After accidentally stumbling upon a mobile cyberpunk game with a bangin’ premise, which ultimately failed to deliver, I searched the App Store for other cyberpunk gems.

The result wasn’t what I expected.
“Dragon Raja” was one of the titles the App Store recommended under “cyberpunk.”

If a video game could be a rabbit hole all to itself, it would be Dragon Raja. ImageImage
Dragon Raja has some incredible reviews on the App Store. Most call the game “life changing.” I’m sure these are real reviews, and not paid reviews from a phone farm.
Dragon Raja’s store screen shots and in game gameplay demo are somewhat confusing. I’m not sure if I’m about to launch into Final Fantasy VIII, Need for Speed, Kingdom Hearts or Second Life. It can go either which way really. ImageImageImageImage
But the wonderment and amazement of the title doesn’t stop there. It’s a wild ride. What I really want to talk about is...

Loading screens.
Ah loading screens. The bane of many a gamer. Rarely interesting, sometimes a developer may try, such as Kingdom Hearts Union X allowing you to to poof foes, or Soulslike feeding you item descriptions.

Dragon Raja decided to keep you engaged by making the load screens confusing.
Without further ado...
“Though I know I have to stay away from you, yet I can’t help but to embrace you with all my power.”

If I were the protagonist of a steamy airport romance novel, I’d swoon. Image
“Dad, it’s raining again.. that day.. if I didn’t run away, would it be different?”

I kinda like the rain, but as a kid it got me melancholic because it meant not being able to play outside. I feel this dude may have some deeper shit than that, though.

Also.. Poor ellipses.. Image
“We will not abandon each other on this road, even death cannot part us.”

They’re definitely either talking about being stuck on I95 or an unhealthy relationship. Image
“Do you know first love? It’s normally unreasonable.”

If the above loading screen quotes about being clingy to toxic individuals and lovers death pacts are an indication of how romance works in Raja, then I agree, certainly in this world it is unreasonable. Image
“If we meet again one day, how should I respond? With silence, tears or blade?”

People in this world definitely should not date. Image
“If the world turns against you, then it’s my enemy.”

I hope Linkin Park composed the soundtrack. Image
“Shocking! Finger ,the news agency’s president, doesn’t hesitate to sacrifice him self to protect the free world.”

Now we know this is fiction because news agencies and presidents have some level of social responsibility.

Even if being an editor-in-chief sounds a tad intense. Image
“Well, I’m an educator. I can teach different people with different methods. For him, he just needs to smile.”

I feel like if I got him as a teacher I’d want a tuition refund and a restraining order. Image
“A very neurotic friend, will trust you right away and be with you forever.”

I’m not sure you know what “neurotic” means. Image
And why does every relationship sound so damn unhealthy?
“We all are little monsters. One day the righteous Ultraman will end us.”

W... Wait.


As in THE Ultraman?

How did we go from “we live in a society” to “so Ultraman’s gonna kill us.” Image
Like, you don’t get it. The people of this world are really, very afraid of Ultraman. Image
That’s it for the kid screens. But you think it ends there? Nah.
I neglected to mention one of the store screenshots is Eva Unit-01.

As big an NGE fan as I am this had no bearing on me downloading the game. If anything, it just added to my confusion, and the model is so poorly integrated I initially thought it was a bootleg. Image
The game recognizes there are more than two genders btw. Male, Female and... Girl. ImageImageImage
Btw, when you enter the game world it looks like this. Late medieval/early modern vaguely Nordic architecture and wooden sleds.

Oh and a robot, in case you forgot this was meant to all be very confusing. Image
All of this, and I haven’t even started playing the game yet. This is just the first few minutes.

If it continues to be this weird and confusing, I’ll be sure to update with more of this strange journey.

• • •

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