(fem!jc, xicheng, nsfw, sex toys, underage)

jc being betrothed to lxc, and marrying into gusu lan means she will have to live according to their customs including their sex customs 🤭young meimei a few years before she goes to the cloud recesses, and after she gets her first
period has a box with cloud carvings sent to her and inside are a few jade pestles, she knows these are obviously from gusu lan but she's just an innocent white lotus and doesn't know what these are - yzy has to explain them to her and by the end she's blushing red uwu
the box arrives at lotus pier brought by a few female lan healers, who then usher jc meimei into a private room, get her to pull her skirt aaallll the way up to her waist and spread her legs so that they can touch her pussy, rub the pink folds and little nub until meimei's legs
are shaking, sliding fingers inside her until her pussy and inner channels are nice and wet and gaping a little, so that it's easier for the healers to slide in the smallest and thinnest jade dildo inside her tight cunny, jc letting out a noise of discomfort at the slightly
painful stretch, but she nods truthfully when the lan healer asks her if it's bearable, cheeks pink as she pulls her inner pants up to keep the dildo inside her, and she can feel the pale blue tassel attached to the end of the object tickling her thighs, secured there so that
the tool can be easily pulled out without getting stuck 🤣 meimei asks the healers why she has to do this, trembling a little when she stands up and can feel the jade piece rubbing against her walls, and the healers simply tell her that it is the lan custom to get the brides
"ready for your future husband, so that your consummation will not be painful" and the mental images conjured by their words has her cheeks turn even pinker~

they tell her to keep the dildo inside of her as much as possible, but of course to take it out regularly and clean it
when she bathes, to touch and finger herself to get herself wet so that it's easier to push it back in~ don't want the future bride of the first jade of lan to hurt herself~ and when she gets older, she'll move on to the longer, bigger, and thicker dildos~
jiang healers are expected to reply to the lan healers' letters sent to them on maiden jiang's performance, and if she adheres to the criteria, for her to move up in size, and during the times jc meimei meets lxc, her future husband, she's expected to tell him about her progress
and tell him which size she is on, blushing madly, while lxc's eyes drop downward, full of the knowledge that she currently has that toy inside her, her cunt slowly being stretched and shaped to take him during their wedding night <3 lxc grips his robes until his knuckles whiten
and has to remind himself of his clan's rules, of restraint and patience, he can only ravish the pretty maiden jiang when they are married, and marriage occurs once a bride is fully ready to accommodate 😏😏😏 her husband

during these visits, the same lan healers also visit,
and do checks on jc meimei themselves, having her bend over, drop her pants and hike her skirts up so that they can check the jade toy inside and pulling it out to inspect the colour and health and flexibility of her pussy, to make sure everything is progressing as it should~
and when jc finally goes to the cloud recesses, and no one but lxc and the lan elders and healers knows that the maiden jiang has a jade dildo inside her at all times, having learned to move and fight gracefully and powerfully with it inside her, lxc manages to get her in a
private place with just the two of them, no chaperones, asks to see her progress, hand resting on her thighs and keeping them apart, and jc blushes, because lxc is going to be her husband someday, and she's flicked the sensitive little nub between her legs thinking about being
with him in the future, so she lays back, spreads her legs, and like how she's always done with the healers, drops her pants and pulls up her skirts to show him the jade toy inside her, and lxc reaches to grasp the pale blue tassel and pull the dildo out, watching transfixed as
the white dildo slides out of her cunt, the pink lips stretching and bulging, yielding to the girth of the jade which itself glistens with his future bride's slick, her smooth, flat belly heaving with breaths as he pulls it out, and lxc realizes that this is the final dildo
"do you play with it, jiang-guniang?" lxc asks, voice a little hoarse
"w-what do you mean, play with it?" she's a little breathless, squeaking when he thrusts it back with unexpected force, her thighs quaking and a blush blooming on her face, "like this," lxc clarifies, playing
with the toy by pushing it in and out of her a few times, relishing the way she shakes and curls her fingers, slick trickling out of her pussy. "n-no, I do that just t-to get it inside..." she pants, big blue eyes wide as she holds her sleeve to her mouth, trying to hide her moan
both of them are still young, jc at 15 and himself 18, so there's a good chance he'll still....grow, but jc in the classes of the cloud recesses has proven herself diligent and hardworking, and this is certainly proof of her dedication, working her way so quickly to the final toy
and to the lans, once a bride is ready for her groom, they can be married

lxc praises her for how good and diligent she's been with her preparations as he lays his future bride over his lap like a naughty child, her skirts bunched up around her waist and legs parted so he can
jerk and thrust the toy in and out of her, fucking her cute sopping pussy with it, and he's rock hard at her whimpers and moans and pleas, teasing her unrelentingly until she seizes up, shaking, and cries out her pleasure as more slick gushes out of her in her orgasm
meimei cums for the first time from something in her pussy, and it feels so good, being overwhelmed with all these new sensations from her husband - future husband, and only with him

and, seeing his pretty bride-to-be taking the toys so nicely, in lxc's mind they're as good as
already married, since that's what everyone said, once the bride is ready she can be wed, and he pulls the toy out of jc's pussy and sets it aside, her slick pooling on the floor next to the dildo while he undresses and pulls his erect cock out, nudging her reddened pussy lips
meimei finds herself flipped onto her back and the head of lxc's cock at her pussy, and she hardly has time to react until he's pushing in and she g a s p s because even though she got used to the largest size, lxc is even bigger, having grown from the last time that toy was made
she whimpers in confusion, eyes snapping open as she realizes that her betrothed has just taken her maidenhead, while lxc breathes "you're everything and more i've ever dreamed of, a-cheng," before finally fucking her in earnest
they make enough noise that lqr comes in to check on them, and meimei is mortified seeing lqr - her future uncle-in-law witnessing lxc taking her virginity, but lxc leans back to show jc taking him so well, spreading her pussy lips with his fingers so lqr can see, and lqr just
asks "jiang wanyin, do you feel any pain?" to which jc truthfully shakes her head no, and lqr just nods approvingly and leaves with a "be sure to take proper precautions, lxc"

and jc's pussy trembles at how nonchalant he is at the whole thing, dawning that this is what it really
means to be betrothed to a lan, to be a lan bride, the room filling with the squelches of lxc's dick sliding in and out of her wet pussy as lxc fucks deep into her and touches places she never knew she had, sending electricity down her spine
lqr later on casually asks jc if lxc was satisfying enough and she blushes and nods shyly, lqr approving because gusu lan's motto is to seek excellence in everything they do, even in preparing and ravishing their brides
lans usually get engaged young, with the groom older than the bride, so that she has enough time to be properly trained and prepared in their spousal duties, and that's why jc meimei was chosen uwu, even if jyl wasn't betrothed to jzx, she would have been too old and too close in
age to lxc to be prepared adequately ~ and despite all the training jc went through to stretch her pussy, she whimpered and trembled during their wedding night because lxc got even bigger and thicker and she could feel the stretch in her pussy~ while lxc played with and fondled
her perky breasts, having grown even more since the last time she was at the cloud recesses for study~ jc and lxc have amazing sexual compatibility and it helped build a great foundation for a lasting kinky marriage 🤭🤭🤭🤭
uwu anyway big thanks to @PurpleNies and @necroprankster for helping develop this hornee idea uwu

• • •

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"why did you leave me?" lbh demands, gripping sy's shoulders, "why did you pretend to be that scum?"
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