This is just diabolical.

Labour won 52.5% of the vote in Hartlepool in 2017. They won nearly 5 points more than the result below in 2019.

Labour isn't just failing to win back 2017 Labour voters who voted for the Brexit Party in 2019 - it's bleeding support to leftwing parties.
All Keir Starmer's very loud and well connected cheerleaders are currently doing is making excuses.

If this poll is right, Labour under his leadership are doing considerably worse than 2019, when Brexit dominated all of British politics and Corbyn was undeniably very unpopular.
Labour didn't win in 2017, as we are all told a lot. But given it did win 40%, won seats for the first time since 1997, had the biggest surge in votes since 1945, *and* won thumping majorities in seats like Hartlepool, lessons have to be learned from that - or Labour is sunk.
And by the way, if Corbyn was seen as a legitimate Labour leader, we wouldn't even be debating learning lessons from the 2017 election - everyone would agree we should understand why it wasn't enough for Labour to win, but it did show Labour making progress to be built upon.
Yes, the NHS vaccine rollout helps the government, which is why Labour shouldn't have bet the house on competence as a dividing line.

But the Tories have overseen one of the worst pandemic responses on earth. It's on Labour that they failed to pin that on the government.
Nobody progressive should look at polls like that from Hartlepool and feel any sense of glee. Britain is in serious danger of going the way of Hungary, run by authoritarian populists destroying democracy. Labour are currently woefully failing to stop that from happening.
Oh, and if Labour loses Hartlepool and you respond "It's Corbyn's fault!!!!" - even though Labour kept the seat twice under his leadership, including with the biggest majority since 2001 in 2017 - then you are either terminally dishonest or terminally delusional.
This delusion is all over twitter.

Labour won over half the vote in Hartlepool in 2017. Many of them then voted for the Brexit Party in 2019 when Brexit was a huge issue. Labour should now be winning them back. They're not.

If that poll is right, the Tories will win Hartlepool whether the Northern Independence Party exist or not - and rather than blaming people in Hartlepool for voting for NIP, maybe ask why they're doing it and how Labour can win them back. Labour aren't entitled to anyone's vote!
Another thing.

In 2015, Labour won 35.6% of the vote in Hartlepool - less than it did in 2019 - while 28% voted for UKIP - more than voted for the Brexit Party in 2019.

But in 2017, Labour benefited from UKIP's collapse and won 52.5%.

So why isn't the same happening today?
For those who are pretending not to understand statistics, Labour is:

a) Failing to win over people who voted Labour in 2017 and then voted Brexit Party in 2019

b) Losing support to the Northern Independence Party and the Greens which

c) Gives them a lower vote share than 2019

• • •

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5 Apr
It's extremely insulting to LGBTQ people to be completely dishonest like this. Keir Starmer didn't just visit the church, he made it the centrepiece of Labour's Easter campaign video. What is achieved by knowingly twisting reality like this?
It would be better all round if Labour just said "Sorry, we didn't google it, if we'd realised, we wouldn't have used this particular church as the centrepiece of a campaign video".

But they're so scared of being labelled incompetent they gaslight LGBTQ people instead
Labour's problem is this incident comes on top of not addressing rampant transphobia in the party and parachuting into Hartlepool a candidate who lauded Saudi Arabia after its gay murdering dictatorship paid to fly him over there.

It looks like two fingers up to LGBTQ people.
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3 Apr
I was going to ignore this, but actually it needs to be addressed.

A gay father who co-parents children with a lesbian couple celebrated having kids, I expressed an interest in also similarly co-parenting, and our timelines are now full of anti-trans activists screaming at us.
The utter obsessive poisonousness of the anti-trans cult on this website is certainly something to behold!
246 retweets for someone dismissing a gay father's co-parents as "reproductive workers" and his children as "human commodities".

I love this website!
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25 Mar
Glad to hear that police officers in Bristol did not suffer broken bones or a punctured lung - and given this was widely reported to underline the violent nature of the protests, it's important that these details are publicised.
Avon and Somerset Police reported as fact that their officers had suffered broken bones and a punctured lung. Thankfully, this did not happen.

Why did they state this as fact? The truth matters in a climate in which our authorities seek to suppress our rights and freedoms.
Claims that Bristol police officers suffered broken bones and a collapsed lung formed the basis of horrified headlines in national media outlets.

That's used to justify demonising protesters and clamping down on the right to protest.

But these reports were entirely false.
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22 Mar
Fascinating to see how "merciless purge of the Left" is absolutely fine and acceptable language, but "kill the Bill" - the same slogan as the trade union campaign against Ted Heath's anti-union legislation in the 1970s - makes you "fascist-adjacent". Image
Might I politely suggest that calling for "a merciless purge of the Left" makes you sound rather more fascist-adjacent than being part of a campaign to stop a right-wing government crushing peaceful protest by law.
Might I also politely suggest that if you have a record of writing disgusting racist articles for a hard right newspaper, you've lost any right to call anyone else "fascist-adjacent". Image
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4 Mar
This is worse result for Labour than the 2019 election.
Ok, all the people who said opinion polls must be taken very seriously 2015-2019 are now saying that actually opinion polls are irrelevant. Glad to know the rules have now in fact changed.
For all the people pointing to the vaccine rollout.

This is the the result of the failure to pin one of the world’s worst death tolls, death rates and economic hits on the Tories.

Instead Labour bet the house on competence rather than vision - a strategy the vaccine destroyed.
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24 Feb
The Labour leadership is now positioning itself to the right of the Tories on economic policy and refusing to rule out opposing Rishi Sunak hiking taxes on big businesses - and specifically those who have profiteered from the pandemic.

Farcical. Grotesque. Indefensible.
Who on earth is this supposed to be appeal to?

Lost Scottish voters? lol

The Red Wall? The polling consistently shows Labour to Tory voters are to the left on economics - which the Tories are adeptly exploiting.

So even by crude political logic, what on earth is the strategy
There's growing frustration among shadow ministers about this, who fear the Labour leader's office lack politics and veto any talk of Labour supporting tax rises, even if it means being outflanked by the Tories from the left.
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