That's a central tenet, but it is so much more. It's a school of jurisprudence, founded by Derrick Bell, which says that the law isn't a neutral arbiter of fact, as law schools traditionally teach, but rather functions to uphold white supremacy
One of the key concepts is something Professor Bell called interest convergence: the idea that Black people only make progress when their interests converge with White Americans, the classic example being Brown v. Board of Education.
He saw that decision as arising out of a need to shore up America's reputation abroad during the cold war, when, proclaiming it represented democracy and freedom, while have legally segregated school system was starting to become problematic.
(The same way, incidentally, one could argue, police shootings are now.)
But, despite the US Supreme Court decision in Brown v. Board of Education, 50 then 60 years later, he would note, schools remained more segregated than ever.
So in this way the law functioned to perpetuate white supremacy.
Anyway, this is just one part of a very complex theory - so many other amazing scholars, like Cheryl Harris, Kimberle Crenshaw, Patricia Williams.

Ideas like intersectionality are fundamental.
Also key for Professor Bell was the way race functioned to divide poor people - Cheryl Harris wrote Whiteness as Property.
Anyway, it's so much more than that one thing.

I don't know what age the children are supposed to be who are being taught critical race theory, but it's pretty complex, like I still find it a lot to grapple with, so there's that part.
Point being, when people talk about critical race theory being taught in schools, I am pretty sure this is not what they're talking about.
PS. I had the very good fortune to have Derrick Bell supervise my doctoral dissertation. He was my mentor and became like a surrogate father to me. Every time I read about "critical race theory" the way it is used now, I think how it would blow his mind.

• • •

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3 May
He literally opened the door so rioters could enter the state capitol - and they charged him with misdemeanors.

And yet, prosecutors will charge Black and Brown people with serious felonies in a heartbeat if they're even present at the scene of a crime.…
They could charge him with any of the offenses with which they charged the rioters - on an acting in concert theory.

They use that all the time to charge groups of people who play different roles in, for instance, a robbery - where one was a lookout, the get away driver etc.
But they also often will charge way too many people, like maybe where a group of kids got into a fight, they will charge 20 teenagers with gang assault, and some of them were literally just onlookers, who ran away when the police arrived.
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1 May
So, Australia's borders have been closed for more than a year now, even to its own citizens, leaving untold numbers stranded overseas.

Now, 9,000 Australian citizens in India may also be subject to fines or imprisonment if they try to return home.…
The government has also provided no financial support to its citizens stranded in foreign countries except for one-time loans in the amount of $1,500 US.

It's the only country in the world which has closed its borders to its own citizens.
There are limited flights from Europe and the US, but the caps on entry are so low, they sell out within seconds, and airlines give priority to people flying business and first class.

A one way ticket from Europe or the US right now costs between $10,000 to $30,000 US.
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30 Apr
A judge has found Harold O'Bryant liable in the wrongful death of 21-year-old Willie Brown Jr. who was found hanging from a tree in O'Bryant's front yard in 2018.

Willie, who was Black, was dating and had a child with O'Bryant's stepdaughter, who is…
According to the statement of facts presented to the court, on the night in question, Willie was at O'Bryant's house arguing with O'Bryant's stepdaughter, Alexis.

O'Bryant grabbed a gun, which his wife begged him to put away.

Willie then left the house, closing the door.
O'Bryant followed Willie outside.

While outside, O’Bryant and possibly others “confronted and battered Jones and used nylon rope to hang him."…
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27 Apr
An Alabama court ruled today that Evan Miller, who at 14 was the youngest child ever sentenced to life without parole, and who was the plaintiff in the landmark SCOTUS case, Miller v. Alabama, will never be released from prison.…
In Miller v. Alabama, SCOTUS ruled that mandatory life sentences for children were unconstitutional. Each sentencing decision had to consider the individual person, and LWOP sentences limited only to children who demonstrated “irreparable corruption.”…
Last week, SCOTUS issued a decision that essentially gutted Miller v. Alabama, and a subsequent decision in Montgomery v. Louisiana, ruling it was not necessary for a court to find a child demonstrated "irreparable corruption" to sentence them to LWOP.…
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27 Apr
DOJ planning all these investigations of police departments, I just want to know, what's up with the investigation into Mississippi's prison system announced more than a year ago?…
The number of people who died in Mississippi state correctional custody reached a record high in 2020.…
The DOJ conducted a similar investigation into Alabama's prison system. The resulting report was horrific, but got very little mainstream media coverage.…
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26 Apr
Why is every cable news outlet having @amyklobuchar on to comment on the Derek Chauvin verdict?

Have they forgotten that as Hennepin County Attorney she declined to prosecute Chauvin when he shot and killed another man, Wayne Reyes, in 2006?…
Literally, but for her decision not to prosecute, George Floyd might be alive today.

It's sickening.
Klobuchar did not prosecute any of the 29 police killings that occurred while she was Hennepin County Attorney. Not one.…
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