The reason for Liz Cheney's rising unpopularity along the right is this: Despite having a political platform that fits firmly within Conservative ideological space, she isn't known for any of it. She's being as loud as possible making herself known only about at being anti-Trump.
Liz Cheney doesn't have to be in 100% agreement with Donald Trump, but that's why she keeps taking his on DNC news networks and is constantly making herself available to be a foil at the behest of Democrats. See also: Adam Kinzinger. Politically stupid, at best.
Imagine of AOC spent all her time not advocating for progressive goals and pushing the DNC further left, and instead spent time on Fox News screaming against Barack Obama. It's not a perfect match but you get the point. AOC's a hero to the left, Cheney a zero to the right.

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29 Apr
Jonah complains about how people took issue with him not being outraged enough, or he's charged with hypocrisy for being less severe against Kessler than he is about other Conservatives. He laments that's it's not good enough that he criticized Kessler.…
He didn't actually criticize Kessler. For any reason. Read his tweet, and his subsequent tweets on Kessler. Hell, search through his entire account about outrage at Kessler. Show it to me. I'll wait. I'll save you the time. It's not there.
Lastly, he says he made the assumption that Kessler might be decent enough to recognize he made a mistake. Why, in 2021, would Jonah Goldberg still think Glenn Kessler is worth trusting as a Conservative? WaPo fact-checking ha been an abysmal nightmare of political hackery.
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22 Oct 20
Thread. I'm going to live blog my viewing of the 60 Minutes Interview released by President Trump, with Leslie Stahl. I just watched it, took notes, and will make this thread about that. It's long so I'll post at once so it appears less like spam.
Stahl asks Trump what his best domestic policy wins were and he says the economy, unemployment, jobs, stock market price, and he was right Stahl wouldn't boldly tell Biden he's wrong in an interview. Trump gives stats and she says she won't "fact check" him.
She has already started to fact check him. It's too late to say she's not. Then she says one domestic policy win, when the economy is that one thing, as denoted by the indicators he just listed.
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26 Sep 20
Amy Coney Barrett is completely qualified for this position so this will not be an avenue in which Democrats will substantively attack her. They will, however, attack her for her religion. I thought some of these points might be worth knowing. #ACB
She is Catholic, as Antonin Scalia was, and 5 other current Justices.

Clarence Thomas
John Roberts
Samuel Alito
Sonia Sotomayor
Brett Kavanaugh

Neil Gorsuch was raised Catholic, is now Episcopalian. Stephen Breyer and Elena Kagan are Jewish, as was Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
33 Supreme Court justices have been Protestant Christians. 14 have been Catholic Christians. 8 have been Jewish.

The youngest person appointed was 21, the oldest was 67. The youngest person appointed who is currently serving is Thomas at 43.
Read 4 tweets
24 Sep 20
The fascinating thing about Tweetdeck is it allows people to view multiple columns side-by-side, so they can track multiple lists, in addition to the Home feed, as well as have something like a Search column. I've noticed some accounts never appear in my Home feed, but in lists.
So I follow someone like @realDonaldTrump and I put him in a couple lists which display on each side of the Home feed, so I can see if he ever appears in that Home column. He never does. I can see the moment his new tweet appears in the two lists, but he doesn't in the Home feed.
I no longer use the traditional twitter URL to view Home page updates, since it's drastically limited, so I can't tell if he shows up there, but the Tweetdeck Home column is supposed to represent that. Unless there's a sampling issue, I don't think he'll appear in my Home feed.
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22 Sep 20
Just a reminder, The Bulwark and Dispatch currently are trying to service the same niche audience, but once Trump leaves office, only one of them will remain, and it's The Dispatch, aiming to capture the TWS audience of old, and the Bulwark will be shuttered.
The only way I can think The Bulwark can survive is by dumping it's remaining semi-conservative writers, who would all scamper to The Dispatch anyways, and become a full-time leftist publication. But I submit that chance is rare given that intellectual space is competition-rich.
I think it's up to the current people atop the Bulwark to keep it a viable product, but I have zero confidence that project is anything but temporary. We'll see if I'm wrong in the months after Trump leaves office. See also: The Lincoln Project. It can't last.
Read 4 tweets
16 Sep 20
Watching this Trump presser, it's amazing to me the quality of the "gotcha questions." Many just aren't good. "You said X 5-6 months ago" - well no kidding, nearly everyone did, and more information came out. Nearly everyone was wrong on predictions in Feb/March.
I'm glad I'm out of the market on specific media critiques. It's very time consuming, and is an endless endeavor, with literally no payout beyond the gratification of showing others. That said, I've never seen it as bad as it is now. The polarization of the media is insane.
That said, the professionals who track the mainstream press today are - in my view - perhaps the most important people to follow in the politics space. They don't just cover the politicians, they cover the press. I'm glad they get paid to do so.
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