From the very beginning, nations used corporations for power and profit until corporations turned a corner and reversed the process, transforming nations into support vessels, making use of their militaries, diplomatic functions, and, most importantly, the resources of the people
Corporations were a means of nations moving beyond their boundaries, particularly so they could profit off colonization, slavery, and exploitation. Then, once profit reached a point, the corporation began feeding off the nation and used those boundaries against the people.
Hypercapitalism threw gas onto the fire of growing corporate power, creating an international system to their purpose and liking. Now, corporations have evolved beyond states, outgrown them, subsisting off them as support and theater.…
When we talk about taxing corporations and the wealthiest few, we’re talking about reclaiming the resources we gave them through our tax dollars, their infrastructure, their resources, their protection. It’s taking what’s ours through a gross, disgusting investment.
Politicians and economists have completely twisted the reality of corporations and this repulsive redistribution of wealth. We’re suffering under unnecessary austerity as these bodies double-dip profits, buy off our government, and dismantle representative politics.

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5 May
Starting an “extra inning game” in the 8th inning of a doubleheader with a runner on second is a confluence of unbelievably stupid and insulting ideas.
I’m just so tired of abysmal management and all this needless, exhausting tinkering.
You’re baseball. Stop this garbage. Quit trying to please people WHO HATE BASEBALL.
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4 May
The capitalist system was LITERALLY built on the backs of enslaved people of color and the systematic destruction and exploitation of their societies.

This is the undeniable, demonstrably accurate origin.
To begin the capitalist system, a relentless machine that continues based on and fueled by the continual exploitation of people of color, European powers relied on the mythology of white supremacy to enslave and destroy people. That’s how accumulation worked.
Slavery, colonization, forced labor, genocide, the establishment of prejudiced laws and government, were all tools of capital accumulation.

Capitalism isn’t incapable of racism. It’s literally intertwined and indivisible. Pointing out cultural “progress” doesn’t change this.
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1 May
It’s beyond ghoulish that people are suffering and dying while the wealthy and politicians sit around talking about the sanctity of patents and intellectual property.
What’s currently happening internationally with the pandemic, as America’s media largely turns to “post-pandemic life” and ignores disturbing, tragic trends, not to mention as new variants are created which could just wipe us out, is really, really grotesque.
At some point, whether it’s with the pandemic, climate crisis, economic interdependence, or the growing international coalition against democracy and human rights, we’re going to have to realize something very critical: we all live together or we all die together.
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29 Apr
Nothing Biden proposed last night was "radical."

It was an uncontroversial plan to modernize America after decades of intentional destruction on behalf of the wealthy and powerful.

We have to recognize how we've arrived at this point of crisis.

Biden's address is already being framed as "radical" and "socialist," but it was simply a reckoning with very real problems.

That it could be treated as dangerous is proof of just how far the Right has lost its grip on reality, and the purpose they serve.

Let's be very clear.

The GOP's only purpose at this point is to obstruct progress, redistribute wealth from the poor to the wealthy, and convince Americans the government can never do anything to help them and then redirect their anger toward vulnerable populations.

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28 Apr
Here’s the thing though. These people actually do believe slavery had positives.

The white supremacist mindset continues to hold that slave labor was necessary to build the economy and that people of color require paternalistic direction lest they destroy the world.
When people talk about “protect our culture and heritage,” they’re talking about perpetuating a myth that white supremacy was necessary and the cruelty, slavery, and oppression was required to build the modern world.
This is why the Right demands fealty and worship of the Founders, a mythological history that deifies America, and a well-funded law enforcement over education.

Maintaining the alternate reality where white supremacy and oppression of people of color is of the utmost importance.
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27 Apr
As it's becoming increasingly clear the FBI and police have partnered with the Proud Boys, we need to talk about the long and ugly history of the alliance between law enforcement and fascist groups in protecting white supremacy and the wealthy.

It was shocking to a lot of people to see police and paramilitary groups buddy up to each other during the BLM protests, but history shows these groups have the same interests and goals.

They work together for a common goal: protecting white supremacy and the economic system

Revelations have shown that the Proud Boys and their leaders have been partnering with law enforcement, federal and local, in targeting "Antifa."

This is how it happens. The Right and law enforcement partner to take down possible reformers.

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