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4 May, 12 tweets, 2 min read
Find someone who loves and looks after you the same way Windows 10 loves and cares for that ONE PERSON IN THE WORLD who wants Skype to start on system boot.
"Please add Skype to my startup items every time you update" said NOBODY IN THE WORLD EVER.
I will accept that Edge is a pretty damn decent browser now though.

Credit where it's due.

Unlike Chrome, it does accept that MAYBE some other processes would like some CPU time.
I was doing some benchmarking of CPU browser usage for virtual tour reasons yesterday and very quickly realised it was quicker to do a list of "Things that will NOT make Chrome instantly use 99% of your CPU" than a list of those that did.
All I'm saying is that if they'd had to try and do ANYTHING to save Apollo 13 that would have involved the command module equivalent of opening Google Chrome then they would have been utterly fucked.

If you're on Windows 10, go into chrome:flags and EXPLICITLY tell it to use WebGL.

It'll knock about 30% off Chromes CPU hogging whenever some kind of graphics rendering is going on (e.g. Maps/Earth).
Also this launch argument is your friend: --use-angle=gl

The thing that kept freezing the Apollo 11 landing computer during the moon landing was Neil Armstrong being a MASSIVE EXCITED NERD.

He kept telling it to give him more info and the subprogram which did that wasn't being accounted for properly in memory
LANDING COMPUTER: I will land on moooon
ARMSTRONG: OMG this so cool show me all the numbers!
LANDING COMPUTER: OK. Blaaaargh. Reboot
ARMSTRONG: WHY U CRASH?! show me numbers I fix u
LANDING COMPUTER: OK. Blaaaargh. Reboot
NASA: Neil are u touching things?
ARMSTRONG: Um no honest
NASA: Cos it looks very much down here like you're touching things
ARMSTRONG: Definitely not me.
NASA: Buzz is he touching things?
ARMSTRONG [whispers]: Thanks Buzz
ALDRIN [whispers]: It's cool bro but maybe stop touching things now

(to paraphrase)
I mean obviously they did it in proper cool rocket man serious speak but that's basically the gist of that whole frantic and very serious(tm) moment during the final landing stage.
And obviously it's WAY more complex than a bunch of slightly facetious tweets and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this excellent talk on the landing computer:

• • •

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More from @garius

7 May
Okay. Let's talk incumbency and why Johnson isn't cursed with.

For a new PM of an existing government party to be seen as an incumbent government, they have to represent some kind of continuation of the ideas and policies of the previous PM.
Now traditionally this has always happened at least partially, because the new PM has either come from the same wing as the old one.

Especially in the Tories, where rebellions tend to eat the candidate that kicked them off, with a continuity candidate of sorts winning.
The two notable instances of this NOT happening in British politics in the last 70 years or so are both in weird extreme circumstances:

Churchill (who then led a National Government anyway) and Boris Johnson.
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6 May
One of my friends has just admitted to me that he had to get his cat its own prayer mat to avoid issues during Ramadan, which I absolutely love and is the most cat thing ever.
Now I am googling "cats on prayer mats" and am amaze.
This is 100% one of those things thats like:

"Oh wait. Of COURSE this would be an issue"

Once you stop and think about it for even a second.
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6 May
Everyone forgets that there was a DEEPLY shit TV series remake of Passport to Pimlico in the 90s, which focused on how funny it would be if one shit little town in England decided it didn't want to be in the UKEU etc.

I think about that a lot.
I have at various points tried to track it down, just to horror-watch it again, but with little luck.
The two leads were the rabble-rousing woman who owned a shop and led the town in standing up against elf and safety gone mad etc. etc.

And the civil servant sent to tell the town to stop being silly who magically fell in love with her and decided the town had a point.
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5 May
Me, when someone says:

"Let's quickly go through the minutes from the last meeting." Napoleon lying dead on his ...
Me when we FINALLY get to the action I did. Napoleon looking resplenden...
Me when we get to the action I totally forgot. napoleon looking grumpy aft...
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5 May
Yeah. But can they implement it? No evidence of that so far.

Politics junkies get hung up on who had the idea. But people (rarely) vote for someone just HAVING certain ideas. They vote for whoever they think is most likely to get that idea DONE, or whoever did it already.
Which, again, is why letting Johnson reset the incumbency clock with an election was the biggest fucking electoral mistake of a generation.

And we'll all be paying for it for some time.
But ultimately, if the Tories SOMEHOW managed to bring about a LEGITIMATE economic lift in the north, and build enough houses to make home ownership real for future generations, then fair fucks to them.

Get's that one out the way. Brilliant.

Now let's deal with climate. etc etc
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5 May
Political production ahead of imminent elections:

Don't expect to see Labour doing any better for a long, long time.

When decent people make bad choices (Brexit etc) they double down on it first before changing their minds.

Johnson is thriving on encouraging this. Image
There's no point trying to lecture people into changing their minds. Didn't work for Corbyn. Wouldn't work for Starmer.

All you can do is keep patiently advocating good, decent things while making sure things like corruption don't get brushed under the carpet.
You can't shock or gotcha people into changing their minds on a decision they have made an emotional investment in that had real world consequences.

You just have to make the barriers to them having their own, unprompted "Hans" moment as low as possible. "Hans are we the baddi...
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