So, back when the Charlesgate and Fensgate dorms were a thing at Emerson College, there was one specific bridge viewable from the dorms that was between where Interstate 90 dumped you and getting into Boston University, and BU students smashing their U-Haul trucks into it.
I've actually believed for some time that the greatest thing is how bright rental trucks are and it should almost be a law they're incredibly bright, because "HELLO, THE DRIVER OF THIS TRUCK NEVER DRIVES TRUCKS"
BONK! Stay on the left side, families driving your BU students in!
I'm going whole hog on this. You and your family want to go to the green X upper left. But you're on the blue road that goes UNDER the city. By the time you hit that second blue arrow, you're all freaking out. You then desperately follow the red arrows trying to get back.
You might look at this and go "Wait, what about that road next to the water! That doesn't seem so bad - go there." And that is Storrow and that brings us back to the video on this thread. And there are signs saying NOOOOO TRUUUUUUUCKS and so the family's in a panic and then BONK
Welcome to Boston! Oh, you brought a VEHICLE? You HUCKLEBERRY

Ever try to shove a hot dog through a straw? Strap in
New York drivers are AGGRESSIVE

Boston drivers are ANGRY

• • •

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3 May
From "Cyberspeak" by @Ihnatko (1996)
Was there ever a real "MacroHard" company? Yes.
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21 Apr
You can't really comprehend the full depth of this until you visit the Doyle Estate site
Imagine you control a file folder and you tell the photographer to style your family as if you run an international spy network
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16 Apr
This is not a good deal at all, but I feel it's fair to people who paid me money a few years back for a remaining run of BBS Documentary.

I found a very small pile of original BBS Documentary packages. I'm selling them for $500. DM me if you want to pay that ridiculous amount.
Remember, you can download all the ISOs of these DVDs for free here:…

And watch it here:

I get asked all the time if I have any left. Now you know: I do but you don't want to pay this for them.
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7 Apr
Played 25 minutes of NARITA BOY which was enough to remind me why, even though you think they're designed for people like me, I don't play games like NARITA BOY
From the garbage-truck level of dumping of backstory on your head, followed by slippery platforming, requirement to find zelda-level enemies without zelda-level avoidance, and a sense that THIS is a platform or door NO WAIT JUST DECORATION wait THIS is a platform endlessly.
It's 2021. You can't just pixel-art your way out of this. Make a patreon and send me screensavers. nice big complicated ones.
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4 Apr
When I really put my head in my hands and realize it was RMS' specific and overarching influence that said "Not only should software licenses be considered important, they should be considered important enough that any new announcement should be accompanied by you screaming"
"If a person, company, or group happily announces or displays any effort, creative or otherwise, your very first response should not be thanks for the effort or questions on its approach and function, but a yelling demand it be licensed a specific way"
"Now, there will be others will who also mention, after a few other questions, about a license, but they might suggest a version of the license that functions slightly different from you. You should commence screaming at them and also the original party. Switching fast."
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2 Apr
The greatest love story in videogames is Michael and Muffy Berlyn
Infocom wouldn't hire Muffy, a collaborator on Suspended and Infidel, because apparently you can't get your team partner hired because you're married to each other. Berlyn left Infocom sooner than most of the Imps to start a company with Muffy and get hired as consultants.
Every time I've hung out with them, this world very obviously just a place they are visiting, and their world is each other
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