievances (kendrer banchona, Bangalir apoman when Rajiv Gandhi said Calcutta was a dead city)
The left leaders who were the public faces of the left front all stayed away from Hindu Muslim issues in their publicized public discourse, unlike the JNU comrades like Aishi Ghosh, Dipsita Dhar etc. Reading that Aishi secured only 15% votes in an erstwhile left bastion, Jamuria.

• • •

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3 May
Ratna Chatterjee won on TMC ticket from Kolkata. Happy about that. I am not too fond of a man (or a woman for that matter) who leaves his wife (or husband) for another. The Shovan-Baisakhi drama was tiring. A public space without the duo is healthier & calmer.
Regardless of the result, BJP’s denial of ticket to Shovan from the seat that Ratna had contested on was the right thing to do. The political campaign would have become a circus. Not exactly sure what was Baisakhi’s claim to ticket in an adjoining seat. Teen-ager behavior.
In the court of public opinion, a woman (or man) deserted by her husband (or his wife) for another, always wins. This is the simple reality that both TMC & BJP understood. If you want to hold an elected public office, start with by respecting your marriage.
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2 May
Creating a thread on putting BJP-RSS’ result in perspective and the lessons staring at us from the result. 1) In hindsight winning WB from 10% vote and 3 seats in previous VS has never been accomplished in history of India, except in Tripura which is a tiny state.
2) Getting to principal opposition from 3 seats is itself a significant feat. It took TMC 15 years to win WB, left about the same time even in coalition with Bangla Congress. So, going by established history anything more was out of question.
3) The goal was inconceivable also because BJP-RSS had no credible Bengali face. Its President Dilip Ghosh Ji is a dyed in a wool RSS man and accordingly hates Bengalis. He regularly abuses Bengalis eg…
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2 Apr
Everyone would say that BJP-RSS won Bengal (I think it will) through a politics of religious polarization. True. But how could they polarize so easily? They barely had any org 5 years back. Communists took 20 years to win power even in coalition +
Never seen the question as to the why of the success of BJP-RSS’ politics of polarization across castes addressed. It is because religion is a major fault line in Indian society at a social and cultural level, not among elites but among middle class to below, far more than caste
Bengal is no exception. All those who spread reams of ink or bytes on how “secular” Bengalis are, both left, BJP-RSS, just do not know the Bengali society from a commoners’ point of view. They have not even talked with common people I suspect, or may even be lying.
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21 Mar
Several of the Abrahamic religions I am aware of prescribe starkly unequal of treatment of believers&disbelievers, both in this world and after death. So, God will punish u if u don’t believe in him. Philosophical question-How exactly is this equality of man in the eyes of God?
This is perhaps an early documentation of viewpoint discrimination,specifically viewpoint of believing in 1 particular concept of God. In contrast, Indic religions espouse the concept of Karma, deeds.Their belief-Karma applies regardless of which God u believe in.This is equality
It is historically documented how over time repeatedly heretics have been persecuted by practitioners of Abrahamic religions just for being heretics, that is, on account of divergence of their belief from what the texts espoused. Is this practiced equality ?
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18 Mar
Never ever speak to any media without maintaining your records. A thread on my experience with media. My first interaction with media. In 2013, a filmmaker contacted me to get my comments on a movie she was making on Modi & Hindus. I was interviewed on video+
Subsequently, the filmmaker sent me documents that I should sign so that she can use the video interview any manner she wants to. I demanded that I have the right to see how she uses my statements, that is after she uses it. She refused and I did not sign.
Second, Newslaundry contacted me 4 my comments on a hit piece they would write against me.I interacted only on email and insisted that they reproduce my statements in full.They agreed and complied grudgingly. In the piece,they mention grudgingly that she asked 2 be reproduced...
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17 Mar
Some facts on Sheikh Mujibur Rehman post 1971. Ramana Kalibari used to be a five century old temple in Dhaka.During 1971 Pakistani army committed mass atrocities in the temple, which included destruction of the temple, burning to death 50 cows in its cowshed, forcible conversion+
+ abduction of women & murder of men who took shelter in the temple + m. After Mujibur Rehman got power courtesy Indian army, he returned the land of the temple not to the original owners but to Bangladesh public works which removed the last vestiges of the temple from the land+
Hindus have now been granted permission to build the temple, not at the original site, but some distance away. Accounts here………
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