1. You may have heard something about the "audit" of votes being conducted right now in Maricopa County Arizona.

But I don't think there is a full appreciate for just how BONKERS it is

Follow along if interested

2. It's important to establish that the votes in Maricopa County were already counted, audited, and approved by the REPUBLICAN-CONTROLLED BOARD that administers elections there

Lawsuits challenging the count were thrown out of court

3. So the Arizona Senate, controlled by Republicans who promote Trump's false claims of voter fraud, subpoenaed 2.1M ballots and sent them to the former home of the Phoenix Suns

Then, they put a conspiracy theorist from Florida in charge of the operation

4. Doug Logan is the CEO of Cyber Ninjas, a firm with zero experience in election audits.

Logan also tweeted numerous wild conspiracy theories about the election, including the claim that Trump really got 200K more votes in Arizona

5. Logan tried to keep the procedures used to count the votes secret but was forced to make them public by a court and they involved putting the ballots under a UV light to check for "watermarks" even though Arizona ballots don't have watermarks

6. Among the people COUNTING THE VOTES is a former member of the Arizona legislature, Anthony Kern, who was on the steps of the U.S. Capitol on January 6, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the insurrectionists

7. Logan is being paid 150K by taxpayers. But that's not nearly enough cash to pay for this circus. So a website called fundtheaudit.com is trying to raise $2.8M.

The website is created by former Overstock.com CEO Patrick Byrne.

8. Byrne is a notorious conspiracy theorist who insists Trump won and says he has "been funding a Bad News Bears collection of just the right spooks, lawyers and ethical hackers, patriots all, to reverse engineer, infiltrate, and disrupt this coup"

9. It's easy to dismiss this as a sideshow but Trump is relentlessly promoting this audit and the "results" are likely to be used to justify voter suppression laws in AZ and elsewhere

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6 May
1. I've been a longtime skeptic of the Facebook @OversightBoard and remain one but I was pretty impressed with the decision it released yesterday.

Here's why.

@OversightBoard 2. First the @OversightBoard called out Facebook directly for trying to use the Oversight Board as a mechanism to avoid accountability.

There were direct: "Facebook seeks to avoid its responsibilities. The Board declines Facebook’s request"

@OversightBoard 3. The @OversightBoard also understood that this is not just about Trump. IT'S ABOUT THE ALGORITHM.

So the Board asked Facebook about the algorithm and how it amplified Trump and all the lies that set the stage for January 6


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5 May
1. After months of silence, some corporations are finally speaking out against Texas' voter suppression bills

Others are staying quiet

The makeup of the two groups tells us a lot about politics in Texas and around the country

Follow along if interested

2. None of the companies taking public stances against SB7 and HB6 are among the top corporate PAC contributors to the sponsors of the bill.

These companies have prioritized their relationship with Texas Republicans over voting rights

popular.info/p/update-some-… Image
3. Many of the top donors are members of the Greater Houston Partnership, a biz group. Many members wanted to speak out against the bills. But it was nixed by GHP leadership

A guess who is a member of the GHP leadership? Heidi Cruz, wife of @SenTedCruz

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3 May
1. According to the State Department, cotton from the Chinese territory of Xinjiang is being harvested with forced manual labor

Is that cotton in the products you buy?

We decided to ask major clothing brands to find out.

Follow along if interested.

2. Popular Information contacted 17 consumer clothing brands and asked them to clarify whether their products contained cotton produced in Xinjiang.

Only one provided a response

There is a reason why companies don't want to answer this basic question

3. Most major clothing brands are members of the Better Cotton Initiative. Up until last year the BCI was "certifying" cotton from Xinjiang.

In October 2020 that stopped, citing "sustained allegations of forced labour and other human rights abuses"

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30 Apr
1. Florida's voter suppression bill, SB90, passed the legislature. @RonDeSantisFL will sign it.

Top corporate donors to the sponsors of SB90:

@UnitedHealthGrp (180K)
@Publix (157K)
@AnheuserBusch (75K)
@ATT (45K)
@CVSHealth (32K)

NONE of these corps publicly opposed the bill
@RonDeSantisFL @UnitedHealthGrp @Publix @AnheuserBusch @ATT @CVSHealth 2. Kind of cuts against the idea that corporations have suddenly become "woke." In fact, they are financing the campaigns of politicians who are pushing voter suppression legislation and then saying nothing as the bills are considered and signed into law.

3. Florida Republicans say their election in 2020 was a national model with no fraud.

So why are they passing legislation to make it harder to vote?

Here's what the primary author of the bill said: "[S]ome days even I don’t know why I did something,"

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29 Apr

Dem members of the TX House Committee on Elections write Attorney General Garland and ask the DOJ Civil Rights Division to monitor future proceedings of the committee after the chair tried to force a vote on a sweeping voter suppression bill with no notice or hearing
The full letter is available here: kxan.com/wp-content/upl…
You can get more detail about what went on today (including video) in my thread from earlier today

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29 Apr
1. CHAOS in Texas today as Republicans pull out all the stops to push a voter suppression bill over the goal line.

At the center is @BriscoeCain, the Texas Rep who famously traveled to Pennsylvania to help Trump push false claims of voter fraud.

Follow along if interested.
@BriscoeCain 2. There are two main voter suppression bills in Texas, HB6 and SB7. But they've stalled.

Cain, the chair of the House Election Committee, announced he was taking SB7 and amending it so it was identical to HB6.

This way the House could pass "SB7" and get it to the Governor.
3. Cain attempted to get his Zombie SB7 through the committee with no notice or hearing.

One Democrat, on a hot mic, called it "bullshit"

And at least one Republican agreed.

So Cain was forced to abandon his plan, at least for now.


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