To @SecBlinken
I was saddened to note that on World Press Freedom day, you refrained from condemning the Islamic Republic of Iran's egregious violations of press freedom and instead focused on Turkey, China, Egypt & Russia as jailers of journalists. This is unacceptable
2-Last year, the Islamic republic kidnapped Ruhollah Zam from Iraq to Iran where he was executed. Zam's crime was to expose corruption in Iran as part of his work as a journalist. He was innocent
3-According to World Press Freedom Index of @RSF_inter,IRI has one of the most repressive environments for journalists ranking 174 out of 180 countries. Journalists are routinely arrested, forced to make false confessions, are exposed to physical abuse & forced to live in exile.
4-As an Iranian-American journalist myself, I have received death threats from Islamic Republic officials. The regime even planned to lure me to Turkey to abduct me to Iran and finally they took my brother hostage. Your silence is not acceptable.

• • •

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11 Mar
1-Please don't miss a single video of Yasaman Aryani in this thread, an inspirational heroic woman of Iran.

See how many anti-women laws she broke for freedom

Civil disobedience is in her DNA. She’s in jail. Before being jailed, she'd asked me to be her voice #WhiteWednesdays
2- When I first launched My Stealthy Freedom campaign against forced hijab in 2014, she sent me a video of herself walking unveiled in one of the busiest areas of Tehran. She made a sacrifice to urge more women to join the campaign for their rights
3- She risked a lot as being unveiled is a punishable crime in the Islamic Republic. Later, she sent another video of herself riding a bicycle without her compulsory hijab. She was committing 2 crimes -- being unveiled & riding a bike as a woman
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25 Feb
1-To those who labelled recent protesters of Iran's #Sistan_Balochistan province "mobs and smugglers". Let me tell you some stories about the pains that these people have suffered.

Does this child look like a mobster?
2-He was killed 2 years ago by the regime when they stormed into his house looking for his uncle. Without following any protocol, they randomly fired shots at the entire family killing this child, Mostafa, & his dad in the process. They knew very well there’d be no accountability
3-How about this child? Her name was Hosna Bamri. When security forces were on the lookout for a suspect, they shot indiscriminately and killed 4 people including little Hosna. No-one has been brought to justice.
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23 Feb
1-Look at these human faces. They're #Baluchi
people that the Islamic Republic of Iran has killed from city of #Saravan, in #SistanBaluchestan, Iran's poorest province

They're part and parcel of what you call ordinary Iranians. They were shot while trying to feed their families Image
2-Today, people of #Saravan protesting against the regime. The regime has killed dozens of cross-border workers. Many people in this province lack basic necessities and job opportunities. When they try to eke out a living as cross-border workers, they're shot dead by the regime.
3-@JZarif and his supporters both in Iran and abroad love to claim such protesters are "not" ordinary Iranians. They deliberately ignore them. To them, the term ordinary Iranians means those who drive luxury cars and vote for this regime while receiving palpable benefits.
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23 Feb
1-I urgently call on @ukhomeoffice, @Pritipatel to investigate @MohajeraniSayed, a former official of the Islamic Republic who not only supports the fatwa against Salman Rushdie, but has also hailed an assassin as “a hero” attempting to kill an Iranian dissident in France
2-When in 1989, Khomeini issued a fatwa to have @SalmanRushdie murdered, @MohajeraniSayed issued his own call in support
3-Recently, the notorious assassin Anis al-Naqqash, who attempted to kill Shahpour Bakhtiyar, the last prime minister under Shah, in France, died. Naqqash was released in an exchange for French hostages and had proudly admitted his role in the murder on Iranian state TV.
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22 Feb
خطاب به سمیرا زرگری:
چقدر این خواسته‌ی شما از حکومت شرم‌آور است.
مگر چه فرقی بین شما و زنان عادی سرزمین‌مان وجود دارد که شما نیز همانند ابتکار و مولاوردی خود را تافته‌ی جدا بافته می‌دانید و مثل آنها فقط خواستار تغییر قانون ممنوع‌الخروحی مربوط به هم‌صنف‌های خودت میشوی؟
خانم سمیرا زرگری! وقتی شما ممنوع الخروج شدی، زنان معمولی برایت جنگیدند، حالا چگونه میتوانی فقط برای حق خودت بجنگی و به قانون‌گذار واپسگرای کشور بگویی حداقل قانون مربوط به ممنوع‌الخروجی ورزشکاران را اصلاح کن؟
استثنا قائل شدن برای شما یعنی تحمیل تبعیضی دیگر بر زنان عادی ایران!
۳-خانم زرگری! گوش کردن مسؤلان به خواسته تو یعنی‌ تو به عنوان ویترین جمهوری اسلامی سفر خواهی کرد و هر چقدر زنان ایرانی بگویند ما اجازه سفر بی‌اذن شوهر نداریم، تصویر تو را بر سکوهای جهان بر فرق سر خواهرانت می‌کوبند و آزادی صدقه‌ای تو باعث نادیده انگاشتن اسارت میلیون‌ها زن خواهد شد
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20 Feb

1-I call on Italian media to become the voice of
#SamiraZargari, the ski coach of the national team of Iran. She was prevented from going to Italy because her husband didn’t give her permission. Image
2-The Islamic Republic of Iran’s anti-women laws give husbands the right to prevent their wives from being able to leave the county. We need the help of the international community to fight against the gender apartheid in Iran
3-It is the duty of the international community and the Italian media to be the voice of Samira and many other women who are the victims of such anti-women laws. Solidarity transcended boundaries.
Read 5 tweets

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