This tweet thankfully makes clear from @sohrabahmari that much of the American right and certainly his Integralist Catholic right is not simply opposed to "liberalism" in the modern sense associated with the Democratic party but "liberalism" in the much broader sense which ...
2/ has been part of the national political consensus in the US for centuries. The love for autocracy, authoritarianism and basic human freedom isn't reactive or incidental but the centerpiece. This is only underscored by the fact that he embraces a country that is not only ...
3/ authoritarian to its core but both in terms of ideology and state policy deeply hostile to all organized religions, which are at best tolerated in China. The primary commitment isn't liberalism certainly or even traditionalist Catholicism but a profound rejection and ...
4/ indeed hatred of human freedom and civic democracy.

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28 Apr
I haven’t read a column this disingenuous in a long time.…
My point about this article being disingenuous isn't that I think it's bad policy to start taxing universities and charitable foundations, tho I mostly think it's bad policy. That's not his point. His point is that if you want to hike taxes on the extremely wealthy you're ...
2/ somehow a hypocrite or not consistent if you don't also raise taxes on universities and charities. That is absurd. Taxing Bill Gates is not the same as taxing his foundation, even though both generate lots of income. Charities can be mismanaged of course. But the equation ...
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25 Apr
it serves no purpose to suspend sale of the roth bio. if the aim is to make amends the publisher can (shld) contribute the proceeds to a relevant charity. The authors accusers can sue the author for his earnings. the book shld remain in the wild.…
2/ I say this on the assumption that all the accusations against the author are true. Roth was one of the most celebrated English language authors of the later half of the 20th century. this book benefited from extensive and highly candid interviews with Roth and privileged ...
3/ access to his papers. that makes it an important literary document entirely apart from the actions of the author. A tome about Roth is unlikely to be a high selling beach read. If the publisher feels the issue is a matter of principle they are free to release it to a ...
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25 Apr
This is such a weird thing to me. When I was a kid "Josh" was a pretty uncommon, verging on rare name. This is SoCal in the 70s. Like when you were at a convenience store looking at those little license plates with names? No Josh. Ever. Even weirder is "Jacob" which was to my ...
2/ recollection was almost exclusively Jewish, very rare, and had more than a bit of the feel of the shtetl about it.
3/ On a related front, when we named our first son "Sam" in 2006 it seemed very cool and retro to me since Sam (in my youth) was basically your grandpas friend at the senior center. As it turned out basically everyone was naming their son Sam. More of the long history ...
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24 Apr
On this question of Biden tax proposal. He raises income tax rates just back to where they were pre-Trump, relatively minor shift. The bigger deal is taxing capital gains at the same rate as wage income. Rates aside this has always struck me as a elementary matter of equity.
2/ Why should super wealthy people who make most of their money from capital gains pay a lower rate than middle class families with wage income. Makes no sense. Yes, there are arguments abt growth. But those arguments have very little empirical evidence behind them.
3/ And if nothing else it leads to a lot of what is in effect upper end wage/salary income being repurposed into capital gains. What's unclear to me in the write ups I've seen is whether the proposal is simply to tax wages and gains at the same rate up and down the scale ...
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22 Apr
This “killology” stuff is a cancer within American policing. Not to say the rest doesn’t have a lot of problems. But this is the worst of the worst and many PD unions fund this kind of training.
2/ I'd recommend reading up on the subject. But the gist is it trains police to approach encounters with the default assumption of a kill first or be killed mindset - even though very few encounters police officers will ever have actually resembles anything like this.
3/ Needless to say, training police to operate like this is a good way to get a lot of civilians killed. The deeper part of it is to desensitize people to what the originator of the theory rightly sees as an ingrained reluctance (he calls it a phobia) to kill other people.
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20 Apr
This chyron from Greenwalds appearance on Fox last night illustrates what yesterday’s high-fiving was all about. Sicknick’s death “was weaponized to portray mob as barbaric & murderous.” As it was from the start with Greenwald and his pals on the right, the controversy over ...
2/ the modalities of Sicknicks death was a conspiracy to demonize Trumpite insurrectionists, to turn their exuberant 1st amendmentism into something “barbaric and murderous.” For Greenwald the baddies here r some mix of “neoliberalism”, people who won’t admit Hillary Clinton ...
3/ deserved to lose and the vast array of villains who at various points refused to validate and applaud Greenwalds latest hobbyhorse as the most righteous ever. Just why Sicknick died seems likely to remain a permanent mystery. As the Medical Examiner himself suggested ...
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