You might be wondering why Robert Peel's picture is included on the cover of Sgt. Peppers. He is the key to unlocking the entire cover. Peel was British Home Secretary from 1822 to 1830.
The Home Secretary is of course in charge of the Home Office. Although the Home Office was formed in 1782, it wasn't until the arrival of Peel in the 1820's that the police services (and especially the secret police) were brought into it. This was Peel's specialty.
Robert Peel is sort of the father of the British Secret Service. He didn't invent it, he just coordinated it and expanded it. Just above Peel on the cover of Sgt. Pepper's, you find Aleister Crowley, who was recruited by the Home Office from Cambridge in the 1890's.
Just as the Beatles promoted yogis and Cheiro, they also promoted Aleister Crowley. Why would they do that? The common interpretation is that the Beatles found him fascinating as a tarot-reading mystic, in the same vein as their yogis.
Or that they dabbled in Satanism like many other 60's bands, mainly for the purpose of looking cool or avant garde. But that isn't the right answer.
Also above Peel on the cover is Sri Yukteswar Giri, whose ideas were imported from India into the US with others like Vivekananda and Krishnamurti in the 1890's and afterwards.
This importation of mixed Eastern ideas at that time was a longterm operation by Western Secret Services, initiated in the 1870's by the Theosophical Society.
The people involved in this project were Sri Mahavatar Babaji, Sri Paramahansa Yogananda, Sri Lahiri Mahasaya, Terry Southern, and William Burroughs; also Wallace Berman, Larry Bell, Richard Lindner, H. C. Westermann, and Karlheinz Stockhausen.
This is the link between all the people pictured on that cover. Also Peter Blake and Robert Fraser, who designed and directed the cover of Sgt. Peppers, respectively. The album cover is linking them all to various secret services, in the US, England, and English controlled India.
For more indication of that, all we have to do is look at the name of the album: Sgt. Pepper's. Who is Sgt. Pepper? Well, just listen to the first line of the lyrics of the first song: It was twenty years ago today, Sgt. Pepper taught the band to play.
The album came out in 1967, so twenty years ago it was 1947. First year of the CIA, which leads us in. Of course, the Beatles weren't American, they were British, so we should look at what the British Secret Service was up to in 1947.
The research isn't difficult, which makes it all the more surprising no one has done it. Google on “Pepper MI6” and you find a Major John Pepper who was head of BSC in 1947.…
What is BSC? According to Wikipedia and Google Books, BSC is “the SIS cover organization in the United States.”…
SIS is just another name for MI6, the British equivalent of CIA.
Pepper succeeded William Stephenson as chair of BSC.
The BSC is the British Security Coordination, which even Wikipedia now admits was a covert organization set up in New York City in 1940 upon the authorization of Winston Churchill “to mobilize pro-British opinion in the US.”…
This “massive propaganda campaign” was mobilized from Rockefeller Center. It was supported by the OSS, the precursor of the CIA. The front for the BSC was the British Passport Control Office.
Notable employees of BSC include Roald Dahl, (Willie Wonka), Ian Fleming (James Bond), the screenwriter Eric Maschwitz (later BBC and ITV head and creator of Doctor Who), Dorothy Maclean (Findhorn Foundation), and David Ogilvy (the father of advertising).
As you can see from this list, the propaganda campaign extended into the arts, including literature and—as we now see—popular music. The Beatles themselves are telling you that the BSC “taught the band to play.” Which means EMI and George Martin were involved.
Although I found no confirmation of it online, we must assume Martin was another employee of BSC, “mobilizing pro-British opinion in the US.” What other group mobilized pro-British opinion in the US more than the Beatles?
What most people forget is that the Beatles were in the toilet in 1966. Their US tour had been a flop, playing to half-empty venues.
The masters of propaganda behind them had made a big mistake with the “we're more popular than Jesus now” quote. Lennon didn't just say it as a joke, off-the-cuff. It was an important part of the storyline, since part of the propaganda was the destruction of Christianity.
Intelligence had been trying to destroy Christianity since at least 1875, when Theosophy was created to help do just that. But they played their hand too far and encountered serious backlash in the US in 1966.
Rather than quit, Intelligence decided to re-invent the Beatles, creating a brand new PR push and a total repackaging. To counter Christianity, they used the slightly more subtle approach of pushing Buddhism—as with Theosophy.
The Beatles suddenly became Buddhists and Eastern mystics and all that. At the same time, Intelligence imported the manufactured drug culture into the Beatles' regimen, including pushing LSD and other drugs.
The Beatles denied that Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds was written to push LSD, but that denial falls flat. Do you really think it is just an accident the song title includes the initials LSD? No.
Many of the 60's bands were turned into drug pushers on purpose. These drugs were one of the top weapons of Intelligence against the hippies and the anti-war movement.
I'm not saying these bands, including the Beatles, weren't talented. Lyndon Larouche has dismissed those bands as posers. They weren't. Many great songs were written, though it is often hard to say who wrote them.
A large number of people either in the bands or behind them were very talented at creating catchy tunes, preparing instrumentals, and producing a nice finished product.
And even if the people in the bands weren't writing the songs, some of them could play their instruments quite well and many were accomplished singers and performers.
If you wish to critique pop music, you have to do so rationally. No one who has grown up on the music can deny its beauty and power. That said we cannot refuse to follow evidence when we find it, and there is plenty of evidence popular music has been controlled from the beginning
This Intelligence reading of Sgt. Pepper's also explains Brian Wilson's reaction to the release of the album in 1967. As we are told, Wilson went into a funk. Why? Because British Intelligence had just beaten American Intelligence at the propaganda game.
Pet Sounds was the US entry in the competition for greatest album manufactured by Intelligence, and it was pretty successful. But compared to Sgt. Pepper's, it was seen as a dud.
Wilson realized he couldn't compete with the combined forces of George Martin, the BSC, and MI6. Sgt. Pepper's had a whole team of invisible songwriters, musicians, photographers, set designers, and promoters, and at the time the US team simply couldn't match them.
Yes, both the Beatles and The Beach Boys were on the EMI label, but the US EMI team simply couldn't match the British EMI team.
Although John Pepper was head of the entire British spy organization in the US from the late 1940's, his presence has been pretty well scrubbed from the literature. While the first head of BSC, William Stephenson, has a long page at Wikipedia, Pepper has nothing.
They can now admit Stephenson was a master spy, the inspiration for James Bond, but Pepper is still in the shadows. Why? Because his name was used by the Beatles for an album. They foolishly used his real name and told you to look twenty years before.
The album actually lacks any subtlety, and as you have seen, they give you a list of agents on the cover, providing you with their pictures in case you don't know their names.
Sgt. Pepper's blows the cover of almost 100 agents, so its success as propaganda relies on the assumption of an incredible ignorance and laziness by the audience—which assumption turned out to be true.
An intelligent audience would have taken the hint and marked all these people as “compromised”, never believing them again; but the audience did just the opposite.
Without exception, everyone who appeared on the cover of Sgt. Pepper's added greatly to his or her fame, and the album was voted the greatest album of all time by Rolling Stone in 2003.
Which means we can add Rolling Stone to the “compromised” list. It is yet another creation of Intelligence.
We find other things on Sgt. Pepper's that have been misinterpreted even by the conspiracy theorists, although they aren't well hidden. For one, we can study “A Day in the Life,” the last song on the album.
The first part is said to be about Tara Browne, allegedly killed in 1966 in a car crash. Browne was known to be a friend of McCartney, the Stones, and many other people we now know were working for MI6 in one capacity or another. So was Browne also an agent?
Consider the lines,

And although the news was rather sad
I just had to laugh

McCartney wouldn't be laughing if Browne were really a friend, or were really dead. So why is he laughing?
Consider the line:

I read the news today oboy about a lucky man who'd made the grade

What do they mean by “made the grade”? Remember that agents are “graded,” meaning they are given a classification depending on how high they are in the hierarchy.
Do we have any evidence that Tara was an agent? We do. Although he was a young millionaire set to inherit many more millions, he had two jobs at the time of his death. Millionaire playboys don't normally have even one job.
One was working for Len Street Engineering, a Lotus dealership; the other was working at Dandie Fashions on Kings Road.
He co-owned Dandie Fashions, so it's unlikely he spent much time behind the counter selling clothes but the point is either one or both of these places could have been and probably were fronts. After Browne's “death”, Dandie Fashions was turned into Apple Tailoring by the Beatles
That's curious in itself. It leads us—via meandering channels—to the very pertinent question how Apple Computers was able to use the Apple name and trademark after Apple Corp had already been using both for years.
The Beatles' company was established in 1968, while Steve Jobs' company didn't arrive until 1976. In the real business world, Apple Corp would have won the first lawsuit in a slamdunk, with Apple Computers having to change their name.
Since that didn't happen, and since later lawsuits also didn't make any sense, we must assume both companies are fronts for Intelligence. Intelligence wants them both to keep the name, so they do. It's that simple.
This means that the trademark Apple isn't the trademark of a record company or computer company, it is the trademark of Western Intelligence.
It is easy to see why Intelligence chose the apple as its trademark. Just ask yourself what the apple refers to in historical literature. In Genesis, the apple is on the tree of knowledge, right? It therefore signifies forbidden or secret knowledge. Knowledge≡ Intelligence.
But back to Tara Browne. Just following the pretty clear wording of the lyrics printed on the cover of the album, we can conclude Browne made the grade, was inducted into MI6 as an undercover agent, and was given an assignment that required he change identities completely.
McCartney saw Browne as a “lucky man,” because he had impressed his masters enough to be given a top assignment.
Browne was no longer just going to jack around as the co-owner of a Bayswater car shop or a King's Road clothing front, he was now on the path to becoming a top agent in the secret hierarchy.
The Beatles were laughing because 1) they knew the death was fake, 2) they knew their friend was now on the fast track. While Browne had “made the grade,” Lennon, McCartney and the rest were just hired musicians, ones who would likely never rise above their current role.
Also interesting is that the History Channel felt compelled to make and air a new documentary called The Day John Lennon Died in 2010. Again, that was a new documentary, bringing in all the old witnesses to tell their stories again.
What you should ask is, “why 2010”, and “why the History Channel?” The answer is that they needed to hammer home all the old nails one more time, to be sure they continued to hold.
The History Channel is a favorite bullhorn of propaganda for the Intelligence agencies, and it was created just for that purpose. Personally, I call it the Newspeak Channel, since it doesn't report history, it reports rewrites of history.
But the date is the big clue. It looks like the film Let Him Be backfired as propaganda, so job one was to suppress it, removing it from all the shelves. Job two was to quickly make a new documentary and air it, as damage control.
Again, Let Him Be came out in 2009. The Day John Lennon Died came out in 2010. Not a coincidence. Other partners in this documentary are ITV and Finestripe Productions. Finestripe specializes in propaganda as well.…
One of its other recent documentaries is The Day Kennedy Died which also simply repeats the mainstream story. Another is called HeadCase: treat yourself to better mental health which sells mainstream pharmaceuticals for anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder. That is propaganda
And although ITV is sold to us as an “independent” channel, that independence is now completely meaningless. In reality, ITV is owned by the same consortium of billionaire spooks that own American TV, including Rupert Murdoch.
Around 90% of what you see on these channels is propaganda, the rest being sports.
As a tie-in to this particular propaganda, I recommend you watch the documentary The Day John Lennon Died, where at minute 38:00, we hear his “teenage girlfriend Thelma” tell us she now works at the news-desk of Granada TV. This is Thelma Pickles.
Granada bought ITV in 2004, so Thelma is admitting she works for the company producing the documentary she is appearing in. Curious.
Since there exist no pictures of Thelma and John together, you may wish to consider the possibility her relationship with John was completely fabricated, expressly so she could act as an inhouse witness to this event (and others previous to it).
But at any rate, I think you will admit it is convenient that the documentarians just happened to have John's first girlfriend working for them across the hall. She may not have even had to leave the Granada/ITV building, since Granada TV is ITV.

• • •

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5 May
They show John Lennon is alive and it was a psy-op, so, what was the point of it? In the film, they make no effort to prove that Noel Snow is not John Lennon, so it doesn't seem to make sense. Why would Lennon out himself?
I would suggest his cover had already been blown, and this film was made as damage control. This is a film made for his fans, telling them to Let Him Be. He is saying, “Yes, some of you have figured it out, but if you care for me, let me be!”
To convince them to do that, the idea is planted that Lennon really was shot in 1980. “Chapman didn't shoot him, but even more dangerous guys did, probably the scary old FBI.”
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The recent snag in J&J’s COVID-19 journey was resolved on April 23rd as the FDA and CDC determined that the benefits outweighed the risks for its single-shot vaccine. The agencies had paused the vaccine a week earlier over six cases of serious blood clots.
Despite this minor blip, J&J announced Q1 earnings of $12.19 billion in revenue for its pharmaceutical business, a 9.6% year-over-year increase.
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What Do January 6th Patriots and Guantanamo Inmates Share?

Author Larry Johnson gives us the answer: “Lack of due process and habeas corpus”.

But the right answer is: they are all agents and/or crisis actors. Both events were and are faked.…
What terrorists? Are we supposed to believe that Johnson and the Gateway Pundit still haven't figured out 911 was an inside job, 20 years later?
Why would we be reading commentary by authors too stupid or compromised to get that right? It is like people too stupid to have seen through the Covid fake, given 13 whole months to study it.
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4 May
The entire “shedding” of “viral load” is just more poppycock. One would first have to believe a “novel” SARS-2 virus exists in the first place, which has never been shown, and then take it to the NEXT level.
Not only is this mystery “virus” flying about all willy-nilly, but now an even SMALLER “spike protein” is a new danger? Tiny daggers just FLYING through the air now, being “shed” like a cast-off skin?
It’s absurd. Sure, tiny things exist that can harm us, even at the nanoscale. But has anyone ever isolated one of these “spike proteins”? It’s just more controlled opposition. Create a “theory” so absurd, so that the naysayers will latch onto it and reinforce it exists at all.
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4 May
The film "Let Him Be" is a pretend hunt for a living John Lennon.
Released in 2009, with clips still up on youtube as of 2014. It is chock full of big red flags. The first red flag is the title, which is a prominent part of the psychological operation.…
The message is there in the title: let him be! “He isn't still alive; but even if he is, let him be!” In the film, they tell you they have found a guy who looks exactly like Lennon would look at this age.
In interviews for the film, they tell you they have found a Lennon impersonator who looks exactly like Lennon would look at this age, to play the part in the film. The actor named Mark Staycer is playing a character named Noel Snow who other characters think may be John Lennon.
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4 May
The perfectly timed sudden death of an 80s British pop star, days before the release of a box-set of the band's entire catalog, sets one's mind wondering. It's all the more convenient when said pop star's face is unrecognizable from plastic surgery.…
Much like Michael Jackson before him, suggesting that he had checked out of the project years before the staged death of his stand-in.
𝗣𝗲𝘁𝗲 "You Spin Me Round" 𝗕𝘂𝗿𝗻𝘀 of Dead or Alive was born to a German Jewish mother named Evelina Maria Bettina Quittner von Hudec. Wikipedia tells us she fled to Vienna to escape the Nazis, where she met English soldier Francis Burns at a tea dance.
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